Exhibition - Identity and Race


[Student] I find when I introduce myself it generally doesn’t come across that ‘Hi, I’m Noi(?) and I’m Jewish.’ I think it just, I don’t know if it’s said so overtly but I think it just comes across that way because it’s such a part of my identity, not just in terms of religion but in terms of family, friends, community, really every aspect of my life is related and dependant to Judaism and I don’t think the two can be separated. For instance my nationality is an Australian goes hand in hand with being Jewish, I don’t think one’s a religion, one’s a nationality, I think they’re almost one in the same. It’s fantastic I think to be Jewish in Australia even though there’s only quite a... it’s all relative but I guess the population of Jews is 100,000 or thereabouts but I think within those number of Jews there’s a really strong sense of community and I think really Australia’s open to have the community inside the broader Australian community which is a really wonderful thing and it lets me live my life the way that I want, it lets me be in a Jewish school in a country which is predominantly Christian. I think it’s really a fantastic thing what Australia is like because I know many other countries around the world, throughout the ages, I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a country as fortunate as Australia.

[Student] I’ve been living in Australia my whole life so I understand how it works and stuff and even being a Christian, learning about other cultures and religions within Australia it’s really good study, it’s like general knowledge and when you learn these things you accept people more, you accept what they do and what they believe in, you don’t discriminate them or you don’t really tell them that’s wrong because how do you know that... being Christian and stuff, you believe in your religion but I mean how do you know that... from other people’s views they think we’re wrong so it’s kind of doing the same thing to them ... if you say something to them and then they say something back you’re like ‘No, that’s wrong’ but then they’re thinking you’re wrong as well.

[Student] Because you can’t win in any situation. I think it’s great the reason why we are so diverse in our cultures that for people to understand, as you just said, and I think that there’s still always going to be some sort of conflict between cultures because one culture thinks that they’re more superior than the other or one thinks 'No, that’s what happened' or 'this is what happened'. But I think that lots of people nowadays are coming to realise that it doesn’t really matter what you believe in we’re all the same, we’re all one, we’re all human beings.

[Student] And it’s multicultural but we have to consider ourselves Australian so that we can in some way be one.

[Student] Yeah, which is a problem now because everyone is just...

[Student] Yeah, like we are Australian because we live here and we’re citizens but we can still acknowledge our background. But at the same time we have to acknowledge that we’re all Australian. And I think that sometimes there can be trouble between different backgrounds, that’s because I think most of the time it’s because of a lack of understanding. Because when people don’t understand other backgrounds they’re automatically going to make judgments that aren’t necessarily based on facts.

[Student] Like with people, they listen to the media, what they hear on the media...

[Student]  It’s over exaggerated.

[Student] Yeah, and they don’t really understand themselves. They will watch TV and whatever they hear on TV they take that. They don’t open their eyes and actually look into the religion themselves or the culture.

[Student] Yeah, they’re not educated.

[Student] Yeah, they’re not educated enough which I think everyone should be.

[Student] Everyone wants to be good but we all have differences...

[Student] And we’ve got to understand that.

[Student] Yeah, but we’re ultimately the same.

About this Video

This video is part of the Talking Faiths exhibition. Students talk about identity and race
Length: 03:40 mins