Calling all Ten Pound Poms, Nest Eggs and British migrants!

10 September, 2016

English immigrants relaxing in a deck chair on MV 'Australasia', 1965
English immigrants relaxing in a deck chair on MV 'Australasia', 1965
Image: Rebecca Jones
Source: Museum Victoria

Here at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne we are busy making a new exhibition about the stories and impacts of British migration to Australia from 1947 – 1981. Many of these migrants were given generous assistance by the Australian and British Governments and would become known as Ten Pound Poms.

To understand more about the huge range of personal experiences, we are looking for people who have a direct or indirect family connection to post-war British migration. If this is you we would love you to tell us your story.

Please follow this link to share your experience with the Museum. 


Question: What was the “Ten Pound Pom” scheme?

Answer: The “Ten Pound Pom” scheme is the colloquial name for an assisted migration scheme that operated in Australia after World War II. In spite of its name, this scheme was not limited to those from the United Kingdom but was open to citizens of all Commonwealth countries. (The word “Pom” meant English people, and was sometimes used in a derogatory manner.)

Adult migrants were charged ₤10 for their fare and children travelled for free.  They were drawn by promises of employment and housing, a more relaxed lifestyle and a better climate. 

“Ten Pound Poms” needed to be in sound health and under the age of 45 years. There were initially no skill restrictions, although under the “White Australia” policy those from mixed race backgrounds found it very difficult to take advantage of the scheme. At one point in 1947, more than 400,000 Brits were registered at Australia House in London for the scheme.

The aim of the scheme was to substantially increase Australia’s population in response to fears of a Japanese invasion, and a new awareness of Australia’s vulnerability and unrealised economic potential as an under-populated country. The “Populate or Perish” policy was developed by the Curtin Government before the end of World War II.

By late 1944 the Australian Government had begun negotiations with Britain for assisted immigration programs in the post-war years. Since all Australian political parties supported the “White Australia” policy they looked to Britain and northern European countries for immigrants in the belief that people from these countries would more easily assimilate with the Australian community. After the war, Australia gradually extended assisted passage schemes to immigrants from other countries such as the Netherlands and Italy to maintain high levels of immigration. It also welcomed refugees from war-torn Europe.

Sometimes the promises to immigrants were not realised. Many migrants faced lengthy stays in migrant hostels, failed to get ideal employment or missed their old communities. Around one quarter of the “Ten Pound Poms” left Australia within a few years of their arrival.

The year 1969 was the peak year for the scheme, with more than 80,000 people coming to Australia. In 1973, the cost of assisted passages was increased to ₤75 per family. This was still a very cheap fare, but numbers of assisted migrants from the United Kingdom dropped off significantly. Assisted passage schemes were gradually phased out in the 1980s, having profoundly influenced the ethnic and cultural makeup of the Australian population.

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Linda Heard 27 June, 2009 11:21
How do you go about registering to go on the wall? My family were involved in the assisted passage scheme - 10 pound poms - and immigrated in 1959.Thanking you Linda Heard
jim young 27 September, 2012 06:33
we arrived in australia in 1951 on board the ship somersetshire lived at kelso near bathurst for six weeks then moved back to balgownie migrant hostel near wollongong would like to here from people with same stories regards jim young
Bill Neale 23 April, 2014 13:12
Hi there aged 3-years we arrived on the Somersetshire into Sydney and lived in Townsville before settling in Victoria I am seeking information on the ports we would have stopped at and the lenght of time it took to travel from the UK to Australia I am currently researching the family tree and this information would be of interst If you can assist I would be most appreciative Kind regards Bill Neale
Val Hand 21 September, 2014 10:24
My family of nine, emigrated in 1969
Ann Sachs( nee) Keenan 1 November, 2014 06:28
My brother and family immigrated to Australia, in June 1963 arriving in Adelaide, how long was the journey?
Christine Ogilvie 18 December, 2015 19:57
We arrived as assisted passage migrants in March 1964, but we came by plane. A boeing 747. We arrived via Darwin Airport (basically a tin shed, blazing white light and heat like a furnace) and landed at night at the old Essendon Airport in Vic. Then bus to Williamstown Migrant hostel in the dead of night. I recall it seemed to take 3 days to get to aust from Heathrow. Did many migrants come by plane? I know my husbands parents came by ship in 1947 but I havent noticed any comments re other migrants flying in 1964 Be interested if others came this way.
susan 19 February, 2016 19:46
we were a family of 9, when we come to Oz as 10 lb family. 1965.
john connop 23 June, 2016 14:05
I with my wife Gwen and son Mark in early 1958 On the liner Orontes. It took tree weeks.First night at the Exhibition center Melbourne . Got a job next day and moved to Nunnawading ing Migrant hotel,Housed in Nissan huts.It took us three years before we bought our first home.
Warman 8 October, 2016 14:13
My parents came out in March 1959. I think on the Orion
Sue 26 March, 2017 23:25
I came from UK on SS Orion in 1959 as a child with my siblings and mum and dad..would you like to get in touch?
Discovery Centre 4 July, 2009 16:15

Hi Linda, thankyou for your comment.  We have recently published a 'Your Question' article referring to a number of other Australian institutions that offer a similar service to the Tribute Garden at the Immigration Museum. I hope this is what you're after!

Oliver Forrest 31 May, 2016 16:42
Hi guys!, i was wondering what the original fare was to travel to Australia from Britain before the scheme started.
Sue 26 March, 2017 23:31
Warman i came out on SS Orion in 1959 too, as a child with some siblings and my parents
Judith McGinness 28 July, 2009 15:19
I'm trying to do some research on the Altona/Wiltona Migrant Hostel where my family spent some time in 1964. I would be interested especially in seeing old photos or building plans, but there is very little available even at the PRO. I've been in touch recently with another fellow "inmate", and we would like to have a hostel reunion. Any access to records or photos would be welcome. Thank you.
Christine Magee 27 February, 2014 10:46
My family migrated to Australia from the UK in 1961 we spent time in the Altona migrant hostels and Kingsville. i am currently writing a book on our experience and have photos of the hostels, are you still interested, did you get feedback from this site? Best wishes, Christine.
Christine Ogilvie nee Kay 18 December, 2015 19:29
Hi Judith, along with my parents Bob(dec) and Doreen Kay and my 4 sisters and brother, and one on the way, became New Australians in March 1964. We arrived at Wiltona and stayed there the maximum stay to enable Dad and Mum to decide where they were going to locate. Wonderful memories for us kids. Must have been so hard for my mother with all us kids. But my parents were forever grateful for the opportunity life in a migrant hostel afforded them. They became life long friends with other ex pat Brits, The Barrows, The Minto's the Heskeths. I remember trips to Zig & Zag show, The Magic Circle Club, Bonfire night when they nailed my brothers hat to the Guy Fawkes. I remember being branded as "the Hostel Kids" at Wiltona Primary School on Grieve Pde, where we were bused daily. I remember lunches of lemon curd spread and chocolate sprinkles ordered from the canteen and fish and chips on a Friday. God help you if you dropped your tray in the canteen. The roar of the masses was a major embarassment. I recall only 2 baths in our ablutions block and all the mums with babies and small kids queing for hours whilst teenage girls soaked in the baths for hours with the mothers banging on the doors telling them to hurry up. When the poor mums got in the floors were swimming with water. My mum did some work in the canteen and cleaning toilet blocks to make some extra money. we were a lucky family as my Dad started work as Quality Control Supervisor at Ford Aust in Broadmeadows the day after we arrived in Aust. We got new cars every 6 months, we were very lucky. I know the parents used to have social nights and not too long ago I found an old Christmas Day menu from our time in the hostel I can remember being evacuated in the middle of the night because the firecracker at the nearby gasworks was on fire! I recall my parents saying some people would arrive and head back the next day as they were appalled at the conditions. Im sure for parents it had its harsh aspects but they bonded together and were determined to become Australian and build their own Australian dynasty.
ann perry(nee Dean) 13 February, 2016 10:36
my family arrived nov 1951 and stayed at the migrant hostel outside Williamstown and I would love to see pictures
Discovery Centre 29 July, 2009 10:44

Thanks for your comment, Judith. The National Archives of Australia do have arrival and departure records from Victorian migrant hostels, including Altona - might these be useful for your reunion plans? As for images, there are some NAA photographs of the hostel viewable via Picture Australia. Finally, the Immigration Discovery Centre has its own folder of information about Victorian migrant hostels, sourced mainly from the web. Good luck with your research!

sandra dowdy 19 August, 2009 15:00
I am a 10 Pound pom , I emigrated with my family aged 15.I am trying to get some information about our Australian visa. My parents don't remember having one, but I am assured that we had to have one to get into Australia. Is there a way I can get this information. Thanks for your time.
john connop 14 August, 2013 09:11
I was a 10 pom in 1958 . I am asked what visa did i enter Australia on . Is there a via number ,describing the visa that I entered australia on ?
Richard 22 September, 2013 09:56
Sandra Did you find out any visa info, I'm trying to find out about mums. She was 18 when she went over in 1970 and came back to the Uk in 1972
Jenny Gray 9 January, 2014 19:24
Hi Sandra, My family migrated to Australia in 1955 as 10pound poms. No visa was required. However, my father had what is called a Document of Identity stating all of our names.I do hope this helps. Cheers. Jenny Gray
Dorothy. Pool 28 October, 2014 00:06
hi I am a £10.00pom and my husband an 2daughters came to Australia in 1971. No we did not have visa s when we came in 1971 but I went back in 1983 And had to have them for myself and my son. And I am going on a 12 day cruse and still have to get one as I am a British citerson I first was in a hostel in South Australia the ship was the fair star And 5week trip
Doreen Ringrose 15 May, 2015 16:06
My husband, son and I arr. on the Orontes in June 1958. We did not have passports but had one identity card, between us with all our details on. our son's name was entered on the back of our card. Hope this helps Sandra
Kim SMith 20 June, 2015 11:07
I came to Australia in September 1969, aged ten, with my brother 15 and my sister 2. We travelled on a Document of Indentity. Your parents would have had one of these. It was a one way document given to all "ten pound poms"to allow entry into Australia. It was used in place of Visa. Hope this helps.
Brian 22 October, 2015 13:04
Sandra, it was a stamp in their passports. Nothing more
Christine Ogilvie nee Kay 18 December, 2015 19:36
We arrived in 1964 as migrants from the UK. As a child myself and my brother and sisters were listed on my parents Document of Identity which I still use when I have to renew my British passport to enable me to obtain a permanent residents vise for Australia.
Margaret Boyce 8 November, 2016 10:55
Hi Sandra Icame with my late husband 2 children there was no visa one document with a family photo that was 1966
Discovery Centre 20 August, 2009 10:56

Hello, Sandra. According to the National Archives of Australia, "prior to 26 January 1949, the process of naturalisation conferred British nationality on applicants....As a consequence there are no naturalisation records for British migrants before 1949." Hope this helps! More info here.

Johnny Thompson 19 January, 2013 02:50
Hi Sandra.. Instead of a passport, migrants were issued with a so called " document of Identity" which was valid only for a one way journey to Australia with the assisted passage scheme.So no visa was needed...
Eric Sulhan 1 October, 2013 14:42
I need to establish my arrival in Aust.1964 and suprised the asker' by producing my Doc of Ident.with photos, plus the queue in the shed at Southampton of me hunting for my ticket or whatever.? I am now looking for a passenger list as further proof that I boarded the ship and the rubber stamps and notations are authentic. Out of the blue also, a friend in England has unearthed 90 secs super 8 footage of my departure from Waterloo Station heading for Southampton. My advice to others, don't leave your enquiries for too long, or the ones you want to share the moment with may not be around.
David Townend 11 May, 2015 17:44
Hi Sandra we emigrated from Southampton to Australia on the Fairstar in Sept 1970 ( trying to find out date we left) arived 10th October and we only had a document of entry which was serenaded when we arrived, this year my daughter contacted commonwealth of Australia imagination and they sent her our arrival passenger card
Ivan Stevenson 29 March, 2016 03:20
We came out in 1955 on the S.S. Orantis, Mum Dad and four kids, I was youngest (not quite 4yrs old). Came through the Suez Cannal. Left England about 20th June landed Freemantle first week in August(about 7 weeks). Went on to Sydney disembarked and stayed 6 months at East Hills Migrant Camp. Been here 60 years and never looked back, although went back for a look in 2002, didn't go much on it. Glad to be an Aussie.
jan copeland 29 August, 2009 12:29
My parents were 10pound poms,I was 12 and my brother was 15.We stayed at elder park hostel then moved around a fair bit.I am now 57yrs old and still remember the trip.
graham Puevis 23 March, 2015 22:27
Hi Jan my parents were £10 pond we arrived in Melbourne about1965 and stayed at Broadmeadows hostelmy Mumand dads name was Pat& Pete my name is Graham and my sisters was Tracy l am 63 now but it is still the biggest adventure of my life. Best regards Grraham
Denise 27 January, 2017 11:00
Hi Jan, I came out from England when I was 8 years old arriving in Adelaide the week before Christmas in 1965. We stayed at elder park for just over a week. My dad had a job and a house at Woodville with the railway.
Hannah 7 September, 2009 14:25
I am researching the ten pound poms for a school project. Do you have a list of famous ten pound poms? Thankyou
john cave 20 December, 2012 16:27
if i remember the BEE GEES came out to brisbane as ten pound poms and lived on what is now brisbane airport crib island
John Alderson 17 July, 2014 09:10
I understand that the present Prime Minister came out as a Ten pound Pom how famous is that?
kath lawson 17 September, 2015 20:15
think i read that kylie minogue's mother and jason donavon's parents arrived that way
Discovery Centre 7 September, 2009 15:33

Thanks for your question, Hannah. So many people migrated to Australia under the Ten Pound Pom scheme that the group is not often considered as a category, as such, although we'd be very interested in any list of famous ones that you might unearth or create! As a starting point for your project, try this profile of Noni Hazlehurst's family available via the NAA website.

Edwina ( Irrgang) Marsden 23 November, 2016 14:55
Hi! Our family came to Australia in 1952. We sailed from Southhampton on the Morton Bey the day King George died. My step father "Brierley" was one of the first male nurses in Australia. He was head sister at Mooroopna Base Hospital, vic, for 23yrs. He trained other male nurses. There were 5 of us siblings. The 7 of us were the largest family travelling plus we had the youngest passenger aboard. Our brother Stephen was only 5mths old. Two more siblings were born within 3yrs of arrival. Dad was 99 when he died and I am 76. One of our siblings who was born here, died in an accident at the age of 28. I have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 8 greatgrand children.
patricia heaney-stockton 14 September, 2009 06:41
I am also a ten pound pom, arrived in November 1960 and was on the williamstown hostel as we called it back then for 4 years, I have put my maiden name and married name in case anyone recognizes the name and wants to get in touch
graham bell 1 October, 2013 18:51
did you know any Bells, they to were in the cattle sheds as my father told me. His name is Albert bell from stockton-on-tees migrated here in the 60's. Just wondering if you heard or knew of him?
Linda Chaffey 28 January, 2014 13:00
I arrived in Aust with my parents in Nov 1960. I was 9. The ship was the Fair sky. We disembarked in Sydney.
Brenda Hall 12 January, 2015 06:07
Hi Patricia. My family arrived January 1960. Dad remembers the Heaney name and I remember your sister, we were the same age and played together. We were about 7 or 8 yrs old at the time.
margaret needler 21 September, 2009 03:24
please could you tell me what the currency looked like,before the australian was based on the british currency of 20 shillings to the pound. iwant to know what the pound looked like.. hpoe you can help thank you m r needler
Discovery Centre 21 September, 2009 15:47

Australia's pre-decimal coins and banknotes underwent many changes over the years before they were replaced in 1966. See Museum Victoria's Rare Coins infosheet for images and information about  Australia's pre-decimal coins. For pre-decimal banknotes have a look at the Reserve Bank of Australia's Museum of Australian Currency Notes.

miranda12 23 September, 2009 14:13
I am also ten pound pom .we never had a visa but we had a document of identity
Susan Hird (nee Gillet) 29 September, 2009 10:36
To Judith McGuinness, I was a redident of Altona Hostel, previously known as Williamstown and later Wiltona, from June 1963 to September 1965. There is definitely a reunion happening. Go to the migrantweb forums.
Mark Elsby 20 October, 2013 17:22
I was about 5 when we arrived in 1965 as ten pound poms. This was the time the mask was knocked off the ship when it later went under the harbour bridge. We stayed at Williamstown but it nearly sent them back with many other. We got out of there very quickly. They were the half barrel type buildings.
Colleen Gilliland 7 March, 2017 11:32
Hi my parents and 5 siblings were in Altona at this time ,I was born there in 64 but came back to uk 2 years later so sadly no memory of it , our name was Gilliland if any one remembers x
Discovery Centre 8 October, 2009 12:11

Hi again Hannah - we're glad to hear that your research is going well. Museum Victoria's Origins website contains lots of statistical information about migration including an overview of English migration to Victoria. Another helpful for resource for immigration statistics is the Australian Government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website. Good luck with your research!

Rebecca 16 November, 2009 14:16
Hi Is there any information at all about the Broadmeadows Migrant Camp (formerly Broadmeadows Army Camp) - where "Ten Pound Poms" migrated to in the late 1960s??
Discovery Centre 17 November, 2009 11:59

Rebecca - information about migrant hostels can be difficult to come by. Nevertheless, the Encyclopedia of Melbourne has an article entitled "Migrant Hostels"; there is also an online forum for those wishing to discuss the topic in more detail. Records of the Broadmeadows Migrant Hostel itself are kept by the National Archives of Australia, with address books listed at Series Number B6518 and arrivals and departures books at B6517. You can find indexes that relate to these records via the RecordSearch tool at the NAA website. Good luck! 

Mike Hanny 9 January, 2016 04:04
I went out with my parents and sister in '58 on a Comet 4. Ironically my Dad's job was catering manager for all the camps around Sydney. We had to live on site so move around every couple of months which meant virtually no schooling for two years. Then suddenly my parents decided to quit and return to Blighty. I never knew why. I've google mapped all the places but the're gone.
ally 21 November, 2009 16:56
Hi, I am the daughter of two ten pound poms and boy am I glad they chose Australia!! What a great place to grow up.
Lisa 7 December, 2009 21:27
My father is celebrating 50 years in Australia after migrating in 1959. How do I find out what ship he arrived on in Fremantle W.A. plus more info about the ship? (I know the date he arrived) I have trawled through 'Cyndi's List' so far but records for post WW2 seem hard to find. Could you point me in the right direction? Thank you!
robert sumners 20 January, 2013 18:46
hi lisa, i was 4 years old when we arrived at fremantle W.A.we were sent to broughton hostel burwood 1959 to 1964, my dads name was ron and my mum's name was hilda, don't quote me but i think the ships name was 'the fairstar'please reply, kind regards robert.
Montgomery Lewis Hanna 7 November, 2013 18:45
We arrived Fremantle Sept 1963 our ship was the cunard line... "Stratheden..." which was the ships final voyage before being sold to arabs for scrap. There also was the Fairsky and the Fairstar...
chris 11 October, 2015 01:35
likely the ss orion in 1959
Barbara Jones 16 January, 2010 04:53
Hello everyone in Australia, I have just recently found out that my aunt and uncle were 'Ten Pound Poms' who moved to Oz in 1951. All these years and I never knew - sitting there watching the documentary and I never knew. I have no idea where to go to from here with just 2 names and the ship they travelled on. Any ideas anyone? All I have is one photo of my Aunt Beat and I'd love to know the story behind the lady. My dad always told me I was so like her - but he wasn't sure the world could cope with 2 of us!! He always thought she would have done well in Australia and thrown herself into her new life. Wish I knew. Lost contact in 1957. There was a rumour that they may have died in a flood that happened in/near Sydney but like I say it's just a rumour. Maybe I will never find out what happened to them but I shall'nt stop trying. Best wishes. Barbs - from a very snowy and cold England!
Steve Jeffries 7 September, 2014 18:03
Hello Barbara, I have just come across your message four years after you posted it. I came to Australia in March 1952 on a ship named the "Ranchi". At the time I was 15 months old and for four years lived in a hostel named Fishermens Bend near Melbourne in Victoria. I don't know if you ever found any information re your aunt but if you didn't and still would like to, I am happy to try and find out what became of them if you would like me to. You would only have to supply me with their full names to get started. I have enjoyed tracking information on my family and I would be happy to try this for you. It's a free offer so it is up to you. Best wishes. Steve.
june markham -whitefoot 4 August, 2015 22:01
My mumm dad sister and brother came out in 1951 our ship sailed on september 5th and arrived sydney october 8th our ship was the asturius I was 9yrs old we had a wonderful time
Jean Jarman/Richards 8 February, 2010 12:56
I was a 10 pound pom, I emigrated in 1960 with my parents and husband and family on the S.S. Arcadia, we landed in Perth then onto Adelaide. I am looking for information on what the Scheme was called and what we had to do. My father did all the paperwork for us all, any info; would be greatly appreciated.
christine 10 October, 2013 20:04
Hi Jean, I was on the Arcadia in 1960, disembarking in Sydney. I actually still have the old ship's menus and was showing my children recently. No info for you but agree it was a fabulous time :)
Montgomery Lewis Hanna 7 November, 2013 18:50
The scheme was known as the Lonnie Scheme...
carol carr 23 July, 2015 01:18
I also went out to Australia with my parents on board the Arcadia lovely ship really nice crew.I was 8 years old and remember crossing the equator and being covered in ice cream in a plastic paddling pool.I also won my dad 3 bottles of brandy in the fancy dress competition going as I Should of danced all night, I had a nightie on and a doll (baby) I won the most houmerous section.We disembarked at Freeman the and went onto Perth then Melbourne
Discovery Centre 10 February, 2010 14:34

Hi Jean. It's likely that "all the paperwork" that your father completed has been kept by the National Archives of Australia. You can search for such documents using their RecordSearch tool, and request copies of certain items. Perhaps these documents will give further information about the scheme?

