Forming a Cluster

Working in a Socratic Circle
Working in a Socratic Circle
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Forming a cluster of schools: a guide

Step 1: Decide on a purpose for your cluster.

Step 2: Put a proposal together to canvas the interest of other schools in or near your community, or area.

Step 3: Contact the principals of the target schools and present the proposal for interschool collaboration.

Step 4: Once the cluster has been established, convene the first meeting to plan the dates and nature of the interschool gatherings.

Step 5: Negotiate with stakeholders at the school level to confirm dates and venues of interschool gatherings.

Step 6: Conduct your first and subsequent interschool gatherings.

Step 7: Communicate regularly and honestly about the progress of the project.

Step 8: Evaluate the experiences of the staff members and students involved in the project and build constructive feedback into the process.

Step 9: Build creativity and celebration into the process.


Considerations for interfaith/intercultural collaborations

  • Social protocols – greetings; social contact .
  • Religious sensitivities – special days of the week, festivals.
  • Dietary requirements – food restrictions; days or times for fasting.
  • Dress codes.

These considerations should be discussed in an open manner at one of the teacher cluster meetings early in the project, so that members of the cluster feel confident that the traditions and customs of all members of the group will be respected.