New Zealand Migration

15 March, 2009

“Your Route Map”: an Australian National Airways (ANA) promotion for flights between Australia and New Zealand.
“Your Route Map”: an Australian National Airways (ANA) promotion for flights between Australia and New Zealand.
Image: Ansett / New Zealand Airlines
Source: Museum Victoria (Copyright: Ansett / New Zealand Airlines Archives)

Question: How many New Zealanders live in Australia?

Answer: New Zealand and Australia share a special relationship in all sorts of ways, and there are many New Zealanders who live and work in Australia. Permanent arrivals to Australia by New Zealand citizens in 2007-08 totalled 34,494, and by the end of that financial year there were an estimated 521,200 New Zealand citizens present in Australia. Currently over three per cent of the Australian population were either born in New Zealand, have a parent born in New Zealand, or are citizens of that country.

These big numbers are not only a result of the proximity of the two nations, but also the strong trade relationship that they share. Australia’s first bilateral trade agreement was signed with New Zealand in 1983, and Australia is the world’s largest investor in New Zealand. The countries also enjoy a unique Open Skies Agreement that allows airlines to operate across the Tasman without restriction. Migration laws are also unique, so much so that New Zealand citizens are not even counted as part of Australia’s annual migration program!

On average, migrants to Australia from New Zealand are of working age. Only 6% of New Zealand-born adults living in Australia are aged over 65 years (the Australian average is 12%) and just 10% are under 15 (compared with a national average of 20%). This suggests a strong correlation between migration and employment for many New Zealand migrants.

Victoria has a long history of migration from New Zealand that can be traced back to the 1850s gold rush. Maori entertainers were performing in theatrical productions in Melbourne as early as September 1862, and during the 1880s depression in New Zealand around one sixth of Victoria’s net migration intake came from that country.

New Zealand-born migrants to Australia have been influential in a range of fields including politics, journalism and academia. Some famous Melbournians born in New Zealand are the artist Arthus Merric Boyd, the medical researcher Peter MacCallum and public figures Derryn Hinch, Edwin Maher and Moira Rayner.

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Shireen 19 May, 2012 16:20
It's good,yours blog are perfect and it just have answer my question.THank you.
Mike Rodwell 5 November, 2014 13:53
New Zealand has now published a new cover design for its passport.This museum now displays the old design. The currant design has our striking icon silver fern. The fern leaf is on 'everything' except our national flag !8
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