Judith McGinness 10 February, 2010 17:15
There is a reunion for former "inmates" of the Altona/Williamstown hostel on Saturday, April 2010 at the park behind the Botanic gardens in Williamstow, just opposite the beach. More info can be found at
Christine Ogilvie 18 December, 2015 19:51
Hi Judith Im sorry I missed all the info re the reunion. My Dad has gone now but my mother who is now 83 may have enjoyed the event and the retelling of many stories and of their life in Australia from 1964. For future events please ad me to your mailing list. My mother has current contac details for some families.
jennifer young-nee belton 28 February, 2010 13:21
hi i was about 18mths when we came over from the uk as ten pound poms on the oronties in 1954 my mum and dad joyce and jim and my 4 sister we were to go to melbourne but i had measles and was put of in western australia so i am having difficulties finding info can you help
Kathy Hassan 10 November, 2012 23:26
Hello Jennifer ... There must have been an epidemic of measles. I traveled on the Orontese, i was 4 yrs old. Had the measles, was in hospital at Graves End?! Funny name... Sailed from Tilbury. We were supposed to get of in Fremantle, but sailed on to Melb. As dad landed a job, at Mobil, Yarraville. Think our arrival was jan or feb 2004!! I know the measles were bad, as lots of time ion ship was a following ear infection. So most likely we were on same ship!! How strange ! Same ship same childhood disease!!
Discovery Centre 2 March, 2010 11:16

Hi Jennifer - Twentieth century immigration records, including information and documentation relating to the 10 Pound Pom Scheme, are held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). You can search for such documents using the NAA's online RecordSearch tool and request copies of certain items. You can also contact the NAA directly for further assistance in searching for your own and your family’s records.

Michael 3 March, 2010 05:50
Hi Everyone out there in Sunny Australia. I am looking for a friend who left the UK in the late 50's as a "ten pound pom" I think. He lived in a small place in Northumberland called South Wellfield and his name is John Bamborough. John if you read this please get in touch and if anybody knows him please let him know that I am trying to contact him, Thanks very much Michael Cox
michele 3 November, 2014 16:19
Hi Michael Cox Did you find your friend John you were looking for in Australia ? if not I would like to help kind regards Michele
Discovery Centre 3 March, 2010 14:19

Hi Michael – One of the most useful resources to locate living people are the electoral rolls which list all the names and addresses of registered voters within Australia. Another avenue to explore would be to also check the white pages online by conducting a surname search:  Good luck with your search!

john hunt 11 August, 2015 17:04
the hostel in sydney was called the orana in dulwich hill
Roger 5 March, 2010 08:05
Has anyone done any research on '20-quid Poms'? By that I mean people who came twice, both times on an assisted passage. My parents and I did, in 1951 and 1956. I doubt if there were very many instances of this happening. The reasons are an interesting tale. The explanation is about half-way through my Dad's story, here:
Karen 23 March, 2013 10:36
My family migrated twice to Australia both times on the Assistance Scheme. The first time was in 1966 we returned to UK in 1968 then we returned to Australia again in 1970. I am trying to find out which Hostel we stayed at each time, I know we were in the Sydney area.
Carol 30 June, 2015 20:05
We were 21 guineas migrants. My mum was English but my dad, brother and I were born in Zambia so we had to pay more. We always joked that we were a better class of immigrants as our payment was in guineas not pounds.
Andrew 12 March, 2010 07:59
Do you have any information on how the Elder Park Hostel came about in Adelaide? I have established that it was known previously as the SPF (Schools Patriotic Fund) Hostel. I have exhausted all enquiries to the National Archives, State Archives & local Migration museum without success Museum.
Fidelma 9 May, 2014 23:17
You should contact Rachel Ankeny at University of Adelaide and ask her about Hostel Stories - a research project she is working on.
Abby 1 April, 2015 13:51
I used to live in Unley Park Adelaide (I do have to say my recollection of the Elder Park Hostel is limited as i was young when we left Adelaide) and i wish i could help more then to go to the site and ask for the history of the place from themselves. Apart from that i am not sure what to do but i do agree with Fidelma. Go there and ask.
john hunt 11 August, 2015 03:51
dulwich hill was the hostel i stayed at when i arrived on the fairstar in 1969 10pound pom.
Discovery Centre 13 March, 2010 11:14

Migrant hostels are notorious for being scantily documented at best, Andrew, and our own expertise is with Victorian examples. Our online searching only confirmed that the "long-demolished" Elder Park hostel had fibro buildings! Might the State Library of South Australia be of assistance? This book, say.

Joanne williams 15 March, 2010 04:25
My dad was a 10 pound pom he went over in 1959 and came back in 1962, i am trying to find anything about my dads time in Australia. This web site is very interesting.
Jenny Leach 20 March, 2010 15:51
My family and I were 10 pound poms. We arrived in 1950 on the MV Somersetshire and lived in a migrant camp in Yalourn, Vic. Anyone else ?
Vivien Gardner 2 May, 2013 21:11
Hi Jenny, only just happened upon this site. We came out on the same ship but in 1949. We went to Morwell, and I went to the Yallourn High School in 1953. I still have my certificate from King Neptune for crossing the Equator. A makesift "swimming pool" was erected on the deck. Bye for now. 2/5/2013
Dave Munro 6 May, 2013 23:45
I too travelled on MV Smersetshire and arrived in Melb in November 1950. My father was sponsored by the Victorian Railways and we lived in West Newport while he worked at Newport Railway Workshops. I attended Williamstown High School as did other British migrants to the western suburbs of Melbourne
Graham Wood 12 May, 2014 14:40
My family travelled to Melbourne on the MV Somersetshire, arriving Nov 1950 my father worked for Victorian Railways as a boilermaker in the workshops at Newport he shared a cabin on the ship with another man who was going to work at the railways and his two sons David & Ian there was also another young fellow in the cabin who was travelling on his own. moved into a railway house on Maddox road newport.
Dave Munro 19 January, 2016 22:37
Graham Wood has a remarkable overlap with my family. We travelled in the same cabin as his father and we lived in Maddox Rd Newport. I now live in Penshurst in the west of Victoria now
Angela Johnston 7 May, 2016 14:26
Hi my uncle Philip Pope arrived in Adelaide in, I think, Jan 1950 on the Somersetshire- he then disappeared a short while later and his family presumed he had died. I have been trying to find records of him for years so if anyone knew him - he was 21 at the time and on his records said he was planning on being a jackaroo - please please contact me - he had previously lived in Scotland but was British born in Shanghai China. Thanks so much if you have any ideas of things I could follow up Angela
Philip Ebbage 1 April, 2010 19:48
I arrived in 1967 on the Fairsky when did the last ten pound poms arrive by boat. I know the scheme continued by air a bit longer than by boat. but I think I was one of the last of the ten pound poms to arrive by boat. Regards Philip Ebbage
Aideen Eastman nee Teesdale 30 August, 2014 22:43
I arrived in Fremantle October 1970 on the Elinis, so ships still arriving then.
Col Griffiths 10 September, 2014 14:51
I came on the Fairsky arrived Sydney March 1969. ten pound pom scheme continued to early 70's then tapered off. Price went up to $75 bu all finished lat 1980.
Mrs Joan Barnes (nee Whittaker) 13 January, 2015 08:54
I emigrated as a ten pound pom in February 1969 to Melbourne and was Miss Fairstar, southbound. My brother Colin emigrated on the Oriana in 1959.
Janice Taylot 19 December, 2015 20:50
I came out with my parent as 10 pound poms left Southampton in May 1971 arrived in Sydney on the Fairsky.
Susan McIntosh 12 March, 2016 19:57
I also arrived on the Fairsky in 1967. We arrived in Sydney in October so perhaps that was the last boat.
amanda boothman 21 April, 2010 14:36
hi my parents emmigated with us kids september 8,1965.we were sponserd by i think they were know as kalgoorlie lakeview n star.are we also 10 pound poms?
Barry Kershaw 26 September, 2015 02:29
Hi interesting to know you emigrated in September 1965 as my friend George Sharp emigrated with his mother ,four brother and a sister in September 1965 to Canberra.I would love to get in touch with George . Any idea how I can achieve this? Thanks
Discovery Centre 23 April, 2010 10:26

Amanda, there were a number of immigration sponsorship programs operating at this period, including some by private companies. Kalgoorlie Lake View Pty Ltd may have sponsored your family's migration. For confirmation of this, you will need to locate the company's own records. If your migration was sponsored by a private company, you would not be considered "ten pound poms," as such. 

Cheryl White 23 April, 2010 20:40
Hello all £10 Poms. I'm conducting research for a feature length film on £10 Poms in the 1970s. I'm specifically wanting to talk to anyone who travelled on the Britanis - or anyone else who emigrated during that time. I'm also very keen to make contact with people that returned to the UK. If you would be willing to complete an questionnaire about any of your experiences, please get in touch. Cheryl.
jackie 27 September, 2012 11:20
My family emigrated to Australia March 1970 on the Fairstar.
Jeff Molyneux 13 November, 2012 07:19
Hi, I emigrated on my own in 1974,on the britanis arriving in Melbourne,but soon moving on to Sydney. I stayed for a year before returning to the U.K and have stayed here ever since. However, it was a great experience.
Gavin rashbrook 11 February, 2013 08:21
Hi we emmigrated to adelaide in april 1972 by flight on quantas i was only 5 then i had 2 sisters aged 9 and 12. my Dad left the Royal navy in 1970 and decided to emmigrate, However in 1974 they decided to return to britain and we came back in sept1974 on the last northbound voyage on Britanis before she went over to full time cruising. we were in an inside cabin on upper deck no 103 i think.
Wendy Fullerton (nee sorby, nee lewis) 11 March, 2013 04:46
My family emigrated to Melbourne in 1970 on the Fairstar.
lesley east ( nee) phiilips 15 March, 2013 18:30
hi cheryl, we set sail from south hampton uk to fremantle on the 19th of febuary 1973 on the britanis the greek ship, then travelled to adelaide by train and stayed in the woodville hostle, i have been trying to find the passenger list for the ship at this time i was 10 yrs old now i am 50 any help would be appriciated thankyou lesley
Richard Ertansel 22 September, 2013 09:50
Cheryl I'm trying to research my mum and grandparents time in Sydney. They stayed 2years before coming back to UK. Can you help with any info about the visa they would of been given?
john 16 December, 2013 13:57
I arrived in Melbourne in 1970 with 10 of my brothers and sisters from father finished his time in the army. we were on the front page of the Sun newspaper on 16 May.because we were the largest family to have immigrate to Australia. John.
Justine Cazalet-Smith 28 December, 2013 13:27
hi, i was about 3 years old when we (mum, dad & 2 brothers) emigrated to Australia from the UK in 1974 on the Britannis. We disembarked in Sydney and stayed in the hostels in Balgownie\Fairy Meadow area before settling in Dapto.
carole oconnor 17 August, 2014 02:44
My family went to Melbourne as £10 poms in 1970 on the Fairsky. We did return home here to the UK in 1974.. I am writing a book about my adventures to Oz and back
hilary ikstrums(nee bernard) 10 January, 2016 00:29
May I ask you to please let me know if a lady,sheila Strachan,returned to U.K. in the 70s? She migrated here twice,firstly in the late50s,returning in 1960.She then migrated in 1968,to Australia. she may have returned in the 70s.We were the giggliest happiest teenage girlfriends in Brisbane(suburb,taringa),for the 2 yrs,1958-1960 and her letters to me were not sent on when I moved to Mt.Isa in 1963. I would be just so happy to catch up with her wherever she is.If she or a mutual friend or relative appear in your research,perhaps you could pass on my email address. I wish you great success and joy in your project.Thankyou and regards ,from Hilary Ikstrums.
Discovery Centre 15 January, 2016 15:43

Hi Hilary, Sheila Janet Strachan migrated to Australia on the Ellinis, departing Southampton on 31stof October 1968 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme, consistent with the information you have provided us with. 

The UK Incoming Passenger List 1878-1960 holds a record of an S. J. Strachan (birthdate 30th of April 1844) travelling on the Fairsky from Brisbane, Australia to Southampton, England on the 4th of October 1960, which could suggest that your friend returned to England. You can access this passenger list through The Immigration Discovery Centre has access to the Ancestry website. If you would like to view this record, you are more than welcome to drop into the Immigration Discovery Centre and we can assist you with accessing it. We hope this helps you with your search!

Kathleen Fisher 15 April, 2016 17:33
My family left uk 6th jan 1971 and arrived 4th Feb. We came out on the Ellinis and lived in the Enterprise Hostel, Springvale, vic
Anthony Fowke 17 November, 2016 21:07
i and my wife lily together with our 3year old son,left Southhampton aboard the fair star in October 1968'arrived in Sydney,and stayed in riverstone with friends,but too far to look for a job,so rented a flat in Johnston street,Annandale for 15 dollars a week,found a job in North Sydney ,as a printer,for $80 a week,Lily fond a job in Annandale for $40 a week as a sewing machinist.After two years we built a new house on the north shore, for $10.000,the rest is history.
Susan davies nee parkinson 27 April, 2017 14:11
I came out on my own 10th april 1969 on the fairstar.i met my husband bob davies on the same boat.i made friends with 2 scottish girls doris bryson and june robertson.also met two other girls kerry and joy i think a brenda as well.we all had great fuun just like one big holiday.embarked in syd and stayeed in dulwich hill for 2 weeks in the hostel for singles and married couples.we all mwt up in the gladstone pub in dulwich hill.we live in tassie now.
Louise 1 June, 2010 21:11
My parents used the scheme in 1965 but migrated to South Australia, can you help me find out where I can obtain a copy of their files as I am tracing my family tree. Thank you
ruth foster 1 June, 2010 22:54
Arrived in march 1959 as 10 pound poms with parents and brother.He was 14 and I was 17. Can anyone tell me why I have to renew my re-entry visa every five years while my brother received a permanent one? It's risen in price hugely and is now quite expensive for me whilst his costs nothing.
Bil McGuire 7 November, 2012 20:10
Hi Ruth the best way to avoid paying these fees is to becom an Australian Citizen
Discovery Centre 2 June, 2010 10:44

Louise, all government documents connected to immigration have been managed by the National Archives of Australia since 1923. You can use their website to conduct research with these documents, including requesting copies.

GERRY KANE 4 June, 2010 03:19
Hi looking for a familay the name is Henderson and they left Scotland about 1959 or 1960 one of the boys name was Frank J and he was in 5th rar and served in nam the father name was Daniel they lived in Adelaid my name GERRY KANE FROM Glasgow
Michele 3 November, 2014 16:25
Hi Gerry is this the family your looking for in Australia kind regards Michele HENDERSON Daniel born 14 May 1915; Margaret (nee Ferla) born 2 April 1915; Daniel born 28 June 1943; Frances born 25 September 1946; John born 21 October 1947; Brian born 15 April 1950; William born 3 February 1955; Anne born 8 December 1951; travelled per STRATHNAVER departing Tilbury on 20 April 1961 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
kris 19 June, 2010 17:25
I was on the fairsky in 1970 , if i can help you I will. kris
Cheryl White 21 June, 2010 20:19
Hi - does anyone know if migrant ships were still arriving at Outer Harbour, Adelaide during the 1970s? Thanks Cheryl.
gillian swan 11 December, 2013 02:47
yes I and my late husband and 3 daughters arrived in 1974 on the britanis
Les Andrew 31 December, 2016 18:33
My then Wife and I arrived in Adelaide on 1 March 1970 aboard the Sitmar liner the Fairsky. We came via the Canary Islands, Capetown and Fremantle. Unfortunately we lost a man overboard during the voyage, he was never found-a terrible start to his family's new life.
Janet Smith 3 July, 2010 05:54
I am trying to find my brother william arthur smith 1939 he and his family emigrated in 1966 i wrote to australia house in london i have tried thier suggestions which are the same as yours but no luck. the au electorial roll only gives information on if yourself want to enrol i live in luotn bedfordshire england i am 63 my brother will be 71 i do not know if he is alive or dead please help me. janet
Jane Fitzpatrick 4 July, 2010 19:29
Hi I'm a ten pound migrant I came on the Fairstar in 1966 went back to Scotland in 1968 We stayed at Fishermens Bend Hostel.
William Wilson 3 November, 2015 14:23
Me an my parents and two sisters lived in fishermans bend from 1965 to 1969 then we returned home my parents name was philomena and Thomas Wilson
Discovery Centre 7 July, 2010 10:56

Janet, it can be very difficult to trace living people. In Australia, records are generally only made when people interact with the government. Other than that, you might try searching Australian telephone directories like the White Pages. Their website has a search tool that can provide contact details of many people living in Australia. For evidence of births, deaths and marriages, you will need to contact the relevant registry in an Australia state. Good luck with your research.

Angela Mortell 12 July, 2010 20:14
My family came as sponsored migrants in 1953.I'm trying to find info on the grazier who sponsored us - where is the best place for me to start searching? Would National Archivs hav any records?
Discovery Centre 14 July, 2010 10:46

Try the National Archives first, Angela, but bear in mind that they only hold official government records, and that the grazier will only be mentioned in those records if the sponsorship program was associated with the government. Hope this helps!

Tony Cartmer 28 July, 2010 19:40
Jane Fitzpatrick, I remeber you. You are Will's younger sister. Will and I played in the Port melbourne Slavia soccer team together. He had those flash white boots. Your family always longed to go back home. It seems like you are still there. I hop everything turned out well for you all.
ann dyer 4 October, 2015 20:14
Do you remember any of the Dyers? Parents were mary and denis, denis very tall with white hair, children were ann cathee ruth and anthony. Thanks!
Laverne 1 August, 2010 22:48
I am trying to find some information about my great uncle Cecil Hawkins, he came to Australia as a ten pound pom, I think in the fifties, with his wife. I last knew he lived in Lorne Street Lake Cargelligo NSW. What happened to him and his wife?
leeanne 28 March, 2015 00:29
Hello, I live in lake Cargelligo which is a very small town, if you contacted someone older, like the volunteers at the information centre locally, they could probably help. Everyone knows everything about everyone! I'm just a bit young to know too much about older people.
Tom Johnson 3 August, 2010 07:07
my wife went on the 1959 ten pound passage she was 11 went to Hammondville Public School trying to publish school photo of the 5th 1960 class hoping to visit in the next year to trace school friends if you could help would be so helpful. the wifes maiden name was Susan Kearns
Discovery Centre 3 August, 2010 16:03

Tom, our collection of photographs does not generally extend to school photographs. For names of those who attended a certain school, you may try contacting the school directly, or else search the web for sites designed to put old friends in contact with each other. 

Stan Gooch 8 August, 2010 21:19
I was excited to see another fellow traveller (Jenny Leach)that sailed on the MV Somersetshire. My parents bought me out on this ship in 1950. Maybe Jenny remembers it crashing into the side of the Suise Canal as well as Breaking down in the Red Sea. We got off in Fremantle but moved to Victoria a couple of years later.
Angela Johnston 2 May, 2013 22:57
Hi Stan - my uncle came on the same ship I think - the Somersetshire arriving Adelaide in January 1950. The family lost contact some time after that and he seems to have disappeared. His name was Philip Thomas Pope and was 22 at the time and planning to be a jackaroo, he came from Edinburgh.If you or your family met him or knew anything about him, I'd love to hear from you.
Valerie Teare 29 May, 2013 15:33
My family came to Australia on the Somersetshire arriving in Australia in June or July 1951. We first stopped at Freemantle then went on to Bathurst then bussed to South Australia to stay at the Finsbury Hostel. I was only 4 years old but remember lots about the voyage, even the mornings when we all had to stand on the deck in our life-saving vests for practice. My mum and dad were Albert and Joan Hopkins. I don't know if Angela's relative was Peggy Johnson but mum and Peggy were great friends at the hostel.
Dave, Pat & Karl Slade 15 August, 2010 13:15
My wife son and I arrived in Syndey on May 01 1960, we caught a train to Brisbane ,where we were met by our APEX sponsors and drove to The Gold Coast where we have lived ever since. What a great place
Anne MacLean 18 August, 2010 15:15
I came out to Australia on the Moreton Bay ship in 1955 with my father mother and sister Agnes and brother Donald...I was just 2yo at the time and dont remember a whole lot siblings were ten plus years older...anyone out there come out on the same ship? I am told I got the measles on board ship. My mothers name is Annie and father is Donald.
david Harkin 20 August, 2010 20:34
I was a £10 Pom. I arrived with my brother and parents in 1966 and we returned in 1969. I was 6 years old when we arrived in Perth. I can still remenber my fathers face the first time he was called a pohmie bast¤d. The hostel we were in was very poor and we had to move several times in the 3 years we were there. I was in 6 different schools and it seemed that every time I made friends we had to move. I often wonder if this contributed to me never being happy if I am in one place for too long. Australia at the time was a fantastic place with wonderful friendly people. The problem was though that they didn't really want the Brits over there. We came back on the Italian ocean liner the Achille Laura and seeing the white cliffs of Dover was one of the greatest moments of my life. I would go back there but only on my own terms.
Tony Porter 22 August, 2010 00:23
I arrived in Adelaide in 1963 on the Orcades at the age of 13. I'm surprised that nowhere on the web can I find photos of Elder Park Hostel, or Pennington/Finsbury Hostel. I've asked SA historians, and no-one seems to have any! It's sad that these important aspects of our history appear to have been forgotten.
Mari 18 August, 2012 19:28
Hi Tony, I know this is probably years too late but you might be notified by email or someone else may be helped by this. There are plenty of photos of hostels in the National Archives and many of these are digitised - you just need to search their catalogue. As for historians... there is a team working on it now!
Edd Elmes 16 April, 2013 04:42
Hi Tony, I arrived in Adelaide on SS Strathmore in January 1963 with my wife and 2 small children, We stayed at the Finsbury Hostel for a short time but I don't remember much of it and don't have any pictures unfortunately.
Gwen Ford 24 July, 2015 01:32
I am not a ten pound pom, but did go to school with many as our school was the closest to the Gepps Cross Migrant Camp. Not only Brits, but also Italian, Dutch, German and many other nationalities. The housing on the camp was made up of war surplus Nissan Huts that did resemble half barrels.
denise watts 23 August, 2010 20:25
I was 3 yrs old when my family came to Australia as 10pound migrants we travelled on the strathnaver and lived in the Bunnerong hostel in Matraville for seven years I would really like to get some photos of there as I have none and have only seen one in a coffee table book whhich I don't have can anyone help? seven years is a long time in a child's life and I have so little memory of it all. thanks
Fiona Hammell ( Brady) 21 June, 2013 20:15
Hi Denise, Your name rang a bell for me, We also lived in Bunnerong hostel for several years from 1966 onwards. We were one of the largest families in the hostel ,I was 7 when we arrived, how old we're you? Fiona
Pauline Alexiou nee Brady 21 June, 2013 20:24
Hi Denise, We were also Ten Pound Poms and lived at Bunnerong Hostel and attended Matraville Primary and High Schools. We were a large family (9 children on arrival and growing to 11) and lived in Bunnerong Hostel between 1963 and 1968. I have a couple of old pics of family members in the areas between the blocks, but they only show that area. Also, I think tha t your name sounds a little familiar?
karen christian 14 January, 2014 10:58
Hello I was 5 and we lived in the Bunnerong Hostel and went to Matraville primary. I have some photographs that ITS can send.
anonymous. 24 August, 2010 11:01
i'm doing a project at school about 10 pound poms. is there any information on how the boat trip was , was it hard and long? did many people die? write back. thanks :) anonymous.
Peter 24 September, 2013 05:17
If you are still interested then I expect I am able to provide a considerable amount of information as I sailed on three large liner's as a crew member and made seven journeys to Australia.
Discovery Centre 24 August, 2010 11:40

Hi there, Anonymous. The best source of information about the experience of these migrants onboard their ships is Chapter 3 of Ten Pound Poms: Australia's invisible migrants by Hammerton and Thomson. This book is available from many libraries as well as the Discovery Centre at the Immigration Museum. If you have difficult accessing a copy of this book chapter, contact us via the Ask the Experts page.

