Joining Building Bridges

There are three ways you can join Building Bridges:

1. Join the current Building Bridges through Interfaith Dialogue in Schools (BBIS) program that operates in regional clusters of secondary colleges.

If you are interested in joining BBIS, and you are currently part of a local secondary college that wishes to join other schools in a regional cluster, complete a BBIS application form.


2. Run a Building Bridges program within your school community, giving opportunity for various cultural and religious elements of your school to enter into dialogue informally.

If you are interested in joining BBIS as a stand-alone school community, complete a BBIS application form.


3. Run a Building Bridges program with other groups in your local community

If you are interested in running a BBIC program in your local community, and can gather a team of other interested people around you, complete a BBIC application form.

For further information and to apply, visit the Building Bridges website.

For direct inquiries, contact: Rev. Dr Tim McCowan

Address for correspondence:
Director of Reconciliation,
The WellSpring Centre,
PO Box 300,
VIC 3147,


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