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If Australia is a nation of diverse beliefs, what relationship is there, or should there be, between Australian citizenship and personal belief?

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Celeste 20 August, 2009 17:15
As Australia is a nation of diverse beliefs everyone has a right to personal belief. Our Australian citizenship enables us to personal belief because we live in such a diverse culture. Having an Australian Citizenship enables me to believe what i want. The relationship between our Australian Citizenship and personal beliefs is a good one as there are no boundries or laws in what we must believe.
Demaris 23 August, 2009 16:56
If Australia is a a nation of deverse beliefs the relation ship there should be between Australian citizenship and personal belief is that respecting what being an australian means and allowing yourself to become involved in the traditions carried out but also not allowing your personal beliefs or religions to be ignored because being australian doesnt mean that you have to be catholic, islamic or any other reliogion of faith but it simply means accepting who you are and appling your faith, morals and values to your citizenship.
Richard 7 October, 2009 12:09
As an Australian citizens(sic), we should be entitled, as we are, to choose and follow the personal beliefs of our choice, so long(sic) it does nothing to harm the lives of others (such as some small minority extremist groups). One of the great rights of being an Australian citizen is that to believe what you want and say what you want - controversial or not. Therefore, I think there needs to be a much greater level of respect and toletrance(sic) in the community towards many minority groups that have in recent times been associated with terrorism, and realise that there is an extremist and illegal element to all religions, cultures and groups - Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. Becoming an Australian citizen should not be based on the person's religion but rather on the education and merit of that person, and a person's ability to gain citizenship should bear no relationship with religion.
Emily 25 November, 2009 23:00
As Australian citizens, we all have something in common. Even though we may have different appearances, beliefs and heritage, our citizenship is just one example of how we are all one. As Australians we are entitled to believe in what we please, but there are conflicts with people of different race and culture. Part of being Australian should mean everybody is treated equal - with no exceptions. Personally, i do not think that there is a strong enough tie with personal beliefs and being an Australian citizen.