Claudine Snell - ne North 30 December, 2016 00:44
Hi Peter, I was thirteen when my mother and I sailed on the SS Arcadia in October 1957 on the £10 scheme. I then sailed back to England in January 1960 on the same ship..I was alone. Returning to Australia at the end of the year. I am writing my story and am trying to remember what streets were like in Aden and Colombia then.
hollie 27 August, 2010 10:14
would they ever bring back ten pound poms ? i would like to know as i am an immigrant. and i came over on the ten pound pom ship. Hollie Richolor.
anonymous 27 August, 2010 12:40
thankyou for the helpful information! :)
Discovery Centre 29 August, 2010 11:05

Hi Hollie, an interesting question!  The initial theory of the Ten Pound Pom scheme was to dramatically increase the Australian population amid fears of a Japanese invasion and the Curtin Government's policy of 'populate or perish' was developed.  Assisted Passage schemes, such as the 'Ten Pound Poms' were phased out in the 1980's, but who knows what may happen in the future!

Sue 26 March, 2017 23:42
I would love to correspond with anyone who came in 1959 on ss orion AS i came out on it WITH SIBlingS and parenTS we docked and settled in adelaide. I was a 7 Yo.
keeley henderson 30 August, 2010 14:58
Hi, I work for a popular women's magazine in Australia and we are writing an article about ten pound poms. I am looking for a female case study who migrated to Australia as a child, between between 1945 and 1972. If you have an interesting story, please get in touch. Thanks!
Maureen McKenzie 16 May, 2013 10:51
Hi Keeley, I am a ten pound migrant arrived in July 1955 at Outer Harbour in Adelaide. I am at present writing my experience as a six year old. If you are interested please drop me a line.
Pauline Alexiou nee Brady 21 June, 2013 20:40
Hi there, our family arrived in Sydney from the U.K. in October 1962 on the Fairsky. We were a large family of 7 girls and 2 boys and we have newspaper cuttings of our arrival "Seven Brides for Seven Australians". We lived in migrant hostels until around 1968 and during that time 2 more children were born, another 2 girls. A follow up story was done in the Womens Weekly about life in a large family. I myself did not stay in Australia but married a Greek and have lived in Greece for most of my life. The rest of the family did marry Australians and I now have 30 nephews and nieces, and 12 great-nephews and great-nieces, and the numbers keep growing. Between us we share lots of memories, even of the passage, and certainly of life in the migrant hostels. You might find this interesting.
Julia Wright 14 April, 2014 08:56
Well, I wasn't a child. I was 22 in 1963 but the circumstance of my acceptance as a £10 Pom are mildly interesting. Although specific skills were not necessarily required, the Australian government still wanted people who might be of some use. I was a young, unemployed actress and no country in the world needs THEM so I was amazed when I was told that I was on the priority list. Why, I asked.and was told I was female, unmarried, over 19 and under 35 - good breeding stock. I'm afraid I was a sad disappointment to the government. I didn't breed any little Aussies and came home after 4 years for reasons too long to go into here. I visit from time to time. I never set foot in a hostel. I stated with an Australian family for 3 weeks in sydney and then got a flat.
Discovery Centre 1 September, 2010 16:29
Hi there, Discovery Centre is happy to put people in touch with Keeley. Please just click on the Ask the Experts link below. Please don't leave your personal details on the comments page as we delete these to maintain privacy as per our Conditions at the bottom of the page. Thanks!
Maree 2 September, 2010 21:53
Hello My husband was a baby and came to Australia in 1951 as a 10 pound poms, he has lived here all his life and never left the country. We are trying to find out if he is considered an Australian resident. Do you know how we can do this, or if it was automatic in 1951 Thanks Maree
Christine St. John 1 May, 2016 23:44
Hi, I came here when I was 9 with my parents from Yorkshire, England. I was one of the ten pound poms as we were called. Sailed from Southampton in 1965. Never became an Australian Citizen because when we came here we were told we were permanent residents with all the rights of an Australian resident. Lucky I found our Incoming Passenger Cards with the stamp "allowed to come into Australia by the Dept. of Immigration" on it otherwise I would be in big trouble. They say you do not have to become an Australian Citizen you just have to be a permanent resident to gain the pension and other things. What a hassle it has become with no passport, never been out of Australia. When I produce my papers they just look confused, as it does not fit with the guidelines. Think I shall have to become a citizen and have done with it!
anonymous. 3 September, 2010 12:17
hello, i'm doing a project at school and i was wondering were i get photos of the immigrant hostels? if there is a link or anything i would be very thankful. thanks alot. anonymous. :)
Discovery Centre 4 September, 2010 13:19
Hi anonymous, a good place to start is the links at the top right of the infosheet. NAA has a huge collection of images as do other insitutions. The quickest way is to search Picture Australia, which will link you to various images of migrant hostels.
Discovery Centre 3 September, 2010 14:38

Maree, residency and citizenship laws have changed several times since 1949, when the Nationality and Citizenship Act came into effect. Long-term residency in Australia does not necessarily mean that a person is an Australian citizen. You'll find more information at this government-run citizenship website, or by contacting the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

anonymous. 14 September, 2010 10:42
hello again. i was wondering, when did the scheme 'ten pound pom' end? i can only find when it started. thanks for your help. anonymous. :) x
Discovery Centre 14 September, 2010 16:56
Hi there, we think you should find your answer in the last couple of lines of the information sheet above.
jackie Michael 30 September, 2010 19:17
I came out of England on the fairstar sitmar line cruise ship, in 1970 I was 11 at the time and my family was part of the ten pound pom scheme, i loved the month at sea and all in all it was a rather large event in my life, is there anyone else out there who came out on the same ship?
paul shelmerdine 17 November, 2013 22:29
jckie i emmigrated with my family on the faistar in 1966 and lived in adelaide been here ever since. love it
Paula Mitchell ( Hill) 4 February, 2014 05:56
Hi Jackie , My family emigrated to Aus in 1968 as part of the ten pound scheme ,we sailed on the Fairstar,I remember loving the journey and been in a cabin with a porthole on A deck ,i also remember the crossing the line (equator) ceremony .We disembarked at Freemantle and lived in WA for nearly 3 years before returning to England.
Norah 12 March, 2014 22:25
We left England on the Fairstar in May, 1968. I was twenty-one at the time and we were a family of six. Although we were ten-pound poms, we were located on the "A" deck of the ship, which annoyed the full fare paying passengers. I remember the Italian waiters and the entertainment. My mother sang and I danced to "The Girl from Ipanema" and I still have the photos. Lovely memories!
Michael Atkins 21 July, 2014 23:25
Yes, Jackie, I too was on the Fairstar in September 1970, as a 16yo. We disembarked in Melbourne then flew to Burnie Tasmania! It would be Great to see a passenger list from those days!
Linda Groome 30 July, 2015 16:54
I also came to Australia on the 10 pound scheme. We travelled on the Fairstar in September of 1968 and disembarked in Sydney. We were on the ship for 6 week and as a nearly 16 year old had a great time. My family of eight lived on Cabramatta hostel.
keith firth 8 January, 2017 20:42
I came out to Australia in 1968 on the fairstar left Southampton in september and arrived in Sydney in October,we went to Bunnerong road Hostel,we moved to Queensland in 1970 and still live here.We had a great time with other kids I was 15 yr old wish I could get in touch with the kids the same age.
Christine Grosveld 17 January, 2017 22:25
My family of eight left Southampton on the 28th April 1968. We sailed on the fair star. I was 13years old. I've been trying to find a passenger list of that trip but can't even find anything of the fair star sailing in 1968.
Ray Horwood 27 January, 2017 19:10
Yes Jackie, I also emigrated on the Fairstar departing Southampton late June 1970 arriving Sydney 4th August 1970. I was 22yo at the time...Still here and loving it.
Thomas Gibbons 15 May, 2017 16:10
Hi Jackie Yes I came out same time it was a great time on the ship...
Frederick Ronald Desborough (Formerly Clark) 9 October, 2010 10:13
My father Frederick Kenneth Clark was a Ten Pound Pom back in the late 1950's or early 1960's (don't know the exact date unfortunately). I am trying to find him and would be grateful if you can assist me with any research of his whereabouts. I was told he supposedly went to West Australia, but am not 100% sure as the information was somewhat vague on the dates and/or location. Thanks Frederick
Discovery Centre 11 October, 2010 16:32
Frederick, it can be very difficult to trace the movement of people within Australia after their arrival here, especially if they have no special contact with state and federal governments. The best way to locate living people is still old-fashioned telephone books, many of which can be searched online. You might also wish to consult the electoral rolls available at most state libraries. These give the names and addresses of Australian citizens who have registered to vote. Good luck with your search. 
Paren 12 October, 2010 02:12
I really like ur answers All I need to ask you for my research is already there Thank u very much
Sandra Owen 17 October, 2010 01:31
I lived on fishermans bend hostel 1967-1969 is there anyone else out there been looking for you all
Sheila Ruaux 29 November, 2013 10:06
Hi Sandra, my parents, my two younger sisters and myself emigrated to Fishermens Bend on the Orontes, arriving in February 1969, when I was 9. We left in May 1969 (exceeding the two year limit). Sorry I dont remember you, but I was there the same time as you. We might have mutual friends though. Went to Graham Street State School. Would enjoy hearing your story.
Sian 21 October, 2010 01:21
Im researching my family tree and my great grandparents emmigrated from UK. Sadly my great grandmother died after only 9 days in the country. Is there any way of finding out information about them specifically, and i just wondered how long it would have taken to get there by boat?
William Boyle 25 October, 2010 20:15
I went with my parents on the Strathnaver to Sydney in 1956.My parents were Peter and Helen Boyle and my Dad was a bricklayer and my Mum a machinist.We stayed in Bunnerong Hostel for a while.Does anyone out there remember us.It was a great time as a child.
Christine Ogilvie (nee Kay) 18 January, 2013 23:40
Hi. I arrived in Australia on a Boeing 747 in March 1964. I was 5 when we arrived. We arrived at Essendon airport via Darwin (a tin shed at the time).We were located at Williamstown Migrant Hostel.I came with my parents, Robert (Bob)(dec) and a pregnant Doreen Kay and my 4 brothers and sisters Ailsa, Lindsay, Christine(me), Neil, Janet(dec)and the youngest brother Ian was born in Australia in September 1964. As kids we too had a wonderful time in the hostel. We attended Seaholme Primary School and I do recall being singled out as "the Hostel Kids", and made to stand at the front of morning assembly because our bus was always late! For my parents the hostel was the best of times and the worst of times, but I know my parents were always sincerely grateful for having the opportunity to stay there till they settled in and built their own home and a new bright future for the family, especially us children. What brave adventure!
Marilyn.Robinson nee (Spurr) 23 March, 2013 10:41
Hi William although I don't remember you, i also lived at Bunnerong Hostel in 1956. I was eleven years old at the time. My family including my parents 2sisters and brother arrived in January on the MV Fairsea. We lived at the hostel for 4 years. I attended the Matraville primary school, and Maroubra Junction Girls High.
Andy Keir 26 October, 2010 20:13
To Cheryl White, If you're still interested in contacting people for your research, I travelled from Southampton to Sydney on Britanis as a 10 pound pom in September 1972.
ian stewart 28 October, 2010 20:07
we came out here in 1951 in mv somerseshire from england arrive about march any body else around
John & Pat Alderson 17 July, 2014 11:03
Hi Ian we came out on the Somersetshire arriving on the 15 March 1951. Do you remember the shows that we used to put on? I was the stage hand, we had a weight lifter in the show and I had the set his weights up on stage before he commenced I could not even lift his weights!! It would be nice to make contact and compare memories
Angela Johnston (née Pope) 7 May, 2016 14:39
Hi my uncle Philip Pope arrived in Adelaide in, I think, Jan 1950 on the Somersetshire- he then disappeared a short while later and his family presumed he had died. I have been trying to find records of him for years so if anyone knew him - he was 21 at the time and on his records said he was planning on being a jackaroo - please please contact me - he had previously lived in Scotland but was British born in Shanghai China. Thanks so much if you have any ideas of things I could follow up Angela
glenn faulkner 29 October, 2010 02:02
i was a ten pound pom and stayed at fishermens bend hostel 1956-57. I have googled the area where it once stood and find that nothing at all is left. Have any of you out there any photos of the old hostel that i could look at? I had a brilliant time there but none of our photos have survived.
Discovery Centre 29 October, 2010 13:58
Hi Glenn, we have found one image of one of the huts that was moved to Oakleigh on a survey of the Postwar Heritage of Victoria. It's number 030-005 on page 248 of the pdf. I wonder if anyone else has any old images of the original site though?
bruce clarke 4 November, 2010 19:51
Hi, I arrived in Sydney on Jan 19th 1969 on the Fairsky as a Ten Pound Pom. Would you know where I could find a passenger list as I've ben trying to track down friends from the trip. regerds, Bruce
Discovery Centre 5 November, 2010 16:22

Hi Bruce, the National Archives of Australia holds the passenger lists for immigrant ships. You can contact them to obtain these. You might then be able to track those friends through census records or the phone book.


Noela Slater (nee Warren) 8 November, 2010 13:19
Anyone from the Holmesglen Hostel around 1968/69?
anonymus 11 November, 2010 10:49
just wanted to say thankyou for all your help. my prodject was very successful and i know alot about the history. thanks again, anonymus. :D
Judith Palmer nee Tann 22 November, 2010 10:05
I am trying to find an old school friend - her maiden name was DONNA JONES and she came to England in the late sixties, from Australia and stayed until the early seventies before returning to OZ. We used to be thick as thieves, led each other astray and she was an tremendous ELVIS fan. She lived on the Lucy Lane Estate (Roses)Stanway, and then prior to move back to Oz, in Colchester, Essex .She went to Stanway Secondary / Comprehensive school. Lionel Whitnel was the apple of her eye and mine was Chris Ward. I'd love it if she would like to contact me. She can find me on Facebook. If anyone thinks they know this Donna, please let her know about this. Many thanks - Judith
Patricia Stafford 23 November, 2010 19:05
My parents came to Australi, disembarking in Melbourne, as 10 pound poms in 1954 on maiden voyage of the Arcadia. I recently purchased a black timber shipping chest with Arcadia on it and the deliver name of A S Pivetta, Concord Sydney NSW - I was wondering if this meant anything to anyone. Trish
Steve Pivetta 6 October, 2014 00:41
A S Pivetta - Arthur Sydney Pivetta died Feb 1968. Worked in tin mining in Malaysia for many years, though home in Concord NSW. Interested to hear about the Chest.
Leggett 1 December, 2010 13:18
I came to Western Australia in 1968 with my family from England as my Auntie and her Husband sponsed us on the ten pound pom scheme, my Father was a tradesman. What I want to know is where we Then Australian Citizens or did we have to apply to become one.
Peter 18 January, 2013 01:50
Hi ? Leggett. I was wondering if your Auntie was related to a sally Leggett who had a brother John and originally arrived in Sydney in the mid fifties then shortly afterwards moved to Victoria Road Sandringham Melbourne. Sally was my girl friend but we lost touch. If you are related I would love to know what happened to Sally.
Discovery Centre 1 December, 2010 15:53
Hi there. If you are now an Australian citizen, you would have to have been naturalised. The National Archives of Australia will be able to provide you with any documentation of your immigration and naturalisation.
Roger Bampton 5 December, 2010 15:52
Hi there, I arrived at age 6 with my family as a 10 pound Pom in February 1958. We arrived on the SS Strathnaver and stayed at Bunnerong Hostel. Is there a web site showwing old photos of the hostel??
Discovery Centre 6 December, 2010 15:24

Hi Roger, there is a fantastic website with images and information about the various migrant hostels and camps set up in Australia.  You can search for images and also add details to various forums

Les Moore 19 December, 2010 13:03
hi i am a 10 pound pom arriving with my wife Eve and daughter Julie in April 1973 we flew out to Perth and have been here ever since- next to best thing we ever did getting married was no1.we were sponsored by RDC and i was a butcher getting a job with Freecorns after 2 days we came here because my wife's aunt emigrated in 1969 through Landels and she always sent us a migrant news paper that came out every month. Can you tell us the name of the paper and would it be possible to get a copy as we are always trying to remember what it was.
Discovery Centre 22 December, 2010 15:53

Hi Les, we had a search for this and couldn't come up with much, so we contacted the helpful librarians at State Library of Victoria via their live chat service (what a useful resource!). They identified three potential titles for you:

1. Horizons ahead. (Text in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Polish.) September 1963-1969.

2. New settler, incorporating The new settler in WA vol.1 no.9, Feb 1951-vol.11, no.120, May 1960. (Earlier title The new settler in Western Australia, vol.1 no.1, June 1950-vol.1 no.8, Jan 1951).

3. Migrants' magazine and Aussiana news, vol.1 1950-vol.2 1951

All these publications are held by the State Library of WA and the National Library of Australia, except for the third, which is only held by the State Library of WA. Unfortunately SLV do not have any holdings, so it's not possible to check these locally.

michael micallef 1 February, 2011 13:45
I came out with my parents who were ten pound imigrants I was on my mothers passport.Can you help me i have never become an Australian citzen and as my parents became citzens years ago and as my mother no longer has her passport she came out on and i have nothing Do i have to become a citzen first ? I have been here since 1952 hope you can inform me
Discovery Centre 3 February, 2011 14:31
Hi Michael, you will need to contact NAA for documents and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for advice. 
anthony godwin 13 February, 2011 22:51
Hello to all in Australia I'm trying to locate past family that migrated I think in the 1970s I was very young when they left I can remember the party but not much else only some names ie fun and Joan Bacon with children Simon Kate I have heard that maybe Simon has come back to the UK and that Colin and Joan have gone to Tanzania please help I do need to contact my lost family as I feel an emptiness and sadness of not knowing or seeing my untie or uncle or cousions
vicki 25 February, 2011 12:29
l came to australia 1951 on 'cameronia' with my family & we disembarked at freemantle. we stayed at bonegilla migrant hostel...any photos ofthis time??? thanks
Karin 27 October, 2012 19:17
I also came on the Cameronia in 1951 and stayed at Bonegilla migrant camp. There is a web site for the hostel Providing information on the history of the Bonegilla migrant
kim Ovenstone 26 February, 2011 07:55
Hi my parents were on this scheme in 1967 we emigrated on a ship called Fairsky and stayed at Bunnerong hostel Sydney. They returned to Britain two years later. As having emigrated as a child, does it meant I could return there to work and live? how can I find any record of us being there thanks kim
Gary 21 April, 2016 23:56
Hi to all, I do not suppose for one minute that Kim is still looking at her post from 2011 but I would love to have asked the exact same question, I would love to know if she had any further info or managed to resolve anything ? Not sure if there is anyway of making contact now. I emigrated with my parents in 1969 to Perth WA, they returned aprox three years later, I even passed my driving test there just befor I had to come back.
Discovery Centre 27 February, 2011 14:30
Hi Vicki. The best places however would be the website of the Bonegilla Migrant Experience. Two other excellent places to search for images are Picture Australia and The National Archives of Australia Photo Search. Additionally, if you do a search our website you'll also find a few images of and information about Bonegilla. 
bob sinclarence 27 February, 2011 22:31
indeed i was a ten pound pom. i came here in the late 1950's
Discovery Centre 28 February, 2011 15:08
Hi Kim, you will need to contact NAA for documents and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for advice. 
Kim Ovenstone 22 October, 2013 01:03
Please could you tell me what NNA stands for and how would I contact them thankyou
Katherine Allen 22 March, 2011 22:48
My husband came as a ten pound pom in 1963 both he and his mate who came with him stayed. They were debating the other day about how much money they were expected to have when landing. Can you tell us please?
Julia Wright 14 April, 2014 09:02
I also emigrated in 1863. I left England with £59 and had £30 when I arrived. Seems little enough now but I got a job straight away. I don't think any specific amount was required. Australia wanted immigrants.
Discovery Centre 24 March, 2011 15:18

Hi Katherine, thanks for the interesting questions.  Although we have not been able to find a definitive answer, we have sent some information to your email.

