Taxi weddings

Taxicabs have long been hired for wedding parties, theatre outings and balls. In the 1970s the Eid brothers often chauffeured brides to their weddings.

They wore grey suits with shirts, ties, chauffeur hats and gloves. Their taxis were black, immaculately cleaned and adorned with white ribbon.

My first taxi was an old black limousine car. I was very excited about starting my first business and with a limousine I could do weddings …. My first day on the taxi I had to change three tyres - even the spare in the boot was flat. I had a very bad start. Everyday I had some problems if it wasn’t the radiator hoses it was the alternator or the starter motor or the engine. That first year I couldn’t make any money. Tansa Eid, 2012

Portrait of man in front of a taxi Tansa with his new Ford Falcon taxi, Arrow Taxi Service, 1974
Source: Eid families collection

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