Building Bridges - Session 2


In a second session it’s more focused on gathering the materials for this bridge, this bridge of trust that we’re building together.

And in that we talk specifically around our own personal experiences that are the materials, it’s not physical things and it’s not abstract knowledge or information about each other’s culture or faith but our own personal, unique experiences and these are the things in which we discover the commonalities and the differences that we have and where the linkages are.

[Facilitator(?)] Do you or your family have any special celebrations or religious traditions, like Shabbat for example and what happens then. So for example Shabbat is a big thing for me, for some Jewish people, not all, but for some?

[Student] I think the opening part in like our Sabbath or Shabbat is the prayers and so there’s kind of when you notice it’s a religious tradition and you kind of reflect on that but once we get past the prayers, it becomes something more than just a ritual or a tradition, it becomes more of a family time.

[Student] We have a month of Ramadan where we fast for 30 days and we only eat at night and we don’t eat during the day and yeah it’s part of our religion and one day after that we wake up in the morning, we go off for our prayers and everything and it’s just a whole day of celebration where people come over our house, we go to each other’s house, the grown ups give us money, it’s just part of the tradition.

[Student] It’s not lent, it’s just in Polish tradition that’s what you do, just, to our family we just, Good Friday until Sunday, until after church.

[Student] So is it the Friday night until the Sunday morning?

[Student] It’s the whole Friday and then you do the whole of Saturday and then what you do is...

[Student] That’s takes a real willpower.

[Student] It’s sort of, you just take that day and you sleep it off. That’s the best way to combat it.

[Student] I just played Xbox, time flies.

[Student] And then you have to go to church Sunday and then after Sunday you have the big feast and just lay around and do nothing.

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Building Bridges - Session 2
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