Yvonne nee Moore Moroz 24 March, 2011 15:38
HI I am sorry I could not find any one that came on the same ship as I and my family two parents and 7 children april 1056
Kath Bainbridge 24 March, 2011 16:29
My family came as ten pound poms on the SS Mooltan in 1951 & were first housed in the migrant hostel at Point Walter, WA for a short time. Fairly basic accommodation but an idylic situation next to the river. We were then given a 'flat' at East Belmont along with many other British migrants. We were there for two years & I went to the newly opened Belmay Primary School. My three siblings & I have all done very well in Australia and will be forever thankful our parents made the decision to emigrate. My parents (now passed away) had 13 grandchildren and there are 13 great grandchildren. I think the 20 pound spent to bring our family here has proved a good investment for Australia!! I would be interested to hear news of others who were housed at Point Walter or East Belmont. Our family name is Bradley (Florence & Tom parents; children - Patricia, Kathleen, Terry & Joan).
valerie 17 August, 2013 13:57
Hi .. my family came out on the 'Maloja' dep Tilbury 24/9/51 arr 25/10/51 -we stayed at Point Walter (few days) then moved into a (fibro/asb) 'duplex' Epsom Ave Belmont ...near to the general store and opposite proposed site for Belmay Primary School. We were there for a couple of months ..we (Valerie (9)/Pam (10) & Jackie (13) caught the dark red (Maida Vale/Kalamunda)bus to East Perth Primary & older sister went to 'Perth Girls'. Other half of duplex 'Tinsley' family. Next door was a 'Hart' family. Valerie (Albany)
Sue Davis 24 April, 2011 09:09
My parents came out to Australia as 10 pound POMS in 1962 on the Castel Felici. I have a few photos showing them soaking up the sun on the deck and dressing up for a roaring twenties night. I would love a copy of the passenger list.
Tom Vincent 26 April, 2011 07:42
I came to Australia with my parents as 10pound poms, left Liverpool a couple of days before the birth of Prince Charles in November 1948, broke down continually every time we arrived at a port, and eventually arrived in Brisbane the week before Australia Day in 1949 after a journey of about 75 days at least, a great trip for a 10 years old boy, no school, lots of sunshine, great trip and never been or want to go back to England, too many Poms there.
susan jamieson 27 April, 2011 01:03
I came to Australia as a ten pound pom with my parents in 1964. We landed in Adelaide and stayed for 5 years. We then returned to the uk. Could anyone please tell me which legislation or policies applied to our initial entry and if we are entitled to return to live in Australia. If not then why not.
Christine Ogilvie 19 January, 2013 00:19
Hi Susan, I came in 1964 on my parents passports from the UK. We had a document of identity that covered the entire family. I have never been naturalized as an australian citizen and still travel on a British passport. It is my understanding that if I travel outside of Australia then I must return to Australia within 4 years to be able to re enter Australia and reside permanently.
Discovery Centre 27 April, 2011 10:08
Hi Sue, please read some of our responses to other similar questions above. They will tell you how to obtain passenger lists.
Discovery Centre 27 April, 2011 10:48
Hi Susan, the Museum can't advise on Immigration matters. You should contact the Department of Immigration & Citizenship to receive proper advice about your question.
Bob Moore 27 April, 2011 18:06
I came here as a 10 pound Pom in 1960 on the SS Strathnaver, I stayed in Broughton Hall Hostel in Church st. burwood NSW
matt cowley 27 April, 2011 22:50
Hi there, I just learnt that my dad was a 10 Pound Pom. He arrived in Australia on the 18th of march 1950 on the ship named "Moloja". He and his family spent some time at a hostel called "Youngabah"(not sure of the spelling)in or near Brisbane Qld, before moving to a private sponsor by the name of Hughes in Gayndah Qld. I would love to hear from anyone that arrived on the same ship in that year or from the same hostel in that year. Cheers Matt
Helen Thickett 14 May, 2011 04:15
I have read a lot of articles on ten pound poms and they all seem to tell the story that the £10.00 pom rose to £75.00 after 1973. I migratd with my 3 siblings and parents in November 1974 and we travelled by boat to Melbourne as Ten pound poms. I cannot remember the name of the boat but will ask my father next time i see him. i do know it was a greek boat as one of the crew tried to pay my older sister to marry him once arrived, as he did not want to continue his national service. I was nine at the time, and we settled in boronia Melbourne. we were sponsored by my dads cousin. I returned to england aged 14 ( 1980) but my parents and younger brother remained and took out citizenship. They didnt return until 1992. I have been unable to return as i am not a citizen, the irony is that my son now lives in australia and i cant get there. If anyone knows of anyone managing to get back through any clauses then please feel free to share them.
tommy 6 February, 2013 06:48
hi. i think the ship was called THE CASTLE FELICIA. i probably spelt this wrong.all my family went from [BELFAST-N.IRELAND].on the STRAITHAIRD ship to melbourne in 1961 and lived in BROOKLY-HOSTEL/[MELBOURNE]FOR 4YEARS.i returned home to [BELFAST]permently in 1984
Tony Unwin 14 May, 2011 07:14
Ileft Tilbury on the SS Strathnaver in 1957 as a £10 pom My wife only cost £5 due to her youth !! We had ten glorious years, mostly spent around Windsor and Richmond in the Hawkesbury valley ( got caught by the floods of '61 ) have 3 australian sons. Never intended to stay in the UK after coming to visit my dying father but got caught up in family problems and didn't make it back. Looking at recent photos of Sydney I don't think I should like to return, I loved the old fashioned Australia I knew and would I think not like the changes. After all, The opera house was a tramshed when I was there.
john canning 20 May, 2011 16:18
i would like to contact tom vincent(26 apr 2011) i came to australia on mv somersetshire nov 1948 seems to be same voyage
Tony Fisher 21 May, 2011 03:56
i was a £10 pom leaving Essex UK from Southampton to Adalaide SA on the FAIRSTAR with my mum dad brother sister and nan 1962 the returning the UK 1965.
Bruce Brown 3 February, 2017 03:28
Trying to locate decendants of a George Fisher who was officer on Stratheden Ship after the war. He had sister Margaret Nora, brothers Ted, Ernest
patricia 26 May, 2011 22:04
I am a ten pound pom.I migrateted here in 1961 with my mum and dad Joan and David Evans ,my sister Maureen and brothers John and Lenard .We came here on the Sitmar liner Fairsea .We lived on the Preston Hostel for a couple of years, now Bunnings is on that sight. I was only nine when we came here,but i can still remember what it was like for my parents. They had to adjust in many ways. They are both now deceased. I thank them for bringing us to Australia. There are two surnames of families I can remember and they are the Archibald and the Cartney families.
stella lee drury 31 May, 2011 22:10
I know we came out in 1969 on the oriana i was 3 years old and had two older sisters and a younger brother,Now mum and dad have passed on my sister and brother too, Ive never been happy here i carnt remember my childhood at all, how unfair it all seems no granparents to grow up with uncles cousins what was good for some is defo bad for others. I dont thank my parents for bringing us out sometimes i just go home but where is that. whos going to answer that when there no memories for me of anything.
david carter 4 June, 2011 22:35
searching for a family who went to australia about 1962,parents robert & doris HAWKINS with children victor,glennis and sally,elder brother derek had already arrived 1958,and sister jean had married so stayed in uk.
Jill Johnson 4 September, 2014 18:55
Please contact me on my email address. I was married to Derek Hawkins when he was drowned, in Nz. We met in Tasmania. Sally is in Adelaide, his parents died in Adelaide, glennis died in Utah, Victor is I think Port Piri Oz. Jean has also passed, but I am in contact with Sally who was only six when they went to Oz. Look forward to hearing from you.
Lauren Williams 8 June, 2011 15:36
Hello, I was wondering if people coming from Ireland as 10 Pound Poms still needed to have sponsorship from someone in Australia?
Christine Jill Shea (nee Buddle) 11 June, 2011 22:09
I have just searched for my shipping passage list on the SS Strathnaver, left UK in June 1956 and arrived in Melbourne July 1956. I came here with my mum,dad,and brother as 10 pound poms. I havent been able to find our names at all, although it must of been sighted by authorities so I could get my Citzenship pappers in 2007. Could you please help me obtain a copy for my own personal family tree. Many thanks, Christine.
ann gregory (nee renshaw) 13 June, 2011 04:23
hi my name is ann i lived in sydney from 1962 to 1965 we were £10 poms we were in bunnerong hostel the whole time we there.we lived in block 5 i have often wondered what has happened to school friends from that time i went to matraville school and then of the people that has stuck in my mind was a girl called ann tierney i would love to hear from her and anyone else who was in bunnerong at that time sydney holds a lot of my chidhood a very happy time .
hilary ikstrums 26 March, 2014 02:32
HI Ann,there is an actress in Sydney,Anne Tierney who was constantly in a very popular and long running series,"A Country Practice" on Australian TV in the1980s.Contact Channel 7 or 9 in Sydney for info.She would be the right age,I think.Good luck.
hilary ikstrums 26 September, 2014 23:36
Hi Ann,Anne Teirney is currently (September 2014,and hopefully for a while longer),on Channel 9 in Brisbane(Queensland,Australia),and probably on tv 9 channels Australia wide,in repeat series of A country Practice,a very long series.It was filmed many,many years ago and is a lovely drama series.She is in every episode.Hope you find her.Phone Channel nine in Sydney. I'm sure they will help.Last I heard,many years ago, she was with her co-star,Brendan,on the Northern beaches of Sydney. Regards,Hilary.
Discovery Centre 16 June, 2011 10:23

Hi Lauren,

The 10 pound scheme didn’t differentiate between migrants from England and Ireland. Assistance could involve the targeting of particular skilled migrants to meet particular skills shortages identified by the Dept of Labour and National Service. Such workers would be provided with hostel or employer-supplied accommodation. Others could be personally nominated by Australian citizens offering to provide accommodation and they didn’t have to meet the skills criterion (although most were skilled or semi-skilled workers anyway). Also schemes such as the big Brother Movement continued into the 1960s involving sponsored migration. But sponsorship by employer, citizen or organisation wasn’t an automatic requirement.  British/Irish migration was virtually unrestricted and most of those were assisted (as in passage subsidised, accommodation available).

christine henderson 20 June, 2011 03:35
I am searching for mary teresa johnson who may have been a ten pound pom in the late sixties early seventies. There is a lady on your site Keeley Henderson 2010 who works for a magazine please could you put me in touch with her. Many thanks, Christine
Brooke King 26 June, 2011 23:02
Hi both my parents came out to Australia as ten pound poms. My Dad came out from Wales in 1966 (his family were in the paper for populating the country by 12 more people) and settled for a few moths at Fairbridge in Pingarra WA - I've heard that it was not a very nice place , if anyone can give me info on Pinjarra in 1966 that would be great. My Mum came out from England in 1972 as a ten pound pom also, her father bought a chain of bakeries in and around Thornlie , Gosnells (Perth)in the 1970's if anyone ever visited my friendly family at these bakeries feel free to comment.
Ruth Dorward 17 October, 2012 16:44
Hi Brooke - I came to Australia in 1970 with my mother, two sisters and brother as 10 pound poms on the 'Achille Lauro'. We all stayed at Fairbridge in Pinjarra, with my sisters only there a few months and my brother and I staying 18 months. I have many memories of it so if you want to know more, please get in touch. I have moved around a fair bit, from WA to Victoria, then to South Australia and now live in NSW
annon 18 July, 2011 11:35
when did the 10 pound pom scheme begin?
paul littlewood 18 July, 2011 14:54
I was a ten pound pom , came here in 1966 aboard the mv auralia, leaving southampton in march 66 and disenbarking at port melbourne pier 1 in april 66,the voyage was via the suez canal and stop overs were suez,portside,aden,& maritius,first port of call in australia was freemantle, then melbourne. If anyone else was on this voyage contact me on my email address. or look on my friends reunited site, and click on groups
Fran o brien 8 October, 2015 01:47
Came out on AUstralius stayed at Broad meadows hostel, Melbourne.Stayed there 2_3 years.Family of 7. I'm 63 we. Must have met
Robyne 26 July, 2011 22:04
How do you find out when a family arrived. Mother in law says they arrived in May but Husband says he had his birthday on the ship It was Fairsky in 1958 they left Tilbury docks and were supposed to go to Victoria but it was changed to SA on route
Discovery Centre 27 July, 2011 14:25
Robyne, see above for information and links to the website of the National Archives of Australia. The records they keep should assist with your research.
vanessa baker 1 August, 2011 12:31
my faim trying to get information on the trip and the arrival into melbourne, any ideasmily came out in 1968 on the fairsea,
Aileen Simpson 3 August, 2011 18:31
I came to australia in 1964 with my family. I was only 2 at the time. Thought I was Australian but found in 1984, when I joined the RAAF, I had to become a citizen. Oh well. Anyway I have tried to find details about our immigration and apprenatly we don't exsist. I have our document id Identity, which we were told to destroy as it wasn't worth anything. Thank goodness my parents kept it. so how do I find out more about my family if we don't exsist.
Discovery Centre 4 August, 2011 15:37

Hi Aileen,

The only thing we can suggest is that you contact the National Archives of Australia or the Department of Immigration and Citizenship with your documentation to see if they are able to sort it out.

Jacinta 5 August, 2011 13:09
Wow this website is great, I have just found out that my grandfather was a ten pound pom, or as he would say a ten pound scotsman. He came to Australia in 1950 on the Orontes, sailing from Tilbury docks.
Discovery Centre 6 August, 2011 13:24
Hi there, Vanessa. Arrival details are kept by the National Archives of Australia and can be an excellent starting point for family history research. Finding living people can be harder, but start with telephone directories and the records kept by state-based registries of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Hope this helps!
Sandra Fishlock 6 August, 2011 20:15
Hi, my family emigrated on the MV Somersetshire in either 1950-51, I was 9years old. We stayed in the Bathurse migrant hostel first, then Finsbury hostel, SA, next before settling in SA. My family name was Pearce.
Valerie Teare 26 March, 2013 18:00
Hi Sandra. I also came here on the Somersetcher July 1951. We landed in Freemantle then continued on to Bathurst army camp. Final destination was Finsbury hostel. We stayed at he hostel for almost 7 years!... I was nearly 5 on the ship and remember much of the journey including the stop over in Ceylon! I went to Pennington Primary.. I just started writing my memoirs yesterday with photos and stories of those days so my grandkids will have a bit of knowledge of those days. One of the Things that most impacted on my young life was not having grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins. I am now 66 and living in Redcliffe Queensland
Tom Vincent 21 August, 2011 16:39
I made a post on this site in April, see above, and having just read through the posts and noticed the number of Poms who came, looked, then returned to pommyland, I can understand why Australians so often refer to them as Whinging Poms, why would anybody want to leave her and go to England, I have never even wanted to go there for a holiday, I am so happy my parents brought me here and would never go to England, even if somebody paid me to go.
David 23 March, 2013 20:54
Tom, It seems to be that you’re the whinger. Whinging about a country you’ve never seen. Be proud of your heritage and your pommie parents. I think you should travel to England to broaden your outlook on life and appreciate what a beautiful country you came from. Like you, some people love their country and can’t always settle in another place, when their hearts belong to home. I’ve been here forty-five years and I’m lucky that I can say I belong to two of the best countries in the world but will always call England home.
Jim Hynd 22 August, 2011 11:37
Jacinta, I don't think your grandfather would appreciate being called a Pom. My father's statemant was "I'm no a Pom, I'm Scottish and I didnae pay the ten pound" (Ex-servicemen and their families came out free on ships that were returning via Korea to return men from that war.)
Norah Hunter 23 March, 2013 19:55
Hi Jim! Just letting you know that the assisted passage scheme was introduced for British subjects, which included the Welsh & Scots. We had many of both on our ship travelling on this scheme. It, therefore, should be called the ten pound Brits.
anon 22 August, 2011 23:01
just wondering where i could find info on the migrant hostel in berkeley as to its location an how many it housed things like that for a project thanks
charlotte scott nee crooks 23 August, 2011 15:38
i arrived in victoria in august 1963 on the fairsky with my large family we were 10 pound poms even though we came from belfast and not like today we were put in broadmeadows army camp it was hard for mum and dad as from then on we were on our own but we have all done well and love australia but it saddens me when i see the illegal immagrants coming to this great country and handed every thing we had to work hard for what we got and had to do it through the right channels
Jimmy Mitchell 25 August, 2011 08:52
I along with my family, arrived at Port Melbourne in march 1954 on the RMS OTRANTO. we lived at Fishermans bend hostel untill mid 1955. I attended Graham St Primary school, my father worked at GMH on Lorimer St, I remember a young girl called Pamela Woodcock, we later moved to Chelsea for a few yrs, then on to Lilydale where my father had his own car business, both my parents died in Lilydale, I joined the Aust Army in 1964, served in Vietnam 1966-67. now live in Sth-Aust with my wife of 42 yrs.
Antony Perry 26 August, 2011 18:37
Interesting to see the various comments. We sailed from the UK (Southampton)after a lousy train trip from Birmingham. We sailed on the 'Fairstar' in April 1970 our 2 children as a 10 pound POM's total cost 20 pounds. Came via South Africa and arrived end of May 1970 (4 week voyage) into Melbourne. We were in our early 20's with a 3 & 5 year old. A great experience. We are all Aussies but still visit the UK. where we still have family & friends. Convinced that we made the correct decision to emigrate.
jane fitzpatrick 28 August, 2011 17:45
hi tony cartmer i remember you too.we did go back home but came back again in 1970 and have been here since i have just rng my brother nd he is coming on here to
William Fitzpatrick 28 August, 2011 19:45
I would like to catch up with Tony Cartmer and anyone else from the Fishermans Bend Hostel between 1966 and 1968. Can anyone help with any information for me to contact him?
Ian Brydson 10 March, 2016 01:03
Just stumbled across this website. I recall playing soccer with both you and Tony and I even recall borrowing those white soccer boots for a scratch match. My brother was Bill.
Jean Gater Nee Biggs 6 September, 2011 18:07
Hi I am trying to locate an old school friend BETTY NOLAN she lived in aylesham kent. I believe she came to Australia in 1960s where i think she had a sister.Her name may have changed with marriage if anyone knows her will you please contact me i have been trying to find her for a long time.
Steven Harrop 6 September, 2011 22:35
Our family arrived in Fremantle in 1966 aboard the Elliness...... Mam/Dad and us 10 kids.... Boy!! do we have a story to tell about .... From Fairbridge Farmschool - BattleStreet Flats we lived all round Fremanle and Western Australia........ Would like to hear off others who were in Freo in the 1970s-
owen O'Neill 22 November, 2012 01:53
Hi Steve how could we ever forget all the great time our old gang had,Godbless and give the family our best wishes,owen.eight
Lynda Cripps 23 January, 2013 09:07
I also sailed to Fremantle on RHMS Ellinis arriving 26 Jan 1968 with my then husband. We stayed at Point Walter Hostel for a few weeks & then moved into a flat 'Ivanhoe Lodge' at the top of High Street. My husband got a job with a firm at Cottesloe as a digger driver but after a few months went to work at Mount Newman Iron Ore mine. After 18 months we split up, he returned to UK and I stayed on for four years altogether but became very ill and "wanted my mum" so came back to UK. I now live 6 months in Menorca, Spain with my partner and 6 months in UK. It has always been my dream to return to Oz!!!!!!!
Ken Gladman 28 September, 2011 17:43
I am a £5 (Five Pound Pom) I migrated from England in March 1951 on the RMS Otranto & settled in Sydney. Being under 18 years old I was considered to be a Minor. So, there was a Scheem called The Big Brother Movement. It was theoreticaly your guardian untill you became of age.
Angie Platts 29 September, 2011 23:15
My parents and three of their children emigrated as 10 pound poms in the mid to late sixties is all I can remember. Unfortunately we came back. Now myself and my husband are just looking to emigrate with our two daughters and working through the process. I cannot seem to find passengers lists which would show that I came to Australia. Can you tell me where I could get these lists for free for those years as I would like to include this in my emigration papers. I have visited lots of sites, most recently the "National Archives of Australia" but have drawn a blank. I really would like to try and find some history, as sadly, both my parents have now passed away. Many thanks for you help
Discovery Centre 30 September, 2011 10:36
Hi Angie. The National Archives of Australia will have your records but only about 25% of their entire collection is online as of yet. You need to contact them to obtain your records through their Making Australia Home program.
Sarah Jameson 26 October, 2011 18:19
Thanks for the web site and exhibition Identity. I am an artist who is a 10 pound pom. Does anyone know of any other photographers or artists working on the English migrant post WWII or the 10 pound pom? thanks
Jennifer 7 November, 2011 04:41
Hello yet another question for you. Was assisted passage with The Salvation Army Party apart of this scheme or solely child emigration scheme? i am talking 1952 thanks
Afsheen Ozil 8 November, 2011 13:19
i am doing a research on ten pound pom, and need alot for information and intresting.. (500 words min)
Discovery Centre 8 November, 2011 15:07

Hi Afsheen,

There are many fantastic resources that you can look at for your assignment. Firstly, we have a list of links to the right of this article that will assist you.
Another great place to start would be to go to your local library or visit the Discovery Centre at the Immigration Museum to view the book Ten Pound Poms: Australia’s Invisible Migrants by Hammerton & Thomson.
A quick search on Trove will also bring up a variety of resources referring to the ten pound poms.

Good luck with your assignment!


