Team players


My name is Sara and my role is to be the goalkeeper in Brunswick Zebras.

My name is Jamillah Noordin, I’m midfield defence sort of left side of the field.

I’m Elena and I play leftwing.

And I’m Anna and I play leftback.

My name is Samry. I play a striker.

My name’s Laila and I play as a midfielder.

The striker gets the goal in.

‘Well done Laila!’

Before the Zebras, we had a team, it was like a social club with a few of the girls in the Zebra team. And then we joined in with the Zebras about two years ago.

Something really, really special about Brunswick Zebras is that they take in Muslim girls as well.

There was an interesting process of sort of getting to know each other because a lot of the other girls, the new girls, were Muslims, and our girls probably hadn’t much to do with Muslim girls before.

I think for some of the girls in the club it was sort of a… not a cultural shock, but more of… it was something definitely different. We came as, you know, the social, cultural soccer group joining to Brunswick Zebras, but I think it’s been a real good eye opener.

It was a bit hard at the very beginning just to for everyone to kind of, you know, become friends, and really trust each other, but after that it was all fine.

I certainly leant a lot about what it’s like, you know, for the other girls in our team coming from, you know, different cultures and different families.

It’s a really good experience playing with different people as well, not just Muslims.

It really opens your eyes to other sort of ways of living in Australia.

You see lots of different people coming together just to play soccer and it’s just wonderful. You get to know their culture, you get to know them as well.

We know that there’s one thing that brings us together and that’s like, you know, the love of soccer.

It’s just a group of great girls that really love soccer and love playing together.

Everyone in this club, basically we are just friends, all together.

The people that I play with they are so friendly and just like it’s not just about the soccer but like friendship and like social life as well.

About this Video

The Brunswick Zebras under 18s girls’ soccer team discuss learning about themselves and their teammates by bringing together girls from diverse backgrounds.
Length: 2:12