Five Step Plan

Facilitated conversations
Facilitated conversations
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Five Steps to Building Bridges in your Community

The Building Bridges Program demonstrates that it is possible to build bridges of trust, understanding and friendship across cultural, religious, and value differences. This happens when we are encouraged to share the personal stories and experiences that have shaped our lives, beliefs and values in groups that are safe, respectful and well facilitated. In our multifaith program, this requires single-sex groups of 5-8 members from differing backgrounds, and a trained facilitator who encourages honest reflection and responses to appropriate open-ended questions.

The Program’s five steps

Step 1: Laying the foundations for the Bridge – Creating a safe, respectful space to share

Step 2: Gathering the materials for the Bridge – Our personal life experiences

Step 3: Constructing the Bridge – Finding commonalities

Step 4: Testing the Bridge – Valuing differences

Step 5: Walking the Bridge – Living and working in our daily lives