Are you happy and proud about your colour?


Prince: Are you happy and proud about your colour? Do you wish you could change your skin colour?

Participant: Yes I was proud of my colour as long as I was in my place of birth which is Bangladesh. But then when I came in Australia in 2010, my daily experiences in the community has compelled me to think that, well, there is something wrong with this colour.

So, the pride of being myself has gradually evaporated and then a state of frustration and some weird wishes that I could change my colour has taken their places. Because sometimes, some people, not all people some people take the colour or the whiteness of the skin as a proxy for the worth of the person. What he stands for, what he can... how he is as a person. All those things are defined by the very colour of his skin, which is not owned by him, it was given by the God if there is any.

So I feel sometimes frustrated that I can’t mix with the mainstream as an anonymous person here. I am being branded as living in x, y, z country because of the colour which I have to carry all the time. I can’t be like anybody here.

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This video pairs a question from the Talking Difference Portable Studio with a response created at Sunshine Library
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