Building Bridges - Session 3


[Tim McCowan] In the third session this constructing is around encouraging the students in active empathetic listening particularly for the things that they might discover, they share in common or things, surprises that they might find with the differences of others.

After the meal they go into their small groups and they begin to share something, particularly more personal of their life, perhaps a significant experience that has shaped them, a positive one.  They also talk a little bit more personally as to whether they’ve got any spiritual practice they engage in regularly or whether they pray. There’s also the opportunity for them to ask a question respectfully of another person in the group.

[Student] Each prayer has different sets and I can say that ???? has kind of four sets. So the first time you have to say ????, which is, it’s in Arabic and it’s the first story of the Koran and it’s the first little chapter or page of the Koran [Arabic]. So basically that swear is called the Mother of the Koran which it translates to ‘There’s no God but Allah.’

[Student] So they’re God’s words, so that’s the chapters that we read during our prayers but when we have our ???? when we ask for something or when we thank God for something that’s a different thing, where you just <overtalk>.

[Student] My grandfather recently died and there’s things that are meant to help the soul rise and things like that so I, just before bed every night said those psalms and things like that, a ritual that I have with my family every Friday night, the Sabbath, we have that and we have prayers like with the food and things like that but there’s a lot that I’m starting to take upon myself that I just do by myself, like I don’t think my parents even know that I do it because it’s just personal. 

[Student] I go to church every week and so at my church, some churches have, we have communion. We take it every week at church but some churches do it once a month. It’s pretty much to remember God’s sacrifice of Jesus who we believed died on the cross for us.

[Student] You have worship songs and then they are from like a hundred years ago. People write them, they’re like worship songs and they’re just praising God and thanking him.

[Student] Now and then, by myself, I’ll just quickly pray to God, talk to God about my feelings and if I’m having a bad day say 'God, that was a bad day, can it be a good day tomorrow.’

[Student] And times when I really need help or I’m in need of help I pray to God or say if I have, or something has been given to me, like something that I think that, you know something just unexpected I pray to God just to thank him.

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Building Bridges - Session 3
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