Jackie Crocker (nee Bealing) 8 November, 2011 19:19
Hi, I came out with my parents, who were 10 pound poms. We left Southampton on the 8th August 1963 on the "Fairsea" and arrived in Fremantle on September 3rd 1963. We stayed 3 days in the Point Walter hostel and was then picked up by my fathers relations. We travelled to Balladonia(700ks) on the Nullarbor and I lived there with my husband for 38 years. Now live in Esperance on Western Australia's south coast. Went back to England for the first time last year 2010.I am so glad we came to Australia.I am an Australian Citizen also a JP.
Steven Harrop 16 November, 2011 17:23
Hello:) we came on the Elliness and landed in Freo in 1966.... At the time we were one of the larger families ..Mum/Dad and us 10 kids.... 6 boys 4 girls of which I am the youngest boy (and am now 50yrs old) Us younger kids went to Fairbridge Farmschool until our parents had accomadation and jobs... Too me...We are the Typical 10pound poms and have lived the life in Australia to prove it:) and what an adventure it has been and cotinues to be.....................
Discovery Centre 20 November, 2011 15:59
Hi Jennifer, thanks for the questions. The Salvation Army was active in the child migration schemes from Britain, especially after WWII. It sought to establish its four Homes, all in NSW, as approved institutions for child migrants. After the Fairbridge Society and Dr Barnardo, the Salvation Army sent the largest number of children to Australia. They were not, however, active in the Ten Pound Pom scheme, which was an assisted passage scheme administered by the government.
John Murphy 27 November, 2011 18:22
The late Ken Carter, the "Rover" man, from Hillcrest in SA, was a 10 pound Pom. He never went back. He said "I'm staying until I get my money's worth." I think he might have done that before he died. A motor mechanic who always worked in a spotless white shirt and tie. A brilliant bloke!
Carol Smith 5 December, 2011 11:46
Hi, I emmigrated as a 9yr old on the Fairstar in May/June 1966. We travelled to Brisbane and then on to family in Toowoomba QLD. We have never regretted our move and found that we had an advantage over many others having moved to a rural Australian town. A lot of the friends we made on board our ship tried to settle in the capital cities like Melb, Sydney, perth and found very little difference to being in London etc. As we settled in Qld we saw the Australia we had been told about and have thoroughly enjoyed the last 45yrs.
susan Bellinger nee balchin 6 December, 2011 13:12
I emigrated to Australia (Sydney July of 1969) We flew B.O.A.C. London to Sydney. I am trying to trace a girl we flew with and flatted with for 6 months in Sydny. Her Maidne Name was Susan Moore. I know she married an Aussie William Beattie in Bondi Juction in 1970 or 1971. How can I get in touch. Thanks Suan Bellinger
Discovery Centre 6 December, 2011 15:45

Hi Susan,
You can attempt to locate your friend by either searching the White Pages or contacting the Australian Electoral Commision. Good luck!

gwyn morgan 17 December, 2011 06:34
trying to find rees family from oxford uk emg to oz 1960-62
Duncan Robinson 25 December, 2011 07:01
My family were 10 pound poms and we arrived in 1963 in Sydney. We stayed at the Bunnerong Hostel for 2 1/2 years. I went to Matraville public School. Father used to played in the band at the Matraville RSL ( to get extra money to his day job) and I used to spend all my spare time at La Parouse at Stanrds Boat Shed and get my Fish and Chips at the Paragon near the wharf at Frechmans Bay. Both are gone now..what a shame. The place has changed so much...
owen 31 December, 2011 22:30
Hello there Stev Harrop,Hi to all the family and Godbless.Where have all the years gone mate?
Paul Stangroom 1 January, 2012 01:43
hi Sue Davis, my perents and my three brothers where also on the castel felici in 62 we settled in perth/medina, i can remember some family friends with the name davis? i also have not been able to find a passeger list cheers,
phyllis wiles 11 January, 2012 15:45
my husband and i and three children under 6yrs, and my sister and brotherinlaw and their small son left tilbury 26thjan 1963 on stratheden asrrived in aust victoria 27thfeb 1963. went to broadmeadows hospital stayed about 2years. unfortunately rember a child died enroute and was buried at sea that was very distressing . went through suez canal, our bagage labels read. com nom vic. we had documents of identity not a passport.
Sandra.Senior 28 June, 2016 15:58
Hello Phyllis , my family were on the Stratheden in Febuary 1963 and I remember the little girl who died on board the ship and was burried at sea, it it was very distressing. We left the ship in Fremantle, Western Australia.We stayed at the in a hostel called Greylands for 4 mths ,my dad couldn't get work over there so we left for Melbourne and stayed two years in a hostel called Preston .I cannot say I have happy memories of the hostels.
kath & Ted swan 11 January, 2012 19:27
i came to Oz in the sixties with my husband Ted and children Susand and Nick. I would like to hear from anyone who can remember us. We lived in the Nissan huts in Sydney. we stayed in Heathcote road hostel. Ted workes at Hawker de haviland, bankstown and i worked streets ice cream turella. we arrived 1964 & left 1967. be great to hear from anyone
roy mills 13 January, 2012 15:45
i was on the fairsky that arrived in Sydney on 19th Jan 1969
Rachel 18 January, 2012 17:39
Hi, My family came to austrlia, leaving the UK on the Fairstar in Feb 1970. The landed at Fremantle for a night then onto Port Melbourne...would their landing at both ports be recorded anywhere?
Manny 5 March, 2015 22:45
Hi Rachel, I've just discovered this site. I too left the UK on the Fairstar in Feb 1970. Arrived Fremantle at night, then onto Melbourne, where we were bussed to Nunawading hostel. I made so many friends on board the Fairstar. I will never forget crossing the Indian Ocean! Kind regards. Manny
Anne Gibson nee Bates 18 January, 2012 20:20
Can I look at lists of arrivals in the late 50s when great friends arrived from UK and I am failing to find them, he was a doctor and she a nurse.
Anne Gibson nee Bates 18 January, 2012 20:21
Can I look at lists of arrivals in the late 50s when great friends arrived from UK and I am failing to find them, he was a doctor and she a nurse.
Discovery Centre 20 January, 2012 15:40

Hi Rachel,

Potentially yes, but to be sure, you will need to contact the National Archives of Australia for official records.

Discovery Centre 20 January, 2012 15:49

Hi Anne,

To view passenger lists you will need to visit the Victorian Archives Centre in North Melbourne.  If you are not in Melbourne, you can search for the office in your state here

Kris Jackson 22 January, 2012 09:36
Hi ! We came over from Southhamton November 1970 when I was 5 & went to New Zealand . I am now in Australia . I wrote this thought some might be interested in reading it . I will visit the museum when down that way . While back over Wales for a while I visited the docks at Southhampton . We hopefully will revisit this year . Kris Jackson
Julie 22 January, 2012 10:34
I was a £10 pom in 1972, myself and my two sisters brother and mum and dad left southhampton in oct 1972 and landed in melbourne in dec, we had family already there who had emigrated in the 60s. My mum could'nt settle and we came back in 1974.
Gay 24 January, 2012 13:28
Do the people who migrated here in the 60's and 70's under this scheme automatically have Australian Citizenship or do they still need to apply?
Discovery Centre 24 January, 2012 16:09

Hi Gay, the answer to your question can be found in comment that was published on the 03 Sep 2010 at 14:38, which states that "residency and citizenship laws have changed several times since 1949, when the Nationality and Citizenship Act came into effect. Long-term residency in Australia does not necessarily mean that a person is an Australian citizen. You'll find more information at this government-run citizenship website, or by contacting the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, we hope this assists.

les amos 25 January, 2012 06:50
Trying to trace PETER MORRIS who lived next door to me in Buckland Road, Chessington, Surrey, UK, in the 1950's. He was 'a £10 pom' in the late fifties. I am travelling around Australia Feb and March and would love to meet up. How can I trace him?
Discovery Centre 25 January, 2012 10:58

Hi Les,

This question was answered above on the 6th December 2011, the 7th July 2010 and the 3rd March 2010. Hope this helps!

YVONNE ROSS nee SPITTLE 27 January, 2012 00:42
I was only 3 when my family boarded the Fairsky. Australian currency changed while we were making the trip and caused much confusion as even the people who worked on the ship were confused.Also the Beaumont children had just gone missing. My Dad was beginning to think Australia may have been a mistake but we stuck it out. Arrived March 10th 1966. Lived at Holmsglen Hostel. Still have plates from there and some great paperwork and forms Menus. Newsflyers.I also have some sort of certificate that I was told we were all given it is printed in either roman or italian with neptune riding a waterhorse like figure and signed by the cheif purser of Sitmar Lines. Even a photo of mum steering the boat. (she looks petrified).Big celebration crossing the equator (mock operation) . I may have been young but with the help of my brothers and sister and all this paperwork memories are good. Love living in OZ.
Liz Bates nee Cookson 22 October, 2013 18:22
hullo Yvonne, it looks like i came out on the same trip, i was 15yrs of age at the time, met some great young people on the ship, disembarked in Hobart, but now in Qld.
Paula Mitchell (Hill) 4 February, 2014 06:22
Hi Yvonne , I also have one of those certificates they were to celebrate crossing the line (equator) .We went out in July '68 on the Fairstar.
Carolyn Denney (nee Hazelwood) 27 January, 2012 00:49
My family emmigrated in June 1963 and lived in Villawood for a few weeks, then Bunnerong for approx 18 months. As a child, I loved it - I was 6 when we arrived. I went to Matraville primary school. My best friend was Beverly Edwards and I often wondered what became of her.
Ashlee Powell 28 January, 2012 13:56
My dad migrated from Bristol to Tasmania in 1965 at age 11 with his family who have all remained here since!
Donna 29 January, 2012 22:35
My Grandfather bought my Dad & Uncle here on the Fairsky in or around 1958 - is there any way I can search passenger lists etc?
Discovery Centre 30 January, 2012 09:41

Hello Donna, Twentieth century immigration records, including information and documentation relating to the 10 Pound Pom Scheme, are held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). You can search for such documents using the NAA's online RecordSearch tool and request copies of certain items. However only about 25% of their entire collection is online as of yet. If you cannot find your name You will need to contact them to obtain your records through their Making Australia Home program.

JUNE KILLINGTON 31 January, 2012 21:00
I arrived on the Fairsky from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne to Sydney in October 1966, I was 9 years old. My family and I initially went onto Cabramatta Hostel. We are all so glad we came here!
Tess 31 January, 2012 21:13
Hi, we were ten pound poms on the Fairsky. We arrived 23rd Dec 1965 (I think). My Dad had a job and we were taken to a house in Hawthorn, where we lived for a short while. Anyone else arrive at this time?
Margaret Montgomery 23 September, 2016 11:05
Hi Tess, My late husband and myself came to Oz on the 'Fairsky' & arrived 23 December 1961 so this maybe the same voyage your family came on. Would love to hear more from you. We came to Melbourne & stayed here...we never returned even for a regrets.. we had only been married a short time and were busy making a new life here in this great country.
John Welch 2 February, 2012 17:02
I arrived in Sydney on July 18 1971 aged 21 from Derby UK. I stayed at a Hostel on Marrickville Rd Marrickville Sydney.I've never regretted a moment, it was the best ten pounds worth ever. I flew here with BOAC (my first flight), I obtained a copy of the passenger manifesto for my flight from the National Archives. I highly recommend anyone trying to find passenger lists from ships or flights to contact them. As long as the person arrived on an official Australian Government scheme they will have a record.
geoffrey beesley 4 February, 2012 16:57
we came out to australia in 1955 my father james walter mother isobel and sister joyce and brother edward we came out on the boat the new austrlia and settled at the bunnerrong migrant camp i would like to try to contact anyone who was at the camp around the time we where there can you help is there a list we can get hope you can help we would like photos etc thanks geoff and kathy beesley
Pommy Jimbo 7 February, 2012 12:15
There is a new website called which has been set up to help Ten Pound Poms and other Australian migrants find lost friends and family. The site is free to register. You can also share your migration stories and photos and share advice and experiences in the forum. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for somebody or just want to read more about the amazing stories of the Ten Pound Poms.
Maria 8 February, 2012 00:30
I was a ten pound pom, leaving with my brother from Southampton on 31st July 1968 on the "Castel Felici" and arriving in Sydney on Friday 6th September 1968. We were met by APEX and taken to the Cremorne Point Hotel where we had been booked in. We stayed for a week and got a flat with another friend off the ship, Linda Greenhalgh, at Woolwich - what an absolutely fantastic introduction to Sydney. I have been here ever since, married with a family, have been back many times, but love this Country. I too always thought I was automatically an Australian Citizen after we had stayed here for over two years - I have been on the electoral roll since. Does anybody remember me - I was one of the group who missed the ship in Fremantle and was transported by the Pilot Boat back to the ship!!!
Nick Penn 8 February, 2012 21:22
To Carolyn Denney (nee Hazelwood) Our family was in Bunnerong from 1962-65. Were you the Hazelwood lass with two brothers Richard and Robert(?), mum Mary and dad Charles? Did you move to Elizabeth from Sydney?
Ian 10 February, 2012 02:31
I arrived in Adelaide with my parents On the FairSky in July 1969. I am trying to locate a family that continued on to Melbourne. Mr & Mrs Warboys with Daughters Denise, Dawn, Debbie. Is there anyway of finding there whereabouts??? Regards
Sylvia 21 June, 2015 22:36
Hi Ian, Just saw your query about the Warboys family on the Fairsky in 1969. How did you know the family? I may be able to help.
Debbie Watts nee Worboys 22 June, 2015 10:02
Living in sunny Qld now.
Discovery Centre 10 February, 2012 11:38

Hi Ian,
You can attempt to locate your friends by either searching the White Pages or contacting the Australian Electoral Commision. Good luck!

Nick Penn 14 February, 2012 19:51
To Ann Gregory (nee Renshaw) Our family was in Bunnerong from 1962-65, in block 7 south. Was your dad Brian? Did you move to Adelaide in the 1960s, perhaps to Parafield Gardens?
geoff beesley 16 February, 2012 19:54
we came out from liverpool in england in 1955 on the ship the new australia i was 6years old i am trying to contact anybody that was at the bunnerong migrant from 1955 to 1960 i am after photos and as much information as posible we moved to lalor park in 1959 and our family name is beesley can anyone help ok to publish this message i need help geoff beesley
david Edwards 18 October, 2016 14:41
Hi Geoff. My family and I arrived in Sydney from the UK in 1955. The ship we sailed on was the Georgic. We left the UK in May 1955. We settled into Bunnerong hostel for a few years before moving out into the Sutherland shire. I was only aged two when we arrived but do remember a few things about the hostel.
Marion 29 February, 2012 02:33
To Cheryl who was asking about the Britanis. I arrived in November 1974 on the Britanis & it docked at Outer Harbour in South Australia. Such a long time ago!! Marion
JOnathan 29 February, 2012 23:05
I was on the Britanis early 1971. Does anyone else remember the soot on the deck tennis court and the way some of the stewards wouldn't let us kids get too many biscuits when they served tea...and then the Nissan huts of Cabramatta.
maria 16 March, 2012 21:31
I came out with my parents in 1967 when I was 10 they came as 10 pound poms. I would like to know if any others who were children have a certificate stating they are permanent residents
Janet 11 November, 2014 19:22
Hi Maria,I arrived here in 1967 on the Ellinis at age 13.I only became a permant resident in 2012 and had to obtain this to keep my job as after a tragic event in my industry we had to prove our legal status to be living in this country.Easy enough to obtain just a phone call to immigration and paperwork was sent to me,the whole process too about a month.hope it helps
Joel 20 March, 2012 20:40
I would really like to know why they actually came to Australia and what appealed to them about Australia and how the rights and freedoms are different. Im Writing an Essay on the migration.
Discovery Centre 22 March, 2012 16:38

Hi Joel,

There are many excellent resources that may help in your research.  To the right of this article there is a list of links that should be useful.  Our Origins website contains lots of statistical information about migration including an overview of English migration to Victoria.  Another great resource is the book Ten Pound Poms: Australia’s Invisible Migrants by Hammerton & Thomson which you can view at the Immigration Museum’s Discovery Centre or at your local library. Also, search on Trove for a variety of resources referring to the Ten Pound Poms.  Good luck with your essay!


Brian Taylor 21 March, 2012 23:18
I am also a ten pound pom and proud of it. I came here in 1966 on the Fairsky. We went to Hobart in Tasmania and I later moved to the mainland. I/m still only a permanent resident as I never got round to doing the citizenship bit, I've always felt like an Aussie and I guess that was because we had citizen rights when we got here. I'm now married to a Malaysian lady and I've been living in Malaysia for the last 11 years. I/m now having great trouble convincing the dept of immigration that I should be allowed to get a new RRV and citizenship. Is there anything I can do to get a fast track to citizenship?
Discovery Centre 22 March, 2012 16:42

Hello Brian,

Unfortunately the museum cannot suggest anything to fast track your citizen application. Here a link to the Citizenship wizard from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship which might assist you with your application.


maureenstreather nee childs 24 March, 2012 01:32
my father was a 10 pound pom so i was told he left us when i eas 4 i would like to try to find any thing about him as my mother never spoke of him he went with steel firm stewts/lloyds of corby.i was told he married on the voyage going out as he left mum with 4 kids and a det i was the youngest no one ever spoke of him i have tried to but i do not want to cause a problem for another family as he never divorced my i get older i just wonder if ther is another family could you help me ?
Louise Howland 4 April, 2012 22:45
I am researching the life of Keith Gilbert Lamb, who came to Australia on the assistaed passage 10 pound pom scheme in 1970 from Southampton to Sydney on the Achille Lauro. Keith Lamb started a very successful Australian band called Hush. He had fronted successful bands in teh UK too and wrote songs for status Quo. I can't seem to find his record on the NAA website. Are there any other ways to research this...or perhaps I am not doing something correctly. Would greatly appreciate any and all assistance. I am also interested of course if anyone was on that ship...Robin Jackson, an irish man called PeeWee and Andy Odd were apparently sharing the cabn with Keith. Many thanks in anticipation! Louise
Discovery Centre 5 April, 2012 11:34

Hi Louise,

Keith's record will be with the NAA. The reason you can't find them is that only about 20% of records have been put online. You will need to contact the NAA directly to ask them to locate the record. Please be aware that there will be a cost involved for this service.

Carol 7 April, 2012 11:27
I arrived in australia in 1964 on the ten pound assited passage scheme. I am currently looking to become an australian citizen. I have being told that I am already an australian citizen by coming over on this scheme. Is this correct? If it isnt are you able to give me the information required for me to become an ausralian citizen. Any information that you are able to offer will be greatly appreciated. Also if my parents came over on a visa with us did that make them a australian citizen therefor making me a descendant of a Australian citizen. I have documentation of arrival is there any need to get more information for citizenship and if so are there any avenues you are able to offer me as both of my parents are deceased. Thanking you Carol Barrett nee: Carol Cliff
Lynda 20 November, 2012 11:02
Hi Carol, My mum came out in May 1951 on the Cameronia, her dad told her their Visa was for residency only not citizenship. When my dad surprised her with a trip to England in 2010 (the only time she went back) she decided to become a citizen as peace of mind to ensure she could come back without any problems. You must meet all the same requirements as any other applicant; however a good history as a law abiding resident/taxpayer etc should make it a breeze (as it did for mum). Best of luck, Lynda.
Richard 22 September, 2013 10:26
Hi Carol Can you tell me if you got any further in your situation. I'm hoping my mum got citizenship but she cannot remember. It was so long ago 1970-1972 then she came back to the uk still classed as a minor.
Discovery Centre 8 April, 2012 10:01

Hi Carol,

For more information on this subject, please visit our British subjects and Australian citizenship webpage. Though you will be best served by contacting the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Steven Harrop 10 April, 2012 21:20
Hello Owen:)the years have just drifted on by. Give my regards to John and family. All the best from the Wild Wild West.. ps...Freo still looks the same.
Janet Elderfield 15 April, 2012 18:05
Great reading all the 10 pound pom comments. I came out by myself when I was 27 as a one of these lucky people on the Fairsky in 1967 arriving in Sydney July/August? Have married a great Aussie and adopted two Aussie children. Best move I ever made.
ALAN HEATH 15 April, 2012 22:38
Great website. I am looking for my wifes mother and daughter (my wifes sister). They travelled in March 1956 to Sydney on the ship STRATHNAVA. Mums name was Amy Hall dob 30.8.24 and daughters name was Carol dob 28.8.45. Also travelling with them were Amy's mum and dad Lily & William Petty, Margorie Hall (posibly and auntie) and another child Susan Hall (possibly neice). Does anyone have any clues as to where I could find out where they went?
Discovery Centre 16 April, 2012 11:02
Hi there Allan, thanks for the lovely compliment. To trace your wife's relatives, it could be a good idea for you to follow some of the tips to be found in our blog post on Locating living people. These might help you to locate where they went and where they are now.
ALAN HEATH 16 April, 2012 15:52
Thank you for the tips, very helpful.
Discovery Centre 24 April, 2012 10:45
Hi Merv, thanks for the question. There were many migrant hostels across Melbourne, and there was in fact one in Brooklyn, and one in Altona. According to the entry in eMelbourne, Borthwick's Abattoir was located in Brooklyn, so it is possible that you stayed in the Brooklyn Migrant Hostel, you can read more about it on the Victorian Heritage Database.
Susan Jones (nee Godfrey) 25 April, 2012 22:59
I emigrated with my mum, Christine & dad, Peter on the £10 pom deal from Crewe, Cheshire.........we lived in the hostel in Church Street, Burwood NSW from 1964 to 1969 until my dadd ill health returned us back to the UK :( does anyone remember us ? I remember my little frienf at the tim was Clair Hardman and we went to the fancy dress party, me as a french maid and Clair as a bar of palmolive soap !
Jenny Leesman 26 October, 2012 15:29
Hi Susan, just reading your post from last April. We too emigrated from UK but not at same time as you. We were there 1957 for 2 yrs. Ghastly place! I too remember my friends there and often wonder what they are doing now. Best wishes, Jenny.
Jessica Adams 3 May, 2012 14:38
My family emigrated from England to Australia on the Britanis in 1973, when I was nine years old. Nearly 40 years later I edited a travel book for HarperCollins called Holiday Goddess. I was introduced to another travel writer called Deborah Dickson-Smith...who was on the same voyage. The odds of that must be pretty incredible.
Aunt Fanny 14 May, 2012 09:39
fascinating article... If I could move to another country for 10 pounds I would be there in an instant! love Aunt Fanny xox
Danny Phelan 14 May, 2012 19:31
I came to Australia with my family on the SS Iberia and arrived at Fremantle on the 5th April 1958 we disembarked at Adelaide. We stayed in a hostel at Elder Park in Adelaide for 6 weeks before going to the hostel at Gepps Cross. Does anyone know what date the ship left England and what port?
Alice Ward 15 May, 2012 18:16
Hello we Arrived in Preston immigration camp on the 24th Dec 1960 WE traveled on the Fair Sky from Southhampton in November My father was Alex Ward , Mother was Chrissie, brother was Alex We only stayed in Australia for 4/5 months b4 moving on to N.Z.
RON MCGURK 18 June, 2012 18:15
marje painter nee Bellard 7 October, 2012 04:02
Hi Vera and Ron, how is life for you ? I just seen your message looking for your friends in Melbourne. I am Jack and Mary's daughter. I now live in Turkey :) Do you ever hear from Ann and Andy's kids? Love, Marje xxx
Roy Peacock 21 June, 2012 12:47
Great reading about all the other kindred spirits.I had just turned 7 when we came here as 10 pound poms,7 of us counting parents.We travelled on the fairstar and it was the trip of a liftime for a young kid.Thanks ossies for alowing us into the country my parents definetly made the right choice.
Geoff Mason 26 June, 2012 15:39
Apologies in advance for spamming the thread. But it is relevant! The National Archives of Australia is previewing their new site Destination: Australia ( to key community groups. That means you can get a sneak peak as well. The site has over 20,000 photographs taken to document Australia's post-war immigration boom. If you know someone who migrated to Australia following WWII they might have been caught on film. Get on the site to share your story or just start tagging the people and places you know.
Daniel D O'Brien 27 June, 2012 20:07
Parents were ten pound poms and we arrived in Melbourne on the Fairsky in May 1967. Wwe initally stayed in the hostel in Brooklyn. (Wondering is that the Altona Hostel that everyone is talking about
Discovery Centre 28 June, 2012 12:23

Hi Daniel,

The Brooklyn Hostel was at 431 Francis Street Brooklyn, whereas the Altona Hostel was off Kororoit Creek Road, Altona, where what is now known as 'Technopark' currently is. More information about the Brooklyn Hostel can be found by typing 'Brooklyn Migrant Hostel' in the search box on this Heritage Victoria webpage.  

