Family Life

Wedding day photograph of Karl Muffler and wife Hilde taken in 1939.  Professional photographer.
Wedding portrait, Karl and Hilde Muffler 1939
Source: Sue Muffler and Jennifer Anderson

Karl Muffler established a new life in Melbourne when he migrated in 1930.  He married Hilde Mayer in 1939 and their children were born after World War II. 

Karl stayed in touch with his family in Germany, and his sister Maria wrote to him throughout the War.

This letter is possibly the last Karl received from Maria, who was killed in the allied bombing of Freiburg in 1944.

Image Gallery

Studio photograph of Karl Muffler's mother Studio photograph of Karl Muffler's father,  CarlMuffler.  Studio photograph of Maria Muffler (Karl Muffler's sister) Letter, sent in 1944 from Freiburg Germany, by Maria Muffler to her brother Karl Muffler, who is at this time living in Australia.