Working Life

The Eid brothers often socialised with other taxi drivers at the Moonee Ponds rank. While waiting for a fare they told jokes, shared stories and advice on being ‘street-smart’. Tansa remembers in the early 1980s:

One night a couple of troublemakers got into my taxi and immediately began insulting me. I knew I had to get rid of them fast. I put the car in drive and turned the ignition. The car wouldn’t start. I pretended to be frustrated and asked them to push-start the car. Once they were out of the taxi I quickly drove away. Tansa Eid
Portrait of a man at the wheel of a car Tansa Eid behind the wheel, about 1972
Source: Eid families collection
I was very lucky on the taxi. I had a good time. I had lot of friends at the airport, all nationalities, we were like brothers, we would play games …. If it wasn’t for my health I would still be working. Romanos Eid, 2012

Taxi Talk

Taxi Talk magazine was established as a monthly trade journal for the taxi industry. It provides a unique insight into the changing face of the Victorian taxi industry from 1966 to the present day.

Its pages are filled with taxi news, advertisements and jokes. Youssef, Romanos and Tansa often read Taxi Talk while waiting for a fare.