Pilot Team gets into animation

Members of the TD Pilot Team Group photo of some of the members of the TD Pilot Team.
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria

Last Saturday the TD Pilot Team learnt about stop motion animation.  Using plasticine, paper cutouts and even themselves as props they set about to create a short animation which for them expressed themes about diversity.

Making props for stop motion animation Detailed shot of making props with plasticine and other objects and paper.
Image: Museum Victoria
Source: Museum Victoria

BlessAnn and Kate made this animation about some of the things they like - linked by what they have in common.


Law created this animated drawing of his homeland in Thailand.

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Kate 17 September, 2010 17:56
Yay How exciting!!!
Monica 30 September, 2010 12:00
Great animations! Simple, fun and thoughtful.
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