Socratic Circles - Creative Day


[Catherine Devine] This third session focuses around the creation of the artwork but this is the final part of a process which really began at the first of the three sessions where students started to talk about identity and culture and living in the Australian community and they started to talk about how we resolve conflict and how we’re enriched by diversity.

In the second session they started to sketch some of the images that were strong or they started to think about how they wanted to express their understanding of the values that they’d discussed and now in the third session they put paint to canvas.

[Student] In Socratic circles we’ve been able to speak of our opinions openly and listen to what other people think as well.

[Student] It’s nice to meet people from different schools and different backgrounds.

[Student] I think it makes you feel more confident in speaking and expressing your ideas as well. It develops you as a person.

[Student] Well the first time we came we all spoke a bit about each other’s beliefs and we spoke a bit about our culture and the way we are out of school and what we do in school. I learnt a lot about everyone else but then I realised that everyone was the same, we all did the same thing, we all go to the same places.

[Student] Well for example me and Jonas, we both like singing so we’ve found that in common, we’re both singers, we both like entertaining people and things like that. So I think that as we’ve got to know each other more we’ll be able to find these similarities. Like we’re all not very good artists but we still enjoy doing it.

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Socratic Circles - Creative Day
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