Building Bridges - Session 1


[Tim McCowan] The first couple of sessions of the Building Bridges programme are about laying the foundations really of this metaphorical bridge that we’re building, breaking the ice, introducing the programme to all the participants. So in the first session we look at what sort of way do we want to relate with each other and mix. So we lay some mutually agreed ground rules about how we’ll relate and then in the small groups they take that a bit further and they share something of why they join the programme and what they hope to gain from it.

[Student] These are two things about myself, I love football, I barrack for Western Bulldogs in the AFL and I play for Norwood Football Club, local competition, under 18s.

[Student] My name is Saff and I’m circumcised which is the same thing as being baptised.

[Student] Way to break the ice!

[Student] So Judaism, I think it plays a big part in my life because I go to the synagogue, or Shull but no synagogue on a weekly basis and I think that because Judaism, it’s centred around tight knit communities I think that it’s... I very rarely you make friends outside of my community level or in Judaism which is good and bad in both ways, and my hobby is skiing with friends and my ambition is to become a doctor.

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Building Bridges - Session 1
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