Socratic Circles - Student Insights


[Student] All of us have been in this school for all our lives, we’re all nearly the same culture, same religion. We haven’t had friends from out of our religion and out of our culture.

[Student] Just to get to know other people from other schools, different beliefs and talk about our beliefs and get to know their point of view on everything and try to understand it.

[Student] What I’ve enjoyed is interacting with other schools and learning a lot about their cultures and stuff.

[Student] It was good just seeing people’s opinions and stuff because even though they come from different areas they often have the same opinion, which is good.

[Student] The most thing I enjoyed about this programme was meeting new people and learning their experiences and where they come from and how they came to Australia.

[Student] There are a lot of people in my group that were really interested in my religion and stuff. They didn’t really understand much about why you have to close up and we were just saying that all our stuff is from the Holy Koran. I have related to them because most of the people in my group were good at art and stuff and we were just talking mainly about school and how school is and our dislikes and likes.

[Student] Like the group of girls that we were sitting with before, they’re really cool. I have them on Facebook and stuff, so we talk and stuff, it’s good.

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Socratic Circles - Student Insights
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