Socratic Circles - Discussion - Being Australian


[Student] Our society, it’s like we need someone to pick on because if you think back, every culture has been through it, even if you go back to the Gold Rush, it was the Chinese and then in the early 1900s and stuff it was the Europeans who were starting to migrate and then it was the Italians and Greeks and then it was the Middle Easterns and now it’s the Indians.  So it’s like every culture has been through it.

[Student] I don’t think it’s right for people to suffer for something that they’ve been born into...

[Student] It’s not their fault.

[Student] Yeah, it’s not like I’m choosing to be Catholic, I was brought into that family and so was everyone else and for people to pick on each other, like in the Cronulla riots and all of that, it’s just wrong.  It’s no one’s choice, it was the way you were born into life.

[Student] Yeah, I agree, I think that people probably need to be a bit more educated, as you were saying before, and maybe as a solution to this could be holding more groups like this one to get used to everyone’s cultures and learn about their cultures so we can better understand how they live their lives and that they’re not really that much different from what we are as well.

[Student] I think it’s just because people are uneducated, one person could do something bad and then that will set the image for that whole culture...

[Student] Stereotype.

[Student] Yeah, you can’t judge someone without knowing where they’ve come from and their experiences and their backgrounds and what they’ve been through. People should think about what they say before they say it because some things you might not think of the consequence and it will hurt someone even if you’re saying it as a joke.

[Student] And just make sure you understand what they're talking about or what they’re about before you insult them or make a judgment.

[Student] We’re all the same, we’re human beings. We may not look the same and talk the same, believe in what we believe in, we’re just one happy world.

[Student] Just stop judging people if you don’t know, really open your eyes and start going beyond what you see, start learning more.

[Student] Making friends and stuff with different cultures. If you guys are closer then you realise there’s nothing actually bad about them, which is what people say. So just share the love around you know.

[Student] We are all different and we need to get used to the fact that everyone’s different and not everyone’s going to think the same things, believe in the same things and do the same things because we are different.

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Socratic Circles - Discussion - Being Australian
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