Session 4

Rabbi offering insights into sacred texts at the synagogue
Rabbi offering insights into sacred texts at the synagogue
Image: Singing Bowl Media
Source: Museum Victoria

Testing the Bridge – Valuing differences

Aim of the session

‘I will recognise your beliefs and values as valid even if I disagree with them.’

Step 4

This step involves learning how to handle differences and conflict in our relationships, so that we may live and work peaceably together, even when we disagree.

Before a bridge is ready to be crossed, it needs to be tested to ensure it has sufficient strength to bear the load. For our bridge of trust and understanding, the test of its strength is found in our capacity to understand, appreciate and respect the differences in belief, religion or values of others. This is done without necessarily agreeing with these beliefs, or breaking off relationships with those who hold them. To respect the faith of others or the motivations behind their values does not mean we accept them as our own or agree with them. However, it is important for bridge builders of multicultural and multifaith communities to understand why others believe or feel as they do and respect them as fellow humans.