Starting Over

Gaston at an adult migrant community centre in Noble Park, late 1980s.
Source: Gaston Arias Munoz

Settling in

Jose adapted to Australian life with ease, enjoyment and independence, although the illness and death of his first wife was for him a dark period. He taught engineering and computer science at Swinburne University for over 30 years. Jose keeps in close contact with his family in Cuba, has remarried, and has a passion for classical Cuban music.

An unsettling time

Gaston has struggled to settle into life in Melbourne. He has found English difficult to master. He has completed many courses but has been unable to secure permanent employment, and continues to battle with his trauma and memories. Despite this, Gaston is an active participant, broadcaster and spokesperson in Melbourne’s Chilean and ‘Spanish-speaking’ communities.

Image Gallery

Jose digging stumps Jose at home Gaston and his partner Maria Certificate of appreciation