A little faith in the team


I’m Avi Singh and I’m a Sikh. I play cricket for Eildon Park. My parents are from India and I live in Rowville.

I really like playing cricket because it’s just exciting, the fun never stops. It’s just entertainment.

I like my team this year because they’re just all a lot of fun, like all together we know what we do.

I’m pretty happy with how I played today. Bowled pretty well, hit the ball pretty well as well. So pretty happy with what I did today.

Come on Eildon!

My plan was to get a short ball round about off stump, so I ran in, delivered the ball, just happened to nick it, and the keeper caught it.

I barrack for both India and Australia. Like if India’s versing another country, I’d go for them. But if Australia’s versing another country I’d go for them, but if it’s them versing each other, I just want a good game.

I like wearing the patka, because it’s just who I am. It’s just my religion, so I got used to it, and I like it.

I prefer to wear the coloured patkas because they’re not as boring as the plain ones.

The big knot in my head is just my hair, it’s like all put together. The reason my hair is so long is because ever since I’ve been a kid I haven’t cut my hair at all, it just keeps growing and growing.

Yeah, at school I get the name ‘turbs’, it’s just something I get. I don’t mind it, it’s nothing bad or anything. I just take it, it’s alright. We’ve given a few nicknames to friends at school. My friend’s got red hair so we just call him ‘ranga’. He doesn’t care, he likes it.

At school I feel like I actually belong there because we all have groups of friends and everything. We all play cricket there. We play soccer, footy. We play any sport that we can just try to play at the time. And we all… huge groups, we get like 30 people playing at the same time, which makes it really fun.

Go Avi!

I hope to play for Australia some day but I have to work towards that, work pretty hard, but then if it happens, it’s all worth it.


About this Video

Avtej Singh talks about showing his commitment to his Sikh values whilst participating in his local cricket club.
Length: 2:09