Pam weldon 30 June, 2012 05:42
Looking for Mario dominic zilko who emigratd around1956.First address 10 orr street strathmore victoria. Lived in Marlborough Place London before emigrating
Jennie Medcalf 24 July, 2012 18:04
I'm looking for an old friend of my husband. He left Leeds around 1966 for Australia as a £10 pom. I found him on Friends Reunited 7 or 8 years ago and I know it meant a lot to my husband. We've made the big move down under but to New Zealand to be near our family. We last heard of Les living on the outskirts of Brisbane. We would love to meet up as we are spending a week in Brisbane next year, prior to our cruise. If there is anyone out there who could help put us in touch, I would be most grateful.
Lauren 2 August, 2012 22:57
I am trying to find the records of my Nan and Grandad and their 5 children arriving in Australia in January 1970. They left London in December 1969. They remember the name of the ship being Castel Felice but I have searched the passenger lists and cant find anything. Are you able to help me with any information on this trip? Thank you.
Discovery Centre 3 August, 2012 11:08
Hi Lauren, try searching the NAA website with the family name in the RecordSearch page.  If you have no luck, you will need to contact the NAA directly and they will be able to assist you further.
Iris Weir nee Allan 5 August, 2012 17:21
We arrived in Melbourne aboard MV Somersetshire on 4thJune 1949 at Station Pier It was a beautiful warm sunny day and as a 7yr old it was an amazing day and life here has remained on the main a warm welcoming experience. With work anything can be attained in the freedom we have in this country. Is there anyone out there who spent 6weeks and 4days at sea with us?
Michael Richardson 20 August, 2012 12:34
I arrived as a ten pound pom in July1967 with my family on the Fairstar..I was 17yrs old at the time and we stayed in the Nunawading seems I have been on the move ever since. Mike
christine 26 August, 2012 04:27
Searching for Mary (TESSA) nee Johnson born Birmingham Uk 1945. Mary was in Shenley Fields Childrens Home in the 1950's, we think she may have been a Ten pound Pom ! Her family are searching for her.
Discovery Centre 26 August, 2012 11:49

Hello Christine,

Twentieth century immigration records, including information and documentation relating to the 10 Pound Pom Scheme, are held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). You can search for such documents using the NAA's online RecordSearch tool and request copies of certain items. You can also contact the National Archives of Australia through their Making Australia Home project for further assistance in searching for your own and your family’s records.

Immigration Discovery Centre 7 October, 2012 10:24
Hi Thomas! The National Archives of Australia is the national records repository for records from 1923 onwards, including records of immigration by plane. I would suggest contacting the National Archives for the information you have requested. When making the enquiry, you'll need to provide the name of the passengers and other details such as date of arrival and flight number.You will generally receive a copy of the passenger card that was filled out upon arrival to Australia. The information on the card usually includes dates of travel and the flight number. Names have not been recorded in lists for passage by plane, as they were for immigrant ships. You can contact the National Archives of Australia by phone on 1300 886 882, or by email[.]
Nigel G Gardener 8 October, 2012 00:35
The gardener family came to Australia in 1968 from the UK. Herbert and Evelyn..Paul, Roy, Stephen, Nigel and Gill.
Tania Armstrong 8 December, 2012 12:12
Did you arrive in Feb on the Fairsky by any chance, im looking for pics or info (1968) if anyone can help pls
richens david and claire 8 October, 2012 15:58
david and claire richens left SOuthampton August Bank holiday 1970 on the Ellinis and arrived at Station pier, Melbourne 28th Sept.1970.We came to a new life in a new country for the sake of our children who were born in Melbourne. Our son is 35 and is a train driver and our daughter is 33 and is a school teacher and they thank us for coming to this land of opportunity where they have a good life!
Peter Smith-Evans 10 October, 2012 00:10
In the 1950's I was a crew member on board the Strathmore, Stratheden and the Orion all carrying passengers to Australia. On the second of seven trips I met an English girl called Sally Leggett who I, at a very young age of seventeen fell madly in love with. As things do circumstances were not on our side and I left the Merchant Navy and served in the British Army for over twenty years and never saw or heard from Sally again. I would dearly like to find out what happened to her and her family. They disembarked in Sydney but latter moved to Victoria Road Sandringham outside Melbourne where I visited them several times including Christmas 1957.
Diane Cathcart (Mathison) 15 October, 2012 16:38
My parents, Alan and Connie Mathison, arrived in Sydney on the Castel Felice from England in 1962, along with me, my older sister and baby brother. We lived at Bunnerong hostel for around 18 months. My parents then decided to move to New Zealand as they couldn't see themselves staying in a hostel for the long term. I was only young but I have quite vivid memories of living in the hostel and attending Matraville Primary school.
Nick Penn 22 October, 2012 21:58
Hi, Diane I was also in Bunnerong Hostel with my two sisters and mum and dad. We arrived from England on the P&O Orion in May 1962 and lived in 725 South for about three years. I guess our paths must have crossed at some time in your 18 months there. I was 12 on arrival, possibly a little older than you. We all moved to South Australia after our stay there. Are you still in NZ or are you back in OZ? Good luck to you, wherever you are.
Amy 25 October, 2012 09:53
Hey, I am doing a essay on ten pound poms and I'm trying to find some statistics on maybe where people came from OR how many people returned home etc. Any help would be appreciated !
Discovery Centre 27 October, 2012 13:10
Hi Amy, check out the Australian Bureau of Statistics website for statistical data.  You might also want to look at Ten Pound Poms: Australia's invisible migrants by James Hammerton & Alistair Thomson (2005) and The English is Australia by James Jupp (2004).
Tess Oliver 3 November, 2012 15:11
We came on the Fairsky in 1965. I have some photos of it on the day we left, if interested please let me know.
patricia malins (nee morrison) 7 November, 2012 09:26
My mother and I imigrated to australia arriving on the Strathnaver in May 1958. We had a sponser who met us off the boat and took us to accommodation in Neutral Bay, north Sydney. My mother worked in the imigration dept. in Market St. Sydney. She was originally taken to Australia at the age of 2yrs when my grandfather worked for Dorman &Long building the Sydney Harbour bridge, they came back to england when she was 12 in 1932 when the bridge was finished. I still have the 2shilling piece (florin) given to all the workers on the Bridge when it was finished. My grandmother had it dipped in gold and made into a brooch. I went to school in Sydney and then to work in the Valuer General's Dept. Philip St. Sydney and retuned to England in 1965. Would I have been a citizen?
Immigration Discovery Centre 8 November, 2012 10:25

Hi Patrica,

Australian  citizenship  was  created  through  the  Nationality  and  Citizenship  Act  1948,  and came  into  effect  26  January  1949, prior to 1949, Australians could only hold the status of British subjects.  Unless you applied for Australian Citizenship you are still a British subject. If you are unsure of what documentation was filled out on your behalf as a child you can obtain records from the National Archives of Australia. You may also be interested in reading the following history of Australian Citizenship. If you wish to apply for citizenship you will need to contact the Department of Immigration.

Irene Booth nee Kiernan 16 April, 2013 01:24
Hi Patricia this is the 1st time I have come across someone who travelled on the Strathnaver May 1958. We set off at the end of April and I actually had my 11th birthday on the ship, we landed at Adelaide but Mum and Dad couldn't settle so in August 1960 Mum, Dad, my little sister Patricia and I travelled back home on the SS oronsay my Brother being older stayed in Adelaide where he still lives. I remember the fantastic time as children we had on the Strathnaver, the long journey never worried us and to see all the different countries was fantastic which helped with my geography at school ha ha.Hope you are well are you still in England?
technobritish12 10 November, 2012 16:01
Just desire to say your article is as surprising. The clarity in your post is simply excellent and i could assume you’re an expert on this subject.
Diana Hancock 12 November, 2012 14:06
My mum was one of the Ten Pound Poms to Perth. She arrived onboard The New Australia in Fremantle, on Feb 26, 1956 alone at 18 from Southampton. She worked at UWA for a decade in the Arts and Literature Department. Later she married my father, John, son of Sir Valston Hancock and migrated abroad to Canada, where they have been married almost 50 years. I met my fiance in Hawaii, a man from Perth and though I've never lived here until now followed in her footsteps in my own migration to Perth, Western Australia. How life comes full circle!
MR KENNETH CARR 18 November, 2012 03:10
At the moment doing a bit of reminising about our £10 trip to Sydney Australia on board the RMS Himalaya leaving Tilbury Feb 18th 1966 arriving late march we stayed at Heathecotes/east hills hostel, we came back to England May 1971, we are visiting sydney in Feb next year, we are hoping to hear from anyone from that time. especially Beryl and Mick Brooks who lived in Monavale. from Ken,Sylvia,Paul,Lorraine and Sandra and also John who was born out there in march 69.
bernice pratt 20 November, 2012 10:49
Husband and I came to Oz on Strathnaver May 1961. I had passport. He was ex serviceman and none req'd.Baby son came under husbands name. We have no record of son coming to Aust. Info needed now for Centrelink. Ship passenger list states our names plus infant. Help.
Discovery Centre 20 November, 2012 12:12
Hi Bernice, the National Archives of Australia will have all the records relating to your family's immigration. You should contact them through their Making Australia Home page in order to obtain these documents. Good luck!
Yvonne Ross (nee Spittle) 24 November, 2012 23:19
I recently found out Julia Gillard was on the same voyage as me LOL. Maybe we played together in the creche. If only I knew then, maybe could have given here some advice, we as 3 year olds Haha. I have some funny photos of the Fairsky passengers looking VERY sick. Also have some great documents regarding the immigration. Thanks to Dad being a hoarder.
george graham 22 December, 2012 18:39
we arrived in sydney august 1965 and lived at east hills hostel for two years,we went to east hills boys, we spent most of our time as kids down at the river either swimming(even in winter )or fishing for mullets....a great time after early years in cold old blantyre..great times,now just turned 60.
Tracy Hunt 24 June, 2013 19:03
Hiya George I know this is a long shot but I am trying to trace a Eliabeth Wilson Black or Graham and her husband George Graham?? They emigrated on the 14th November 1962. Would you be a relative of theres?? Elizabeth was born on the 29th March 1931 in Kelvin Glasgow?? Hope to hear from you.Tracy.xx
Linda Smeaton 5 January, 2013 13:06
We emigrated to Australia in 1961 i am trying to find my name on the passenger list from the S S Arcadia it left Southampton arrived in Outer Harbour on the 4th April 1961.does anyone know how i can get this information
Discovery Centre 6 January, 2013 10:43
Hi Linda, you need to search the National Archives of Australia website for passenger lists.  If you have no luck on the website, consider contacting them directly.
dennis robson 6 January, 2013 23:29
My parents were 10 pound poms and travelled to Melbourne on the Fairstar in 1964. I was 4 years old and my brother 6yo. We lived at the Fishermans Bend Hostel for 2 years. My mother wanted a better enviroment to beat her kids. In 1981 I went on a South Pacific cruise on the Fairstar, the sights and smell of the ship vividly brought it all back to me as if it were yesterday.
Ian Delamont 31 July, 2014 23:29
I was on this ship and turned 9 whilst on board in 1964 we disembarked in Sydney - my dad worked on the Opera House. We returned toEngland in 1967
Felicity West (Nee Brady) 9 January, 2013 00:20
We were 10 pound poms and came to Australia on the Fair Star in October 1962. We were first sent to Villawood Hostel and later to Bunnerong Hostel. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my parents Jean & Matthew Brady or indeed any of my siblings. Pauline, Catherine, Peter, Fiona, Deirdre, Felicity, Lorraine, Penelope. There was a newspaper article done on us when we arrived headed 7 Brides for 7 Australians and later the Womens Weekly did a few follow ups. Any friends of my parents please contact me. Thanks Felicity
Christine Wilon 10 January, 2013 14:38
Left Dundee Scotland and travelled to Heathrow where I was met my a very handsome Australian who looked after me until my plane left for Australia. I came by plane because I was under 19 alone on the 10 pound scheme. Settled in Brisbane and love it here but still call Scotland home. Been home many times but always glad to return to Oz.
Alan Monroe 10 January, 2013 15:02
I arrived in Melbourne in March 1971 on board the Australis, staying at the Orana Hostel in Hawthorn for a few days before moving out. Single people didn't get long in the Hostels! Lived in Melbourne for 17 years before moving to Adelaide for a stint and then to Sydney. Nearly 42 years in Australia - beats the alternatives.
les edwards 10 January, 2013 21:25
we were 10 pound poms,went via the orion in may 1960, i was 10 with older and younger sisters,we were at broadmeadows till we left for new zealand, my stay in australia was great at the camp,but,school was a terrifying experience as the teacher constantly bullied me calling me a pommy bastard among many other nasty things,my favourite memories are of all those weeks on the ship just having fun, we roamed the ship in both classes with no one ever bothering us, very adventurous for a 10 year old.
catherine murphy 13 January, 2013 00:04
i am looking for a chap who is Irish and left england on the £10 boat his name is eric dunne and he would now be in his late 60th My name is eddie murphy and my son's are living in perth thank you
ron nightingale 19 January, 2013 13:26
My name is Ron Nightingale. I migrated from north east County Durham from a small ex mining village called Broompark which is situated very close to Ushaw Moor. We left in February and came to Fremantle west Aust with my parents and 2 sisters. We were on the Oriana and arrived in march of 1962. We went to Pt Walter camp which was previously a military camp. The oriana was the newest ship sailing then and she was 43,000 tons. In 1963 they launched the Canberra which was 45,000 tons and the finest of the Orient lines but on her maiden voyage she caught fire in the engine room and abandoned the trip at the first port and the passengers were then flown in to Australia. The trip was awesome for us with great food and entertainment. Also a lifetime adventure stopping and getting off in all those ports. I think it was about a 6 week trip or maybe a bit less but i recall i had my 12th birthday on board which was 14 March. It was not such a splendid trip for many as they were not so fortunate and sailed on some of the much older and smaller ships and i heard lots of stories of others being seasick most of the voyage. The Sitmar lines had some of these ships such as the Fairsea and Fairsky.I tried tracking down us on a passenger list just for the fun of it and also came to dead ends. I think a lot of government records might have been discarded when computers took over.Almost every family went to immigration hostels and then the government had them on a state housing list and i would have thought that would be the best place to try tracing as each family would have been recorded as being allocated to various addresses. My mother is still alive today and has most the paperwork somewhere and there is a paper that states that under the age of 16 children automatically became accepted as citizens after a period of time which i think was 2 years. my sister was 16 and had to pay for her citizenship papers but i never bothered. The cost now is around 500 dollars but i am 62 and if i am going to do it i will wait until i am on the aged pension as it is way cheaper.
Jody Coleman 22 January, 2013 01:25
Hi all, we have family that migrated in the 50's and got back in touch for the first 20-30 years, but have now disapeared. trying to find if anyone can help. looking for Keith Glyn Coleman (my Grandfathers brother)would be nice to try and get them back in touch one last time.
Nick Penn 24 January, 2013 20:31
Hi to the following people who have contributed to this website on the following dates: Ann Gregory (nee Renshaw) - 13 June 2011 to whom I replied on 14 February 2012. Carolyn Denney (nee Hazelwood) - 27 January 2012 to whom I replied on 8 February 2012. Diane Cathcart (Mathison) - 15 October 2012 to whom I replied on 27 October 2012. Each of these people have not replied to me as yet. I hope they do, as posting articles to the site and not following them up seems to me to be pointless. So, how about getting back to me - please!
Discovery Centre 25 January, 2013 11:13
Hello Nick! Previous commenters will not be aware if someone has responded to them on this page, particularly if they were just sharing an experience rather than asking a question. Unless they are checking frequently, they may not have seen your message at all. Hopefully they will visit again soon, and thanks for your contributions.
Steve Roper 29 January, 2013 23:35
My family were among the last of the 10-pound-Poms in 1974 aboard the Britanis. My question, however, is architectural in nature: I'm looking for floor plans for the houses Realty Development Corporation (RDC) mass-constructed in the outer-suburb developments, which were built to house the 10-pound-Poms, during the late 1960s and 1970s. These houses had names such as "the Sherwood", "the Whitehall", "the Flinders" or "the Coolibah". Can anyone assist me in locating floor plans for these houses, or point me in the right direction? Googling produces no viable result, so any assistance you can provide would be great, thanks.
Louise 31 January, 2013 00:00
Hi there. My mum came to Australia in 1966 from the UK as part of the '10 pound pom'. She has lived in the country ever since and has never obtained a British Passport, or obtained australian citizenship/passport, nor did she have any type of Visa with her. She is looking at going overseas in the next year to Chili and needs a passport. So my question is, is it better/easier for her to get a British Passport, or become an Australian Citizen and get an Australian Passport? Will she be able to get back into the country on a British Passport? And what documents does she need to obtain a passport, and how do we go about finding out what (if any) type of visa she is on? As im guessing she is a permanent resident status, how do we prove this and put it on a british passport so she doesn't have trouble getting back into Australia. Thank you in advance for any help!
Richard 22 September, 2013 10:15
Hi Louise My mum also wants to know what visa etc, she returned to Uk in 1972 having spent 2years in Sydney. We hope she still has status. Have you had any luck your end finding your mums status. Richard
Discovery Centre 31 January, 2013 12:18

Hi Louise,

Unfortunately, this is outside our area of expertise. You will need to contact the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship to clarify your mother’s situation. You may like to visit their citizenship website as well. 

