Socratic Circles - Teacher Insights


[Judy Stafford] Getting involved in the programme was really easy. Catherine came to our school and talked to the five year 9 teaches and explained what the programme was about and we immediately said 'Yeah, we’d like a group of our students to be involved'. So from there we selected three students from each group and it’s really just a matter of organising excursion notes. We don’t have contact during the term, apart from this, and that’s fine but very simple.

I’ve really enjoyed watching the kids working with other schools and being able to mix with different groups, which has provoked a lot of interesting discussion from a teacher’s point of view.

[Adam Kakembo] The Socratic Circle programme is something unique for our students and most of them, I can say all of them have benefited because they’re given the opportunity to investigate and to learn through inquiry.

Best thing about coming to the Immigration Museum as a school and doing sessions here, it gives the students a chance to be out of their comfort zone and they are away from school and they’re in an area where they can interact and discuss issues. Some of these issues could be discussed in a social subject like humanities but in a school setting, in a classroom setting with rules and directions from the teachers they can be inhibited a bit. Here, that is all gone.

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Socratic Circles - Teacher Insights
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