Session 2

Image: Singing Bowl Media
Source: Museum Victoria

Gathering the Materials for the Bridge – Our personal life experiences

Aim of the session

‘My own story is as important as information on faith.’

Step 2

This step helps participants appreciate that their own personal stories and life-shaping experiences are as important as abstract ‘information’ about the culture, religion, faith or socio-economic background of others. Participants come to this realization by sharing their own life-shaping experiences in small groups.

Keeping the sharing personal and experiential means that it is not only more engaging for the listeners, but involves an important investment of trust and commitment by each person. These experiences are, of course, very individual and personal. Yet, for that very reason, they carry the strength of authenticity that abstract concepts about one’s culture, religion or socio-economic status do not. Such authenticity, together with the vulnerability involved in sharing personally, strengthen the bond being created within the group. This ensures that the bridge is strong enough for whatever might traverse it in the future.

When you spend time talking to someone… it’s very hard not to become their friend.
I hope these wonderful friendships we have formed will continue to grow.

– Anastasia, Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School student.