Spending time


My name is Eyerusalem Rudolfo and I am from Ethiopia and I live in Melton.

Back home, every family they conduct a coffee ceremony. The coffee ceremony it means like my identity. It reminds me back home.

The idea of the coffee ceremony, give time for your neighbours, give time for yourself, give time for your family, give time for your visitors.


The life is different in Australia, we have to find some celebration or some gathering or some events to happen.

So that’s the good time to sit and discuss, talk, chat.

Coffee itself originated in Ethiopia, so it means a lot. It’s not only the ceremony, we practise it among family. It reminds me my family.

The smell is always, you know, take me back home… far, far away to Ethiopia.

About this Video

Eyerufalem Mazo demonstrates the cultural significance of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony and its importance in bringing the community together.
Length: 1:13