Portable Studio sparks conversation in Brimbank

“I was proud of my colour as long as I was in my place of birth … but then when I came to Australia in 2010 my daily experiences in the community has compelled me to think that there’s something wrong with this colour.” Ash, Talking Difference Portable Studio

Three-legged and felt covered, the Talking Difference Portable Studio landed in Sunshine in September. Ash was one of the people who stepped inside to record his thoughts about culture, racism and diversity.


Click here to watch this video with a transcript

Ash and other Sunshine library visitors created a series of beautiful responses spanning culture, language, music and all things in between.

The guiding questions were created by young people in Brimbank in a series of workshops with  Museum Victoria. We dropped their work onto the touch screen at the heart of the Portable Studio and over two weeks visitors to Sunshine library could create audio, text, videos and drawings using the studio’s high definition camera.  The results were startling. From beatboxing, to multilingual counting, Auslan signing, singing and couples reminiscing. And it is all just beginning.

Here's another example from the Studio:



Click here to watch this video with a transcript

If you would like to check it out and make your own work using the Portable Studio visit Sydenham Library during opening hours until 23 October. From there the studio tours Brimbank Libraries and the Immigration Museum between now and the end of the year. 

Tour Dates:

10–23 October

Sydenham Library

Station Street, Watergardens Town Centre

Taylors Lakes


31 October–11 November

Immigration Museum

400 Flinders Street, Melbourne


14–27 November

Deer Park Library

Corner of Neale and Station Roads, Deer Park

If you would like to respond to the questions yourself, feel free to make a comment below or head to the Portable Studio facebook page to upload video or pictures.

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