Curious booth?

07 November, 2011

Talking Difference
Talking Difference portable studio
Image: Jo Philo
Source: Museum Victoria

Question: What is the curious booth in the Identity exhibition?

Answer: The curious booth in the corner of the first gallery space in the Identity exhibition is the Talking Difference portable studio.

Talking Difference is an online media project developed and designed by Museum Victoria’s Public Programs Team at the Immigration Museum and a group of diverse and enthusiastic young people.  The project is designed to encourage and facilitate dialogue about cultural diversity and difference and provide a way for this information to be recorded and shared.  It is a private booth in a public space and gives participants the opportunity to record video responses to questions, write or draw responses and comment on other participant’s responses.

The portable booth will be travelling around Victoria with the intention to promote a conversation about various topics including those that are featured in the Identity, yours, mine, ours exhibition at the Immigration Museum.  Participants are invited to answer questions such as ‘Describe yourself in three words’, ‘Is sport important to you and why?’ and ‘What do you like about Melbourne and why?’  The booth will be stationed in the Identity exhibition at the Immigration Museum until the middle of November when it will be moved to the Deer park Library.  You can keep up to date with the location of the booth and some of the content via the blog and Talking Difference YouTube channel

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jaffa 29 February, 2012 17:57
Great blog.
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