Sisters united


My name is Anna Moo. My original name was Polizzotto. My background is Italian and I live in St. Kilda.

From very young I had a real sense that I wanted to work around social justice.

I became connected with the women’s movement through the refuge experience and you can’t be involved in the refuge without making a strong connection with the women who were there and the ethos behind refuges.

I was invigorated by the courage and the strength of women who actually were escaping from domestic violence. You cannot but be inspired by those women.

We really wanted to connect back with the women that we were advocating with. They were not aware of health services that might have been available to them.

The W.I.C.H. education project was developed in conjunction with Australian women and women from many different backgrounds with the support of a number of organisations.

And the fantastic aspect of that education kit is the fact that it was taken to the factories by women who were themselves from multicultural backgrounds.

Each worker spoke a language, a community language, whereby women could actually ask questions and be supported through the discussions.

You know, what’s really amazing is that we still have Women in Industry Contraception and Health, it’s called a different name but it’s still that organisation.

You can … so the foresight of the people who actually developed that initiative is really quite amazing.

It’s really a testament to what women can do together.

About this Video

Anna Moo (nee Polizzotto) reflects on working with women in the 1970s to successfully lobby governments and educate migrant women about reproductive health.
Length: 1:36