Deborah Baylis 27 February, 2013 05:40
My family, Geoff, Beryl, Deborah, Shaun and Tracy arrived at Altona Hostel in 1967. Would love to get in touch with any families who were there at the same time.
J.E.MacKay 3 March, 2013 16:36
Hi fellow migrants, I arrived in February 1957 on the S.S. Arcadia with my bother, sister, Mum and Dad. We sailed from Tilbury and arrived in Syndey 5 weeks later, travelling around the Cape instead of thru the Suez Canal, which was blocked at the time. We were based at Bunnerong Hostel in eastern sydney for 9 months, and resided in block 8, if I remember correctly the room numbers were 810,811,812. Life was good once we got used to the climate and the difference in cultures. Being laughed at constantly for my scottish accent became a daily hazard but I soon learned to talk like a true local and now have no trace (whatsoever)of my original tongue. I attended Crown St., Girls Intermediate High School for the time I lived in the hostel but transferred to Moorefield Girls High School once we'd moved into our own home. My Dad, Ken MacKay only lived till 1967 but my Mum lived until 2007, succumbing to Altzheimers disease several years earlier. My brother and sister are both still living, both having extended families. Even although I was nearly 14 when I arrived here, my memory of the trip is as clear as if it was yesterday, especially rounding the Cape, where dishes got broken, bones got cracked and hundreds of passengers got seasick. The Australian 1956 Kangaroos travelled with us on their return voyage to Sydney. My Dad had great fun conversing with them and trading stories about his life in the RAF. Keith Holman was one who asked us to meet him on the top deck at 5.00am on the 7th Febraury so he could introduce us all to Sydney Harbour thru his eyes. What an extra-ordinary gentleman he was. A special day I shall never forget as we berthed around the back of the harbour somewhere in Balmain, we were told to wait whilst all the paying passengers disembarked and then we were herded like cattle onto a public single decker bus out thru Redfern, Botany and around past the cemetery to Bunnerong Hostel. We lined up at the (female) managers office and told to stand at attention with our arms outstretched and were handed a grey blanket, white sheets, towels, plate, fork, knife and spoon, mug, toilet roll and of course room keys and told to make our way to our respective rooms. That had to be the one and only time I ever saw my father cry. He sat on the spring matress and sobbed "What have I done to you all", he lamented. Of course Mum shooed all three of us kids outside and comforted him. When we were allowed back into our rooms, we all decided there and then to work or help in any way we could to leave that awful place as soon as was possible to do so. This of course took nine months as only three of the five were eligible to work. Dad went straight to work the next day at Qantas, followed by Mum 3 days later where she stayed for 24 years. My brother got a job at MacDonald Construction and eventually transferred to Qantas as an apprentice where he stayed till he retired about 6 years ago. My little sister Patricia went to the kindergarten provided at the hostel and my daily routine was to take care of her in the mornings and drop her off at kindy at which time she would run to the wire fence and cry till I was out of site. Imagine having to travel to Crown St., High knowing that your little 4 yr old sister was sobbing daily till you returned. Not a happy time for me until the kindy teacher informed me that she quit crying the minute I was out of site and started as soon as she saw me get off the bus. Maroubra Beach was our summer haunt, picture threatres at Kingsford and Maroubra were weekly outings for us all. The people around Matraville were absolutely marvellous and never failed to help in any way if we ever got confused about buses, trams etc., It ended up being a positive experience and one which I (for one) will never forget.
Marilyn Robinson nee Spurr 23 March, 2013 11:09
Hi my family and I arrived at Bunnerong hostel in January 1956 and lived there for 4 years I was 11 at the time. My 2 younger sisters both attended the kindy, as my mother worked in the hostel canteen. We eventually moved out of the hostel when my parents bought a house near the drive in at Matraville. I also remember the spending many a happy day at Maroubra beach, and the pictures at Maroubra junction on a Saturday arvo. We lived in Block 3, I have many Happy memories of our time there. although I can remember my mothers tears the day we arrived, Both my parents have passed on now but my 2 sisters and brother are still living.
Ingrid Marie Smith 13 March, 2013 13:31
My mother, Miss Dorothy Marguerite Louise Ambler came to Australia from the UK,as a Ten Pound Pom.She came on the P & O ship SS Stratheden, arriving in Australia in November 1957. Her destination was Canberra as she was going to a good job there in the Canberra Community Hospital ( sadly, now gone). I would love to hear from any persons who were on that boat. They came via the Suez Canal and mother's descriptions of coming through the canal were wonderful. It was the time when the Suez Canal was being opened and shut. Some ships came through and some had to go around via Cape Town.
Carol. Smith 12 July, 2013 06:19
We. Sailed. On the stratheden. On its next sailng. From. Southampton. In January. 1958. The ship was fantastic. As well as going through. The Suez Canal. We also stopped at. Bombay. Then to our destination. Melbourne. But returned. Back to England after 3 and a. Bit years. Winter time. And dad was poorly nearly died. The ship was like a. Luxury liner. Lots to do Crossing the equator. Was great fun. Dressing up. And walking the plank. Into the swimming pool. Wrote a short story. Of my life out there. To pass onto grandchildren. I. Have been back. To revisit. As a holiday. But regret that we did not stay
Julie 23 March, 2013 09:45
Looking for Christine Rooney who left Glasgow in November 1963 with her husband Hugh on assisted passage to Canberra. She is my mums cousin Sylvia Smith. Any info greatly appreciated
Norah Hunter nee Weir 25 March, 2013 13:22
Like so many migrants who came out as ten-pound poms, we didn't come out for a better life because we had the better life, living in a suburb near London. My father was offered a very good job in Sydney, so they brought their four daughters with them. I didn't have a say in my parent's decision, although I was over twenty at the time. I did the dutiful thing and came with them, thinking we would go back after two years. Over forty years later we are all still here and I'm the only one married to an Englishman from Cornwall. I arrived in 1968 on the Fairstar and my husband travelled on the same ship five years earlier. We love Australia but are not in love with it. England will always be regarded as home but would miss Australia very much if we left. It's very hard being torn between two countries.
Philip 31 March, 2013 16:49
So just found your site... very interesting. I guess we can look forward to calling other migrants by derogatory name like 10 pound wogs. I have never understood why this form of selective racism is tolerated. Pom was and has always been a term of aggression toward people from UK and unfortunately things have not changed changed in Australia. Luckily the next wave of migrants to come to these shores were then the target of racism by Australians. UK folks please don't be so naive as to think it was ever a "term of endearment" it never was and the racism continues. Love the country hate the racist views.
dennis robson 15 April, 2013 23:38
Ah Philip...get a life! I was wondering when a whiner would join this thread. The rest of us '10 pound poms' happily reminisced and shared our experiences of coming to this great country, nobody else seemed too bothered at being called by that name. I was a '10 pound pom', now I am a proud Aussie.
Tom Fitzgerald 10 June, 2013 11:51
Oh Phillip, I agree with Dennis ...get a life.. When I'm called a POM I thank them for thinking of something just for us.....then I proceed to tell them POM is an acroymn for Perfection Of Man. They soon give up!! Love this country to bits and also love my England,,, There will always be an England......
Nick Penn 2 November, 2013 08:15
Philip - Come on, cobber, get over it! Being so thin-skinned will not endear you to us other 10 pound POMS, now proud Aussies. You don't say you live in Australia, but I am presuming you do. This is the greatest country in the world, so learn to live with it, laugh it off or just ignore that "offensive" taunt. The more you kick up, the more you will be baited. Watching the Test cricket must drive you mad - you would have to turn the commentary off! Have you "Googled" POM? There are some thoughts on the origin and suspected meanings of it, but there is no definitive explanation of what 'POM' actually means. However, I found the last paragraph of this article interesting - "An alternative origin of the term is that it derives from the word 'pompous'." Hmmm, I think that alternative meaning could be quite accurate for some POMS. Lighten up, mate, life's too short!
J.E.MacKay 17 April, 2013 08:55
My mother put the aussie offensive 'slinging-off' in it's right perspective. She told me to reply to their taunts by saying "Well at least I had a choice about where I had to live, you didn't, you're stuck here, I can leave anytime I like.".........that took some of the sting out of their taunts. P.S. I also agree with Norah Hunter nee Weirs' comment above, "I love Australia but I'm not in love with it." ......and it is hard being torn between two countries....:(
Paul Scofield 25 April, 2013 20:53
I came to Melbourne Australia as a 6 year old with my parents and sister in 1962 on the Castle Felice. We came from Bristol, England, and lived at the Maribyrnong Migrant Hostel. Dad had a job ready in Newcastle but we were required to get off at Melbourne. The luggage went on to Syndney and back to England before coming back on the next voyage. We were to stay at Altona but they had a fire in the kitchen. Mum was very home sick and my parents bought sosme land at Melton with plans to sell later and return to England. We ended up building a home and never returned to the old country. We celebrated 50 years in Australia on 24 September 2012. Mum and Dad were naturalised in the late 1970s and I did the same in 1989. I have never been back. Mum has been many times and on several occassions with Dad. It has been interesting reading the comments of others.
Keith Beller 25 April, 2013 21:42
My parents came to Australia on the Fairstar in 1969 under this scheme. I was 4 and my 2 sisters were 11 and 7. The moon landing took place why we were at sea and I remember my parents telling me when I was a bit older how it was beamed via satellite to TV's on board whilst mid ocean which would have been very impressive technology back then
Carol Kemp 7 December, 2016 19:54
Hi Keith Were you by any chance on the Fairsky which left Southampton in March 1969 for Australia. I am trying to find out what date it actually left Southampton. Hopefully you will be able to help me.
Fraser Macleod 13 May, 2013 14:51
Hello, A year or two back I heard the term 'two-bob' or 'two-bit' or something similar with reference to a Scottish-Australian immigrant. So Scottish weren't 10£ POMs but had another nickname... Anyone heard of this? Thanks, FM.
caroline tuffrey 15 May, 2013 00:21
Hi, I work for a vintage magazine in the UK, Vintage and Homemade Living, and I'm researching an article on 'ten pound poms'. I am trying to get permission to use some photographs in the article of English people arriving or having just arrived in Australia. Can anybody help me please? With very best wishes, Caroline
Alan Ainsley 4 June, 2013 06:52
This month sees the 50th anniversary of my family emigrating to Australia as £10.00 poms way back in 1963. We travelled via the P&O vessel SS Canberra and were initially accommodated in a hostel near Bankstown, Sydney. However, we very soon relocated to Perth where my mothers sister lived after they had emigrated the previous year. Although I was only 7 the time I can remember much of that time. Unfortunately my mother really missed her family and we eventually returned to the UK in late '65 via the P&O ship Iberia. I remember that I was absolutely gutted at having to leave OZ after we had (or so I thought) got over the hard part of the relocation process and were effectively Australians. My dad never really got over having to revert to being a full-time pom and although he later returned to Oz for 5 years or so he ended up back in the UK where he died in 1999. We lived in Colin Road, Scarborough, Perth and I see from Google Earth that the area has changed out of all recognition in the 50 years that have elapsed since. I've never returned to OZ primarily cos I can't afford it but would still hope to do so at least once before I shuffle off this mortal coil!
michael welch 11 June, 2013 04:32
hello alan,on reading your post it seem,s uncanny how much your story mirror,s mine,we emigrated to Australia june 63 following my dad,s elder brother,we lived at oak flats,nr Wollongong,i was 7 yrs old,but mum never settled and we returned to England November 65 on the australis,i did,nt want to leave,and my dad said it was the biggest mistake he ever made,i still miss Australia to this day though Ive never been back,i have also had a browse on google earth and oak flats has seen a few changes.michael
Fiona Simpson 10 June, 2013 11:27
We emigrated twice, once in 1967 returning to the UK in 1969 and then again in 1972. I am having trouble finding the date we arrived in Fremantle aboard the SS Britanis (a Chandris Lines ship). My mother has passed on an my father is 92 and unable to remember clearly. I have checked all the obvious websites but can't seem to find the info. Can anyone help or steer me in the right direction?
Discovery Centre 10 June, 2013 13:11
Hi Fiona - not all of the records and information the NAA hold has been indexed online yet. If you've checked their website and your family's info does not appear, click through their "contact us" links for the forms to request them to do a manual search. Best of luck!
Tom Fitzgerald 10 June, 2013 11:34
Hi all Arrived in Australia on 3/9/68 with parents and siblings as 10 pound POMS... Never had visas. I did get a British passport which I never used back in 1999 and it I am renewing it. I am now going on a cruise to the pacific islands. Do I need a return or re entry visa?? How do I get it when we have no longer got the records of when we arrived ???
simon heatman 16 June, 2013 19:20
Hi guys, I was born in OZ in 1965 to parents who were 10 pound poms. We retuirned to the UK in 1968 and alas I have no recollection of OZ at all. Does anyone know if I would be elegible for dual citizenship as I'm getting the urge to return to my place of birth
Shaun mc sorley 2 July, 2013 08:17
Hi i'm looking for an uncle -Tony Mc Sorley went over on a ten pound ticket in the early 70's from colwyn bay n. wales. Cheers Shaun
Guy Van Steenbergen 9 July, 2013 22:19
I'm looking for WLADISLAW ZELENKO. in 1953/1954 his adress was Hertleinstrasse 39 Erlangen Germany.In 1966 he immigrated to Australia probbaly under the name PETER ZELENKO. can't find him on white pages.
Carol Stone 10 July, 2013 01:53
Sailed from Southampton on the 31st of December 1957 on the ship P&O STRATHEDEN. me, my father and mother went to go and stay with my dads uncle in Melbourne, Victoria. I am writing a small autobiography based on my journey to Australia. I stayed in jepps cross hostel. If this is of any interest, please contact me.
Gavin Scott 10 July, 2013 06:39
Looking for any information anyone has on my granddadds family who emigrated to Adelaide from the UK in 1958. Walter Ogilvie Scott (born 12/12/1924 in Scotland), his wife Violet E Scott (14/03/1927) and their daughters Vivienne (29/11/1951) and Jennifer (10/08/1955). They left Tilbury in January 1958 on Stratheden and emigrated to Adelaide. That's really all the information I have other than Walter passed away June 2008, aged 83. His last residence I believe was in Gawler East, Adelaide. If anyone knows anything at all about the family, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks Gavin
Michele 3 November, 2014 18:30
Hi Gavin Did you find Walter Ogilvie Scott family in Adelaide yet? regards Michele Name: Scott, Walter Ogilvie Date of Death: 04 June 2008 Age: 83 Years Last Abode: GAWLER EAST, SA Service Type: Burial Cemetery: Smithfield Memorial Park Section: Beam and Headstone B Row: C Site Number: 3 Grant expiry date: 11 June 2058
Gavin 30 June, 2015 07:04
Hi Michele, I did find his 2 daughters and son, thanks. Thanks also for providing the details of where he's buried.
michele 31 January, 2017 13:28
Hi Gavin happy to hear your been in touch with the family kind regards Michele SA
Carol 10 July, 2013 22:02
Emigrated to aus for £10 1958 with mum and dad I was only 10years old we sailed on the stratheden arrived at Melbourne stayed with uncle above a sweet shop we moved around a lot living in Clare running a deli ending at jepps cross in Adelaide before returning back to the uk ---have wrote a short book about my adventures in Australia it would be nice to know if any one else travelled on the stratheden at the same time as me sailed jan 1958
melody 14 July, 2013 08:07
i am doing research on the ten pound pom scheme to australia as my year 10 history class is learning about immigration to australia in the 1940's-70's and it is difficult to find primary sources and names of ship, pictures, and was wondering if anyone could help?
Discovery Centre 14 July, 2013 11:31
Hi Melody! Check out the links on the right hand side for other sources of information.  Or, you might want to come in and check out the library in the Immigration Discovery Centre.
tina brooks 16 July, 2013 15:33
we came to Australia in 1966 on the fair sea we arrive in south Australia in fed 1966 we were bus to the fins bury hostile port Adelaide we went to school there till we move to Elizabeth
Michael Kemp 23 July, 2013 20:21
My parents emigrated to Australia in 1956 on the Fairsea. We were literally dumped at the Exhibition Buildings whilst the authorities decided where we were supposed to go. We were supposed to go on to Adelaide but as my father was a bricklayer and there was an economic crisis it was decided we would stay in Melbourne. We were sent to Nunawading hostel and stayed there for over a year. School at the hostel was boring but the bush area was great fun. After that my parents moved to Sandringham/Hampton. Finally in 1964 they moved interstate to Adelaide where they stayed until 1974 when they returned to the UK.Their journey to OZ was an experience and they always had fond memories of both states. Unfortunately they never returned but kept in touch with friends. Michael Kemp.
Donald Moore 28 July, 2013 14:47
I emigrated in 1964 aged 22 with my wife and very young children aged six and eighteen months. I think we were the only 10 pound poms on this BOAC boeing 707 flight London to Sydney. We were given the royal treatment and driven to Bunnerong migrant Hostel in a commenwealth car. We stayed in Bunnerong for six months before finding a flat, Igot a job with ICI Botany within days of arrival.We were later offered a job and house with Alcoa in Geelong, so we bought a trailer and loaded on our worldly posseions, we stayed overnight in Abury and made Geelong the next day. We love it here
june mills 4 August, 2013 13:25
where can I locate passenger lists of the ss cameronia, arrived in station pier, nmelbourne on 7th december, 1949
Discovery Centre 5 August, 2013 11:00
Hi June, please read some of our responses to other similar questions above. They will tell you how to obtain passenger lists and include links to other helpful sites.
Jacqueline Di Giorgio (nee Jefferis) 6 August, 2013 07:51
I came to Australia as a 10 pound Pom flying with my parents and brother on BOAC 15 May 1969. I was 16 and left a boyfriend behind. I was devestated and fought all the way to Heathrow. I am now a proud Aussie and would not want to change one bit of my life in Australia. THank you mum and dad for making a wonderful decision to come to Australia.
Janet crosskey 17 August, 2013 00:58
My boyfriend and his family went to Australia on the 1st april1968 and they left tilbury docks first stop to refuel was Cape Town his name is Steven Peter dougherty and he was 19 he lived at nsw we had a very loving relationship with him I often wonder how Steve has ended up down/ under
Michele 3 November, 2014 18:36
Hi Janet Is this the family your looking for regards Michele DOUGHERTY George born 19 December 1922; Barbara (nee Ridgway) born 16 May 1922; Steven Peter born 6 May 1948; Lyn Christine Barbara born 13 April 1950; Coreen Alison Catherine born 9 July 1952; travelled per ORCADES departing Tilbury on 1 April 1968 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
Janet crosskey 2 May, 2015 02:14
Hi Michele it's not all the family only Steven Peter and Barbara was his mum.
Peter Gordon Smith-Evans 19 August, 2013 04:34
Still hoping for some news about Sally Leggett last know address Victoria Road Sandringham Mel born in the 1950's
Grant 19 September, 2013 20:05
I recently found a tin trunk with the name of KJ Alexander,(street address),Maryborough,QLD stencilled in red paint. Also in red paint was Himalaya & Brisbane which I take to be the ship and inward port. I am trying to locate maybe a family member to return the trunk.Could this tin trunk have been related to this scheme?
Discovery Centre 20 September, 2013 10:53

Hi Grant,

The owners of your trunk were quite possibly Ten Pound Poms as the SS Himalaya was a P&O liner used in the scheme. You might like to look at our webpage Locating living people for ideas on how to find the original owners. Good luck with your task!

