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[Student] Spirituality for me is just knowing that God is there, asking if you ever need something, if I have a test tomorrow I’ll probably ask to help with the studying and help with the grades and all that. If things are going rough at school with friends I might ask for help with that, if a relative has died even you ask God to help pull you through that. So it’s a pretty major part and it means a fair bit to me.

[Student] Yeah, I think it’s sort of the same thing with us, if we need anything we’ll ask God for guidance or help or if like you said if there’s a test coming up we’ll ask him to give us a clear head to help us study and remember our facts and everything or if we’re going through something like grief or troubles with friends or anything we’ll ask God to help us get through it. So yeah, I think it’s a pretty big part of our lives as well.

[Student] Spirituality means being at peace with yourself.  If that involves God well that involves God but if it doesn’t it involve God, it could be just being by yourself and just reflecting on past moments. It’s connecting with your inner self and your conscience and things like that because I think if...

[Student] Isn’t that spirituality to do with your soul not with religion? 

[Student] Well, I think it depends with each and every person. Some people were brought up in a condition where God was a big part in their life, some people change, some people were brought up in just a peaceful environment and think that spirituality means what’s in them and finding the inner self.

[Student] It’s like you’re training, you’re an athlete and then you compete in a race and then you come first, you cross the line and you get the gold medal, like you feel so good, you feel unstoppable, you feel so happy but that only happens at that moment, afterwards you can only remember it but for a Muslim, spirituality, you want to feel that all the time so that’s why we pray five times a day so everyday we get that feeling that we are connected.

[Student] With each other or...

[Student] No, with God.  We feel that special thing with our prayers and I guess that’s what spirituality is, to find the inner peace with our soul, where we can communicate with God and things like that.

[Student] To me spirituality would be knowing that there is a God and that God has a purpose for me in my life.

[Student] When I feel most spiritual is mostly when I’m praying because it’s just you and God. How about you?

[Student] Yeah, especially when I’m in church. Our church is not really typical, we don’t have any instruments or anything, it’s just chanting, it’s kind of similar to the Islamic but the words are obviously different. It’s got that same tune and it’s really beautiful and that’s when I feel most spiritual. Yeah, it’s really good, I love it and we once, especially in the hills of Lebanon where my aunties live and my great aunts and great uncles and stuff, there’s a monastery there and that’s where they have the best choir signers in the whole of Lebanon and you can hear them in the morning and that’s like when you go to Beirut or Tripoli you can hear the mosque and there’s a church here and a mosque there and they’re both, and it’s really good.

[Student] It’s really nice, yeah.

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This video is part of the Talking Faiths exhibition. Students talk about spirituality
Length: 03:29 mins