New Australians

when I came here I’m not happy.  I wet my pillow from crying all the time, I want to go back.Youssef Eid

Youssef and his family first stayed with his brother-in-law in Strathmore. By the time his brothers arrived Youssef had bought a house in Essendon where they all lived until they could put deposits on their own homes.

They worked at Footscray’s Bradmill Cotton Mills and Tansa studied English via correspondence.

A lot of people call me wog, a lot of people told me go back to my country …. In the taxi some people …. ask me how many houses? I tell them I’ve got three, four houses, I didn’t have a house. I told them I got six wives, I only have one wife, I told them a lot … to make them upset.Youssef Eid, 2012


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