Your Nationality

Student asks:

If your nationality was considered lesser than others, would you want to change it?

Tieen responds:  Noooo, who you are is who you are and you should be proud. I may not know everyones personal lifestories or what they have experienced or been put through but what makes them any different to me? Who says being a certain nationality makes you better? Ever

Gallagher Girl responds:
Thought I heard rumbling in the sky: It was Hitler over Europe, saying ‘ They must die’
Oh  we were in his mind, my dear
Oh  we were in his mind.
This is one verse from Refugees Blues by W.H Auden.

Cynthia responds: I wouldn’t change my nationality if it was considered lesser than others because you are who you are and you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not. An original is worth more than a copy!