Building Bridges - Session 4


[Tim McCowan] Session four is testing the bridge and this is where we introduce the subtle distinction between agreeing with a person and respecting them, even if we disagree because they’ve come from different cultural backgrounds they may have some significant disagreements with each other and so helping them appreciate that they can still respect the person, see their views as valid for them but not necessarily agree with them.

[Facilitator(?)] What question would you like to ask, respectfully, of another member of your small group?  So is there anything anyone would like to ask?

[Student] I want to ask in terms of, after hearing things about my religion that are possibly very different and far from your lives and things like that, do you think it’s weird, the things that, like when I talk about Shabbat or festivals of things like that?

[Student] I don’t think it’s weird, I just think it’s different.

[Student] I’ve never realised how similar our religions are. Like practically we are so, yeah, it’s just...

[Student] It has a connotation of like so different but so close though.

[Student] Yeah, like the things like you wonder how did it get so...

[Student] Divided.

[Student] Yeah.

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Building Bridges - Session 4
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