Steps 1-3

Shared understandings
Shared understandings
Image: Singing Bowl Media
Source: Museum Victoria

Step 1: Decide on a purpose for your cluster.

For example: To provide opportunities for students from different faith and/or cultural backgrounds to interact with one another on both a social and intellectual level.

Step 2: Put a proposal together to canvas the interest of other schools in or near your community, or area.

For example: There will be 6 interschool gatherings during the year involving 60 students at each. Students will use the discussion methodology of Socratic Circles to provide a framework for their discussions. Creative expression will also be encouraged and students can choose to express their understanding of the issues, through art, drama and music. Some of the students will attend each of the gatherings and form a Student Executive providing specific feedback to the coordinating teachers

Step 3: Contact the principals of the target schools and present the proposal for interschool collaboration.

For example: Discuss the aim of the project and the likely outcomes of the student interactions. Agree upon the most appropriate year level to take part in the project.