Working Life

Karl Muffler decorating a cake with the words 'congratulations Claire' taken at Paterson's Cake Shop 1970s
Karl Muffler decorating a congratulatory cake at 'Paterson's Cake Shop', 1970s
Source: Sue Muffler and Jennifer Anderson

Learning A Trade

Karl Muffler knew from an early age that he wanted to work with cakes.     By his seventeenth birthday, he had completed his apprenticeship in Germany and become a certified ‘Konditor.’

He was well respected by his employers and later, the pastry fraternity in Australia.

Working in Australia

Karl migrated to Australia under the sponsorship of Bill IKinger in 1930. Karl worked in Ikinger’s cake shop until he opened his own cake shop, the Embassy, in Glenferrie Road Malvern, in 1935.

For three years he produced a vast range of decorated cakes and pastries, and kept meticulous business records. By 1939 he had found running a small business too onerous and the Embassy was closed.

After release from internment Karl continued to work as a cake decorator. He also taught at William Angliss College in Melbourne, passing on his skills to local ex-servicemen.

Image Gallery

Cake display at William Angliss Food Trades School, 24th to 25th of August 1948. Cake decorating stencils created and used by Karl Muffler 1930s to 1950s Three cake decorating designs created and used by Karl Muffler 1930s to 1950s Various cake making tools belonging to Karl Muffler, including a rolling pin, two scone cutters and a pastry wheel German Diploma for Confectionary,  with the the words 'Der Konditor Meister Herr Karl Muffler', which translates as 'The Confectioner, Master Gentleman, Karl Muffler' Business card for Karl Muffler at the Embassy, 1938 Cake decorating design created and used by Karlf Muffler 1930s to 1950s