Building Bridges - Session 5


[Tim McCowan] And then the final session, the fifth, is helping them think about how they can walk this bridge together in their ongoing lives and so we do this wool weaving exercise symbolising as they link each other up around their wrists that they have shared something of themselves something of their story with each other that they’ll go away with, they’re interwoven really with each other and then in the small groups they go a bit further, they share something of what the benefit for them has been of participating as well as what they want to do as a result of participating in the programme.

[Student] I think it’s just nice to get together and just not be really awkward, like 'How’s being Jewish going' or anything like that.  It’s kind of like you can still sit together and be like 'So what’s happened on Grays Anatomy' and stuff like that.

[Student] I learnt with the girls from ???? with their hijabs, a lot of them don’t wear them outside of school and I found that really interesting to know.

[Student] I come home and I’m excited talking about it and I go 'Oh, mum, you never guess what I did, you never guess what I found out.'  It’s just exciting to come along.

[Student] I learnt about people more than just their religion but things about themselves and the first couple of weeks was more us as religious people learning each other’s values but since then it’s been learning as friends about each other which is good.

[Student] I basically learnt that even though we’re from different religions we do share similar beliefs and morals and it’s just been a great experience to speak to Muslim and Christian kids which I haven’t really had the experience before yet in my life.

[Student] Well I guess one of the things I’ve learnt is the different values and the different beliefs and the different perspectives that other cultures can have on the world and on religion.

[Student] I’ve learnt a lot about people’s different cultures and the different beliefs they all uphold and the customs that come along with them.

[Student] Well I’ve learnt that our religions are very similar and that in the end we’re like one because we’ve got all our beliefs which are similar it’s just that we follow different things in some areas but most of it’s all like one.

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Building Bridges - Session 5
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