Fashioning faith and footy


Hi my name is Shanaaz Copeland, originally I’m from South Africa. I’m Muslim and I live in Reservoir.

I would say as a teenager I’ve always sort of like had a flair for fashion, and when I came to Australia, that’s when I studied fashion designing and did it  more  on a professional level.

Carlton! Essendon!

My daughters had Footy Day at school. They were really into footy and that’s when it, you know, when I had the idea that perhaps I should do a footy scarf, and they were like, you know, ‘I’m going for Essendon, and I’m going for Carlton,’ and it was just all very exciting for them.

I support the Bombers.

I support Collingwood.

I’m a Brisbane Lions supporter, originally Fitzroy, and Zawat barracks for the Kangas.

We came to the field to celebrate Footy Day.

I match the colours of the hijab to my uniform.

When I go to the football, I wear my Collingwood jersey and my scarf.

It is a little bit important to show what team.

I like the hijab in my football colours, cause I like how they put it together.

They feel more sort of a part of footy now, they’re a part of the Australian culture.

Wearing a footy hijab and supporting footy, supporting a sport that no other country in the world plays is great, like it just enhances me, it make me proud to be Australian.

The students all love their footy whatever league you’re looking at. And so they come on this day and they’re very excited to be a part of this activity.

Not all my family members are Essendon so sometimes I have to force someone just to celebrate with me! And every time one of us kicks a goal we just scream like ‘woo-hoo!’

Growing up that’s how I was, and that’s how my daughters are experiencing it now.

When I wear the footy hijab I feel like I belong, that I’m part of the Australian culture.

Let me say it’s Hawthorn!

No, Carlton! Essendon!

About this Video

Shanaaz Copeland talks about her range of hijabs in Australian Rules football colours, enabling Muslim women to express their faith and identify with their favourite team.
Length: 1:56