Building Bridges - Sessions Overview


[Tim McCowan] Well initially the first couple of sessions the students are somewhat apprehensive, ‘Who are these people really.  They look very strange and different to me.’ But then gradually perhaps by the third session they’re beginning to warm up, they’re discovering that this is a real person and they might even barrack for the same football team or like the same music. By the end of the third or perhaps the fourth session they’re beginning to exchange mobile numbers and Facebook addresses or things like that and certainly by the final session many of the students have invited others to their homes, their families, to parties they’re having or perhaps even to a religious festival that their community is hosting.

[Student] Our groups gotten along really well and we’re all really close and every time we meet up we’re like ‘Oh, so how did this go,’ because we’ve all told each other, and we’ve decided to make a Facebook group so we can all stay together and meet all of their friends as well and it’s just really nice because our group is really close.

[Tim McCowan] Within the groups themselves there are several pre-arranged questions that build on each other.  The first sessions are much more general, they’re sharing something about their life that they’re happy for others to know. Then it progresses to more personal experiences that have been significant, that have shaped them as a person or perhaps affected their faith or their values, and these are all led by a trained facilitator. There’s a real art in being able to take a student further in their sharing, sometimes they might only give a one sentence response to their question and it takes the facilitator really to be able to come back to them and say ‘Can you say some more about that', or ‘What was that really like for you, what did you feel in that experience?’ So it’s really quite up to the facilitator in many instances as to how deep the connections are made between the different participants.

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Building Bridges - Sessions Overview
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