Socratic Circles - Discussion - Discrimination


[Student] There’s not really a particular profile that you can have as an Australian, even though people sort of...

[Student] Like stereotype, when you stereotype an Australian it’s not really true because then you can say 'Well we’re all different, we’re kind of...' you can’t say we’re Australian but you can say 'We are ourselves', if you know what I mean.

[Student] The media has a huge influence on what people as whole think. Like I have spoken to Americans and that sort of thing who have come here on a holiday or 'vacation', as they would say, and they seem to have the opinion that it’s all bushland, there’s little dots of villages...

[Student] And kangaroos in our backyards.

[Student] Australia is about multiculturalism.  I don’t think anyone in this room is Australian from the root, so yeah, I don’t think anyone here is Aboriginal.

[Student] Like even myself, I don’t have particular cultures like a lot of you would but I’m still not exactly Australian because of a long way back, I’m not Aboriginal.

[Student] I think we can all come up and say that we can all behave in a good way but we’re not actually typically Australian yet we can behave in a good way and we can say we behave the Australian way but we’re not actually technically Australian.

[Student] I think if you look at it the other way, everyone is Australian because <overtalk>

[Student] Being Australian is made up of different cultures and stuff so...

[Student] What does it mean to be Australian, do you have to be sporty, do you have to...

[Student] No, you can be yourself but you just respect the...

[Student] So you have to respect others and other people’s cultures to be Australian.

[Student] A lot of people here, we don’t have deep roots in this society where as other people from other countries tend to have that I think people also are attached to this country.

[Student] Maybe because Australia is a young country. Because if you look at other countries like Africa and China, they’ve been there for millions, perhaps even billions, like a really long time.

[Student] Australia is the land of opportunities so I guess when you come back to war and you go back to the military and stuff like that it doesn’t bring people’s...

[Student] Especially Middle Eastern countries where you could literally get killed for saying what you believe in. Like here we can say 'I’m Catholic, I’m Arab, I’m a Buddhist' but in certain countries if you say that you could really be killed.

[Student] Wherever you are and or your opinions.

[Student] On the news, or I can’t remember where I heard, but there were these people who really wanted to come to Australia to study, just to study, not like a holiday, and they really want to do work, they are paying 10 times as... I think they’re called international students, they have to pay the government ten times as much more to come here and do what we’re basically doing, is study, yet they actually want to do it whereas when you go back to school you’ll find people 'Oh, I’ve got so much homework, I can’t keep up.'

[Student] A lot of people that are successful in this country are not actually born here.

[Student] Because they’re more skilled, they’re more qualified, they want to actually work whereas some people here, they’re just prepared to get their pay, do what they have to do, the minimum, and just go home and relax.

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Socratic Circles - Discussion - Discrimination
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