Skin Colour

Are you happy and proud about your colour? Do you wish you could change your skin colour?



Are you proud of your skin colour? Have you ever wished to change it? Why?


Yes I am. No I have never wished to be of a different colour. I wish to be me and being different does not bother me but it seems it bothers some Australians. Mayssa, F, 55, Lebanon
I wish that people wouldn’t be surprised when I can actually speak English reasonably. Lupo Russo, M, 43, Italy

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Nick Stone 23 July, 2013 10:05
Only when I have a really good tan. Pale skin usually looks pasty and less attractive to me.
Tahbisa 25 August, 2013 10:23
yes lam but I wish for it to be smooth and glowing. I just want it to be refined apart form that lam very proud of my skin. people tell me its beautiful and soft so lam happy.
blackbird 25 August, 2013 23:09
the color of my skin is human, as is everyone else's. we should all be proud of that :D
No thanks 19 November, 2013 20:22
I think we should all be proud of our color no matter what we r all human
I just came to say hello 6 May, 2014 15:11
I think we should all be proud of our skin colour anyways i dont see the difference if you have a diferent skin colour its how you treat people if judge people by the skin colour that is really sad
Lulu 10 June, 2014 19:55
I was born in Australia in 1980 to parents who migrated here in 1972. Only in the last maybe 5 years have I really felt racism and been the target for name-calling about my skin colour. We've gone backwards. I am sure it's because our cities are busier, our roads are fuller. I'd prefer it if I had white skin. It hurts to be judged by your colour, as opposed to the kind of person you are.
Lachlan 25 March, 2015 10:48
I was born in Australia and in my short life I have seen a noticable difference in the way people react to difference and change in people in society. Skin colour shouldn't matter, it's just a colour but perhaps some people have different views becaue of their racial background.
Bri and Ali 25 March, 2015 10:49
We are happy about our skin colour and dont wish to change it. We never get abused or made fun of due to our skins pigment so why would we want to change it?
james 25 March, 2015 10:51
i think we should be pround of what colur skin we have.
Ashleigh 25 March, 2015 10:52
I found this video quite sad, because many people are discriminated against just because of their looks, rather than their identities. I also found ti quite factal, as many Australians were not born in Australia.
Naoki Woolcock 25 March, 2015 10:55
We should all be proud of our skin colour as it shows cultural diversity throughout the country. There is nothing wrong with people with differences. Imagine a world where everyone was te same. Wouldn't it be extremely boring? If you think about it, no one is the same. So should be discriminate against people who are different? It's the same concept with people with different appearences.
callum 25 March, 2015 12:48
You should be happy about yourself no matter what
callum 25 March, 2015 12:49
You should be happy about yourself no matter what
Josh 25 March, 2015 12:51
You should be happy about your own appearance.
chris calandra 25 March, 2015 12:51
Yes I'm happy about who I am and I'm happy about my colour.
Dylan 25 March, 2015 12:52
You should be happy about your own appearance and dont let other people judge you.
Mikinley 25 March, 2015 12:53
We should all be proud of our nationality because it is apart of all our identies. Being ashamed of your skin colour wsill tear down our self confidence.
Christian Vecchie 25 March, 2015 12:54
I am proud of my background and who I am.
Emily Nawrocki 25 March, 2015 12:55
No because I think that your nationality is apart of who you are and you should be proud to come from where you do come from.
Miranda and Denisha 25 March, 2015 12:56
we believe that we should be proud of our culture and skin colour and not be ashamed whether your dark skined or lighter skin, everyone is equal.
Annelies 7 November, 2015 22:27
I'd like to think that I have no issue with my own skin colour, but I know that quite often that is not true. When I think of all the discrimination against people of colour that has occurred in the past and the inequality that still exists today I often feel angry and then guilty that I do not have to endure this type of injustice while others do. Skincolours should not make a difference in our opportunities in life, every-one should be equal and yet so many years of activism later this equality is still not a reality. I guess that just means we will have to work harder at it.
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