Session 5

Trust and feedback activity
Trust and feedback activity
Image: Singing Bowl Media
Source: Museum Victoria

Walking the Bridge – Living and working together in our daily lives

Aim of the session

‘I want to keep learning how to build bridges with others who are different.’

Step 5

This step invites participants to consider new ideas, possibilities, projects and activities that they can do together, in order to encourage greater trust, understanding and peace in our world.

Now that we have constructed our bridge and tested it, it is time to actively begin using it in different settings. Hopefully by now, we have built sufficient trust, understanding and friendship to begin initiating different joint practical projects and ways of connecting and co-operating beyond our ‘formal sessions’. This is how we use our bridge. In this session, we brainstorm different ways we can work and play together now and into the future.

I’ve learned that we should get to know people before we judge them.

– Hanni, King Khalid Islamic College student.