Pilot team set loose

The Talking Difference Pilot Team is now out and about exploring Victoria's cultural diversity with their own HD cameras. Now, two workshops in, we thought it would be good to get an impression of how the team feels about the project - and this blog seems the perfect place to do it!

First up, I wonder if you Pilot Team people could tell us in a Comment below: Anything you have enjoyed about the project so far, and why.

Of course, this is also great place for anyone to ask questions about the workshops and what’s coming up for Talking Difference.

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Law! 14 August, 2010 13:39
It was very useful,amazing programs for our youth, i know more about other culture and different background,what their believe,and we're sharing stories one by one or to our group too,when we're meeting together.Yep that a good place for multicultural people to come together...
Mazna 17 August, 2010 16:28
Knowing and learning from so many different perspectives about culture and individual interpretations has been a really good aspect of the workshops so far. Somewhat to an extent liberating as well :)
Dave 17 August, 2010 17:46
I'm glad to hear you guys are enjoying the workshops! Hearing all of you share your ideas has been really inspiring. I'll see you both at the next workshop. D
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