Belonging: Reflections on Place

24 September, 2011

Belonging: Reflections on Place
Belonging: Reflections on Place
Image: Jo Philo
Source: Source: Museum Victoria

Question: What is the new exhibition in the Community Gallery at the Immigration Museum?

Answer: The latest exhibition at the Immigration Museum in the Community Gallery is titled Belonging: Reflections on Place. It is a video installation that explores individual’s ideas of place, transition and belonging.

The exhibition is the work of Wendy Woodson in collaboration with Kathy Couch and Myles Mumford and is on display until January 2010. The exhibition is an intimate video installation that looks at the responses of 30 individuals from various cultural groups to a series of questions. The questions asked participants to explore ideas of place, location and connections, and through the process of responding, various other questions and discussions emerged about faith, memory and childhood.

It is one of the first exhibitions in the Community Gallery that has explored a more diverse group of people, rather than a specific community or cultural group. It complements the new permanent exhibition at the Immigration Museum, Identity: Yours, Mine, Ours.

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