17 December, 2011

Origins touchscreen
Origins touchscreen
Image: Max Strating
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: Why isn’t my country included on the Origins website?

Answer: The Origins website currently includes 82 countries from which Victorians originated. These countries were selected on the basis of a Victorian population of 1,100 or more in the 2006 census. Although resources have limited the number of countries included, new countries with smaller Victorian populations will gradually be added to Origins. 

All the statistical information used in the Origins website has come from census data collected since 1854, since the purpose of the site is to show Victoria’s immigrant population from first settlement until the present day. Origins was last updated after the 2006 census, and planning is underway to incorporate new data from the 2011 census. So you never know – your country just might make an appearance after the update!

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Ignaswaran Kannusamy 10 November, 2012 14:41
I am a Malaysian Indian from Penang and am looking for my uncle who left Penang, Malaysia in the 1950s or 1960s to Australia. I only came to know of his existence when my father recently passed away and left a note saying my mother has a brother in Australia but did not gave any names. Is there any way I can access the Nation Birth and Death Records in Australia? I only know his family name to be Govindasamy Naidu. Your help is very much apperciated. Thanking you in anticipation of your reply.
Discovery Centre 10 November, 2012 15:29

Hi Ignaswaran,

You will need to look for your uncle's migration/naturalisation records at The National Archives of Australia (NAA). For Birth and Death records, you will need to search each state archives seperately;

Public Record Office Victoria (PRoV)


NSW State Records


State Records of South Australia


Queensland State Archives


State Records Office of Western Australia


Tasmanian Archives

Good luck!

Lynne Sykes 14 August, 2015 14:04
I am interested in any information you may have or directions where to gain the information about my Great, great grandparents - Sarah Arbuckle, an irish potato famine orphan who arrived in Australia and later married Joseph Richardson, a convict who later got his ticket of leave and resided at Phillip Island? And also any information about any Cokers who left Wickham Bishop in Essex, England and lived in Salisbury South Australia and two came to Victoria later? Many thanks, Lynne
Discovery Centre 4 September, 2015 16:36
Hi Lynne, we have sent you an email with some useful links and resources to assist you in your research.
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