Barbara Mason 21 September, 2013 09:26
Searching for recent info is absolutely frustrating and no one wants to get off their tail and look without handing over lots of money and then they get back when they feel like it. Problem: daughter has lost info on arrival in Australia from the UK. What we have is not enough for her as she wants to become an Australian Citizen. Whole family came to Australia on March 28th 1972 on Qantas Flight QF742, arrival at Adelaide Airport from Heathrow. I have a series No. from Immigration but apparently that don't cut the mustard, neither do all the numbers on the Father's Passport. No one out there wants to give me direction and I'm hitting solid walls everywhere. Ancestry dot com is an absolute dead loss as I only get stuff up to 1960. Findmypast got the same result. Daughter wants this rolling and something heading towards a resolution as she has a job to go to, but without this info it wont happen. I am reluctant to add all the details I have on site here, as some are very definitive. Anyone got any ideas on how to locate anything? because I am getting the impression that Australin Govt bodies whinge and whineabout people becoming citizens, but won't do a darn thing to help you.
Steven marshall 7 October, 2013 16:02
I came to Australia in sept 1973 to Adelaide ,stayed at the woodville hostel for 6 weeks when my parents bought there home. 2 of my brothers followed a few years later but one went back when our mum died .i like my life here but do miss some things from England I also find it hard to settle in the same house for to long . Now live on the Gold Coast in Queensland .
Julie 12 October, 2013 06:37
We travelled to Oz in June 1963 on the Oriana and ended up at Nunawading hostel. Bob and Madge Smith and six daughters, Gaynor, Joy, Janet, Ruth, Mary and me Julie. We came back to England in Aug 1965 on the Flavia. Would love to hear from anyone from the hostel or who travelled around this time on these ships.
brittney 4 November, 2013 15:14
hello i need some help with history
J.E.MacKay 8 November, 2013 11:20
Hi fellow migrants, I arrived in February 1957 on the S.S. Arcadia with my bother, sister, Mum and Dad. We sailed from Tilbury and arrived in Syndey 5 weeks later, travelling around the Cape instead of thru the Suez Canal, which was blocked at the time. We were based at Bunnerong Hostel in eastern sydney for 9 months, and resided in block 8, if I remember correctly the room numbers were 810,811,812. Life was good once we got used to the climate and the difference in cultures. Being laughed at constantly for my scottish accent became a daily hazard but I soon learned to talk like a true local and now have no trace (whatsoever)of my original tongue. I attended Crown St., Girls Intermediate High School for the time I lived in the hostel but transferred to Moorefield Girls High School once we'd moved into our own home. My Dad, Ken MacKay only lived till 1967 but my Mum lived until 2007, succumbing to Altzheimers disease several years earlier. My brother and sister are both still living, both having extended families. Even although I was nearly 14 when I arrived here, my memory of the trip is as clear as if it was yesterday, especially rounding the Cape, where dishes got broken, bones got cracked and hundreds of passengers got seasick. The Australian 1956 Kangaroos travelled with us on their return voyage to Sydney. My Dad had great fun conversing with them and trading stories about his life in the RAF. Keith Holman was one who asked us to meet him on the top deck at 5.00am on the 7th Febraury so he could introduce us all to Sydney Harbour thru his eyes. What an extra-ordinary gentleman he was. A special day I shall never forget as we berthed around the back of the harbour somewhere in Balmain, we were told to wait whilst all the paying passengers disembarked and then we were herded like cattle onto a public single decker bus out thru Redfern, Botany and around past the cemetery to Bunnerong Hostel. We lined up at the (female) managers office and told to stand at attention with our arms outstretched and were handed a grey blanket, white sheets, towels, plate, fork, knife and spoon, mug, toilet roll and of course room keys and told to make our way to our respective rooms. That had to be the one and only time I ever saw my father cry. He sat on the spring matress and sobbed "What have I done to you all", he lamented. Of course Mum shooed all three of us kids outside and comforted him. When we were allowed back into our rooms, we all decided there and then to work or help in any way we could to leave that awful place as soon as was possible to do so. This of course took nine months as only three of the five were eligible to work. Dad went straight to work the next day at Qantas, followed by Mum 3 days later where she stayed for 24 years. My brother got a job at MacDonald Construction and eventually transferred to Qantas as an apprentice where he stayed till he retired about 6 years ago. My little sister Patricia went to the kindergarten provided at the hostel and my daily routine was to take care of her in the mornings and drop her off at kindy at which time she would run to the wire fence and cry till I was out of site. Imagine having to travel to Crown St., High knowing that your little 4 yr old sister was sobbing daily till you returned. Not a happy time for me until the kindy teacher informed me that she quit crying the minute I was out of site and started as soon as she saw me get off the bus. Maroubra Beach was our summer haunt, picture threatres at Kingsford and Maroubra were weekly outings for us all. The people around Matraville were absolutely marvellous and never failed to help in any way if we ever got confused about buses, trams etc., It ended up being a positive experience and one which I (for one) will never forget.
Discovery Centre 8 November, 2013 13:22
Thanks J.E MacKay for sharing your story!
L Reid 5 October, 2014 11:03
Hi J E MacKay, you posted almost a year ago but I only read your comment today. I was also on the Arcadia and arrived in Australia when you did. We went to Sydney too and just like your dad, my father also sat on the edge of the bunk and wept when we were herded into the hostel accommodation. We didn't have a happy outcome sadly, and our family disintegrated, with one of my siblings dying and parents divorcing. Weird how life turns out sometimes. All the best, Linda
David Edwards 18 October, 2016 15:20
Hi there J.E MacKay I have just read your post and must say I found it very interesting. My family and I arrived from the UK aboard the ship Georgic in June 1955. We also spent some time at Bunnerong hostel with me being about two at the time and my sister about 6 years of age. I dont remember the early parts of my stay but can remember attending kindergarten and recieving a toy truck. We moved out of the hostel when our parent bought land and built a house in the Sutherland shire. I was interested to read in your post that the Kangaroos were on their return form the UK and you mentioned Keith Holmans name. I attended Gymea High school and Keith's daughter was in my class. Keith went on to be a first grade Rugby league referee where he attained the nick name of "Yappy" Holman because of his constant chatting on the field. I may have been in the same class in kindergarten as your younger sister. I do have a couple of photos of me in class and recieving a xmas present at the annual xmas party. I'm always interested in our family history especailly now both my parents have passed on. Hope this finds you well and in good health and do hope you get the opportunity to read this. Cheers David Edwards
eric tarrant 13 November, 2013 05:57
As the archivist for British Eagle International Airline a UK independent airline that operated in the 1960's we had a contract with Qantas to fly out immigrants to Australia. If you or if you know anyone who flew out with Eagle I would like to make contact with them. We already have a small section in the archives regarding the contract and stories from one or two who flew with us. Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Eric Tarrant (Archivist)
Nigel simms 3 May, 2014 22:32
Hi Eric i flew Bitish Eagle as three year old with my parents and youger sister we left the UK Christmas eve 1965 it was called the pudding flight. Also we were interviewed on tv prior to leaving the UK we were set to leave Christmas day but it was changed to Christmas eve i mentioned this site to my parents and they remember a lot about the trip and they also have a folder containing a lot of information about the trip to Australia.Dad even kept a dairy of the journey there is more information if you want to get in touch.
Michael Dye 14 November, 2013 22:41
Hey... I came to Australia on The Fairsky, departed Southampton 30/9/1968. Arrived Melbourne early Nov 1968. 'Overland' train to Adelaide and settled there. Where can i find more details about this - particularly passenger lists, those who went to SA, etc. My father was fortunate - offered a job in the carpark of the Adelaide railway station the day we arrived - and we moved to Naracoorte, a far cry from a Cambridge housing estate! Though my mum wanted to be amongst that 1/4 who returned, we stack at it... Dad daid we came to give us kids a better opportunity in life. Been blessed ever since!
Caroline 4 December, 2013 14:18
I came to Australia as a child on the Fairsky that left southhampton on the 24/04/66 arrived in Sydney 29/05/66. I recently went to the National Archives Australia in Chester Hill Sydney, there are also other branches in other states.
robert wood 18 November, 2013 14:30
I am also a ten pound . We arrived in 1959. I am now applying for citizenship. I think having to sit a test after 50 years in Australia is a waist of resources
robert wood 19 November, 2013 00:35
Just thought I could add a little to these stories. We came in 1959 on the Strathaird and lived at elder park. We purchased a house in Salisbury. Dad could not cope and we returned to Scotland for 2 years. We returned on the Iberia and came back on the Canberra. My mum lives in norwood and has dementia. Her memory of 50 years ago is great. We are still friends with a family called Vales ,who live in Nuriootpa. I live in perth now and love the idea that people are interested in our story.
Angela 23 December, 2013 08:06
Looking for delia doherty family who went to austraila year late 60s early 70s They lived in iniscarn road creggan Greatful for any information relating to my relations.
Michele 4 November, 2014 11:30
Hi Angela is this the family your looking for in Australia? kind regards Michele DOHERTY John born 6 February 1932; Hannah (nee Rodgers) born 29 November 1936; Shaun Edward born 29 January 1958; Kathleen Ann born 5 June 1959; Maria Evelyn born 9 February 1961; Della Margaret born 5 October 1963; travelled per aircraft departing UK on 13 August 1967 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
Diana Threlfo 29 December, 2013 17:53
I arrived as a 5 year old on the Cameronia in November 1952 after travelling from Glasgow with my parents and two sisters. First port of call was Fremantle, but we disembarked in Sydney and travelled to Brisbane where we were fortunate to be able to stay with our sponsors, Les and Nell Cunnington. So pleased my parents had adventurous spirits.
Moira Morrison 6 January, 2014 00:28
I travelled from Tilbury in February 1952 on PO Mooltan to Ausralia, I would like a passenger list if possible.
Discovery Centre 7 January, 2014 13:42
Hi Moira, The National Archives of Australia will be able to help you with the passenger list.  Check out our Quick Guide to Passenger lists on the internet.  Hope that helps!
Ricki 6 February, 2014 12:16
hi im learning all about the ten pund pom scheme for sose and i need at little bit of help from others because im having trouble finding things about it i need to know why poeple moved to Australia and if the scheme was successful or not and why? so i need some help so can any of use help me out thanks -Ricki
Discovery Centre 6 February, 2014 13:49
Hi Ricki, check out the links on the right hand side for some more information, we also have some great resources in the Immigration Discovery Centre.
J.E.MacKay 19 May, 2014 01:26
Hi Ricki, I can only relate how and why my parents decided to make the vast move from the Isle of Lewis to Australia. My Dad served in the RAF from 1936 till 1945 and at one stage was stationed on the escort ship that took King George VI and Queen Elizabeth from the England to Canada and like the movies you see on TV they would sit on the deck at night where there happened to be an Aussie who, with all the other seamen/airmen, would recant stories about his beloved country. My Dad was enthralled with this young Aussies adventures and tales which made the place sound like it should be investigated. After the war his Mum and Dad who were too old to travel, eventually passed in the early fifties, Mum had another child so they decided to wait till she was old enough to travel, (4 was their age of choice). so off we set from Stornoway on January 3rd 1957 down thru Dundee and Edinburgh visiting Mums relatives down thru Rugby by overnight train to end up at Euston Station,London and ultimately the Euston Hotel. Three days in London gave us enough time to visit Buckingham Palace, Trafalger Square, some place that had Nelsons head on a column, and Westminster Abbey. We went to the movies close to the hotel and saw The Battle of the River Plate, (strange the things you remember from over 50 years ago). Off we set on January 16th 1957 to Tilbury docks and boarded the Arcadia, headed south to Las Palmas on the Canary Islands, spent a day there watching rain dry as fast as it landed on the steaming hot streets. Further South towards Capetown, South Africa, round the Cape. We broke a gazillion plates, our steward (David) got a broken arm due to the rough crossing, finally sailing into the calmer waters of Durban. We spent a couple of days there refuelling and restocking food supplies etc., then onto Fremantle and the life we had so imagined would be paradise for us all. (Well I suppose dreams ARE free after all.) 2 or 3 days in Fremantle, then onto Adelaide, Melbourne and finally arriving at Sydney, NSW. Great harbour, great view of what life would be like in this vast country. One could only imagine what Captain Cook must have thought when he arrived so much earlier than us. (Thanks Jimmy, for paving the way). As usual the migrants were last to disembark due to the nature of their travel. Onto an old rattly green and yellow (I can only assume)public transport bus that should have been retired years earlier. Out thru Redfern, along Botany Road, out towards Bunnerong Cemetery thru Matraville ending up at Bunnerong Hostel on Bunnerong Road. Wow, we had finally arrived and after the initial shock of what we had encountered we made a life that just got better the more we ventured away from the hostel. Had we stayed on the Isle of Lewis all us kids would have eventually had to go to the mainland for work only being able to return to our birth home once a year, and this was not what Mum and Dad had in mind for us all. Much as we all loved living life in a fishing village, the winters were harsh, fishing didn't always yield a bountiful catch and making Harris Tweed was never going to make a lot of money. Getting by as best we could was my parents aim and making the decision to come to Australia is a decision they never regretted making. It's a big deal moving halfway around the world with your only possessions in a wooden box the size of a coffin. Leaving school friends behind was hard and leaving grandparents was even harder, even though my grandmother eventually made her way here about 2 years later. Grandfather died 3 days after we left, so it was imperative that we found accommodation other than the hostel to live in as Grandparents weren't allowed to migrate and be a burden on the Australian economy. So Ricki, speaking for myself and my family, yes it was successful as we lived close to each other even after we all got married, which is more that would have happened had we not made the decision to come here. Adults were charged ten quid, kids went for half price. Not a bad deal, 5 weeks on a beautiful ship, good food, a dry bed and wonderful scenery and the 1956 returning Kangaroos to entertain us, all this for ten quid. I wouldn't do it again for a million quid but I wouldn't have missed it either. Hopefully this helps in some small way, good luck with your assignment.
Frank Lawlor 18 March, 2014 17:25
Arrived in Melbourne in October 1960 on the Fairsea from Dunfermline Scotland I was 7 and my brother Kevin was 5. With my mother Katleen & dad Frank stayed at Nunawading Migrant Hostel. Stayed the two years we had otherwise had to pay the money back to the OZ government. My mum was very homesick, but went back to a very cold winter at the start of 1963, so came back nine months later and have been in OZ ever since.
Richard 31 March, 2014 02:48
Frank, how did you mum get back after nine months? Did she still have residency entitlement to return? I know the document of identity was only valid for one trip travel, but cannot seem to find any info about the actual residency entitlement. Thanks
Paul Magee 4 April, 2014 16:00
I arrived in Melbourne as a 10 year old with my mother and father on 6/6/1965 from Nth Ireland and we traveled on British Airways BOA702 on an Immigration program. There is no paperwork. I have worked for the last 44 years (27 for the fed government) paid taxes and I am on the electoral role. I have recently (unfortunately) had to lodge a claim with Centrelink and they have rejected my application stating that I do not have a permanent resident visa. Would appreciate some assistance/advice on where to go next as I am about to approach my local federal member.
Discovery Centre 10 April, 2014 15:25

Hi Paul,

We suggest that you contact the National Archives of Australia to request records of you and your parents’ arrival in Australia. The passenger  arrivals inquiry request form should assist you in finding proof of arrival in Australia.  This information should enable you to establish  your residency / citizenship status with relevant authorities – on which matters please see / enquire further at the Department of Immigration.

Thomas McCurdy 16 April, 2014 06:55
Hi Everyone, I'm a student at the University of Central Lancashire, in North England. We're currently collecting stories for a not-for-profit book on £10 Poms - if anyone would like to contribute their stories please let me know! Our book isn't associated with the Immigration Museum - just our University. If anyone would like to know more just see our Facebook Group, Ten Pound Poms Book Uclan and enquire there! Tom
William Bill Hall 18 April, 2014 21:07
As an Australian. I sailed to the 1961 on the Patris. I Married an English Girl We returned to Australia in May 1963 on the Ship the Castle Felice. We applied for the "Ten Pound "Government Assistant Passage. My wife was eligible.As I was OZ citizen had to pay my own Fare which was 140 pounds. I do have some Photos of on board the Ship. " Swimming pool crossing the date line etc.
David Matthew Lawrence 25 April, 2014 07:13
What a shame we can't load photos on this site as my emigration story starts back in the 1920's when my Father to be went to AUS under the Big Brother scheme, he worked on a number of stations as a Jackeroo . I have many Photos of his life in Queensland and Victoria back in the late 20's early 30's he loved to tell stories of his time riding the outback . We did return as £10 pops in 1964 on the P & O Canberra ( sadly know longer afloat) but only stayed until 68, long story. I did in fact make the journey twice on assisted passage, all by sea but returned to the UK due to family issues. I still miss the lifestyle and the honesty and friendship of the Australians. We now have eight members of our family living permanently in AUS. Lots more to share later.
David Matthew Lawrence 28 April, 2014 19:36
Is it possible to find out more about the Big Brother Scheme. Why was it introduced, how many young Men and Women from across the globe went to Australia in the 1920s and 1930s. where did all these young Men and Women end up working. It is a fascinating period in Australian History and I would love to dig deeper. Another question I have, why was it during the mass migration to Australia in the 50s 60s 70s that it appears (and please correct me if I am incorrect) that the Australian Authorities never contacted the migrants re becoming naturalised Australians, was it left up to the individual to register.
Derek Morrison 28 July, 2014 17:05
Hi David, I was a BBM pom came in 1967 do you want the spill or the truth? The BBM dumped young English boys after they arrived here talk about survival of the fittest. I ended up on the streets many of those that chose to work out in the bush [countryside] 100s if not thousands of miles/klms from a city disappeared especially orphans. Now that's something that should be investigated. As you can see as a x BBM young person, and I was only 16 and half at the time. Best wishes Derek
Bill Walsh 31 August, 2014 19:33
I have just found this interesting site. Believe it or not there was such a thing as a 5 pound Pom! I emigrated by myself at the age of 17, left home with my parents blessing looking for a better life than was available in post war England. I was sponsored by a great aunt and uncle who had emigrated to Geelong in the 1920s. Because I was under 18 I was attached to a group of young men who were travelling under the Big Brother Scheme and the group of 16 travelled on the RMS Strathnaver, departing Tilbury Docks 28 January 1954.My share of the subsidised fare was 5 pounds and I still have the receipt. I have recently finished writing my "Aussie Memoirs" and copied the documents I still have and when my best mate from Geelong who I met in my first few months there, read them, he learned for the first time that I only paid 5 pounds. He called me a flaming cheat and now he calls me a "half price Pom" All good fun. I also have my "Document of Identity" signed by the Chief Migration Officer at Australia House in London, where all the migrants had to be approved. The Big Brother scheme is mentioned in the several books written in recent years about child migrants to Australia. Whew what a big subject this is. Cheers.
michael welch 29 April, 2014 02:05
Hi William Hall, I think we were on the next voyage on board the Castel Felice,we left Southampton on June 24th 63,arriving at Sydney July 29th, I still have many happy memories of the Castel Felice. I was 7years old travelling with my parents and younger brother and sister.
William Hall 30 April, 2014 21:31
g`day Michael.Yes did come on the voyage before you. I enjoyed the swimming Pool which was a Luxury in those days. Felt sorry for a lot of the Passengers who were terribly Seasick.
hilary ikstrums(nee Bernard) 1 May, 2014 01:04
Would anyone know where Sheila Strachan and/or her brother Ian(Parents Norman and Phyllis-now passed on-at Poole,England) are now?They were dear friends who migrated to Australia in the 1950s. They went back to England(to where?) after a couple of years We were best of friends.I would so love to catch up-so much to talk about.
bill cornes 26 May, 2014 16:33
ten pound pom is a name, possibly an acronym, given to an English migrant under the ten pound scheme. not all migrants under the scheme were english. many migrants came from Scotland, Ireland and wales, and do not want to be classed as a ten pound pom. a ten pound tourist perhaps. but not a pom.
Nick 28 May, 2014 00:14
Bill, doesn't the intro explain it well enough!?
John & Pat Alderson 9 June, 2014 13:41
We came out as ten pound poms leaving Liverpool on the MV Somerstshire after two cyclons and seven weeks of sailing arrived in Sydney March 15th 1951 We would like to make contact with friends that we made aboard. Agnes & Roy Gibson give us a call if you read this.
Moira (Mathie) Porter 24 June, 2014 06:40
In the 1950s my friends, Lynne Harrison and Billy and Ian Haugh and their families from Motherwell went on the £10 passage to Australia. Lynne gave me her china doll. I would love to hear from them.
Shona Douglas 22 July, 2014 07:58
HELP! I am researching my family tree, mainly for the sake of my gran (Anna Blair Boyd Douglas, nee Ure) but also because it's interesting! I've recently found out her brother (William Ure) who was born and christened in India circa 1936 (where grans dad was serving with the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders) left Scotland for Australia on the '£10 pom scheme' when he was around 16 (circa 1952) - this is all the information I have and honestly don't have a clue where to search! My grans now almost 84 and i'd love to be able to find out what happened to her younger brother for her. ANYTHING that anyone can help with would be greatly appreciated.
discoverycentre 22 July, 2014 10:24

Hi Shona,

The National Archives of Australia is the repository for all migrant records.  While they only have a small percentage online you can still contact them directly to see if they can assist you with your search.  Electroll rolls for each state are also a good way of finding someone living in a particular city or region.

Michele 4 November, 2014 10:20
Hi Shona Was that his full name William Ure? I found where a Willie Ure came in to Australia 1950 did he also go by that name? kind regards Michele
Michele 4 November, 2014 10:44
Shona did William Ure come from Coatbridge Scotland regards Michele
Jimmy Bartel 6 August, 2014 14:01
why did Australia Need Ten Pound Poms? thanks mate
Discovery Centre 6 August, 2014 14:56
Hi Jimmy - For further information on the context of the "10 Pound Pom" assisted migration schemes, try the National Archives of Australia or James Jupp's book The Australian People.
Helen Lyn Gordon 10 August, 2014 22:46
My parents John and Mollie and I came from England in 1951 aboard the Chitral after 6 weeks arrived in Melbourne and went by train to Bonigilla camp near Albury. I was eight yrs old. After some weeks we moved to Moe as dad got work in Yallourne SEC. Francais and David Duncan travelled on the ship with us and moved to Moe with us. My grandparents arrived one yr later and came to us in Moe. I was sea sick for the whole 6 weeks.
ray farnell 16 August, 2014 00:25
My cousin John w Farnell arrived in Canberra by aircraft in 1972, along with his wife Iris and their 2 kids Darren and Mattthew. Where they went after that is a mystery.
Michele 4 November, 2014 10:09
Hi Ray I have found where one of their sons died not that long after been in Australia Matthew died in 1972 I will see what else I can find out for you kind regards Michele 4/11/2014
Michele 4 November, 2014 14:58
Hi Ray Have some information for you on the family will need an e 'mail address so I can send you what I have found regards Michele
Serina Harris 25 August, 2014 14:29
Hi I'm trying to help my dad with his visa. My grandparets travelled on the s.s. Stratheden from United Kingdon and ported in Sydney in 1959. My dad said he traveled on my pops passport. Family Name being Walter Colin Gorden Harris, Spouse Susan Valery Harris and two boys being James Stuart and Stephen Walter Harris. I'm trying to get my hands on the passanger list of all the people that got off in Sydney, if anybody can help.
Discovery Centre 25 August, 2014 14:42
Hi Serina - Have a read of our information sheet about finding passenger lists. The information you need should be there in the section on post-1923 arrivals. If you have no luck, contact the National Archives of Australia for more help.
Yvonne bean 7 September, 2014 10:12
I came to Australia with BOAC in 28th August 1966. I have been trying to recollect the countries we stopped at on the way. I remember The plane had to refuel every 4 hours. Does anyone have a better memory than me? I think the first stop was Rome and the last before Sydney was the tin shed in the heat of Darwin.
allan wheeler 31 December, 2015 06:26
Hi Yvonne. I flew to Oz 16th September 1966, on B O A C. I cannot remember all the stops, but Karachi, Columbo and somewhere in the middle east, but our entry to Oz was via Perth.
Linda Temple (Johnson 1 January, 2017 03:08
Hi Yvonne and Allan, I arrived in Perth on 5 Jun 1966. We flew BOAC and stopped at Karachi, Columbo and Abadan in the Persian Gulf. We stayed at Point Walter for a while.
Christine Hodgson (nee Cooper) 10 November, 2014 22:39
Hi. My family travelled to Australia on the ten pound passage in about 1959 when I was 5 yrs old.We were a family of 4. We travelled on the Stravnaver, a Dutch ship to Sydney. My parents didn't make a go of it and returned to the UK 3 years later with 3 children! We went to a hostel in Sydney in the first instance. Does anyone know what the hostel was called? My parents told me it cost a lot of money to return to the UK- think my Grandparents helped out with the fare. The journey by boat was 6 weeks!
David Clark 12 November, 2014 15:30
We arrived 13th July 1965, mum, dad and 4 boys from Dunfermline. Flew out from London on BOAC and landed in Sydney.I was told at our interview to get rid of my overcoat as I wouldn't need it in Oz so I gave it to a Scottish mate. Arrived at Sydney airport in July and nearly froze. I put that down to his Aussie sense of humour. I was 18 at the time so came in contact with a lot of the boys who came on the Big Brother Scheme as we all went to the same dance at Beatle Village and then the Union Jack Club when it opened. The Missing Links and Jeff St John were big then. We lived for about 8 months on Bunnerong Hostel. I knocked around with Nick Penn who has also posted on this site and a chap from Newcastle UK called Blinky funnily his brother was Winky what a pair, also Steve Philips whose dad was one of the Hostel Managers. Steve went back to his birthplace in Bray, Ireland. My parents moved to Adelaide bought a house in Para Hills and lived all their days there until their passing. All 4 boys married, had children who now have their own children and on the 13th July next year we will all celebrate our 50th Anniversary of life down under. What a life it has been. We have all been very fortunate and loved the Aussie way of life as it didn't and still doesn't suit everyone, but I guess you could say the same about anywhere in the world.I married an English girl from Devon, we have 2 grown up children and 1 grandchild and we visit UK on a regular basis to see family but we are Aussie citizens and proud of it. I have to thank my father especially for having an adventurous spirit. He was a boy soldier who served in India and was a POW in Rangoon, joined the merchant navy after returning to Scotland in 1946 and then decided to move his young family more than half way round the world leaving his and mums extended families behind for a new life Downunder. Here's cheers to all those parents who have done the same and helped make Australia the place it is today.
teresa coleman 29 November, 2014 05:11
hi My parents emigrated from Southampton to freemantle on the ss America- fairsky line I think on 14th feb 1968, hoping to hear from anyone else who was on the ship
Jean Wright 5 January, 2015 13:36
Wow...just found this site and spent most of the day reminiscing..We left Glasgow Central Station in February 1966 with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law in a "tug of war with our 7 month and 2 yr old babies" ( I don't think they ever forgave me !)...We left on the Fairsky from Southampton on 7th February. I was placed in a small 2 bunk cabin with a basket on the floor for my 7 month old and my husband was to share a cabin at the other end of the ship with 3 other males. He left his overcoat on the bunk, came to my cabin, just as the ship started to move..result was adreadful bout of seasickness which lasted a few days so he never went back to his proper bunk, so I shared the bottom one with my 2 yr old. We arrived in Fremantle then on to Melbourne where we caught the Overlander to Adelaide and stayed overnight in Elder Park Hostel where we spent th night listening to Pipe Bands practising for a cmpetition!!We then caught the bus to Whyalla arrivng 10th March 1966. We didn't have to stay in a hostel as my parents were already here, but we arrived owing 5 pound in debt to another passenger named Jimmy Edwards. He was staying with a brother in Fremantle for a few weeks then coming to BHP at Whyalla, but all those years ago, was never able to trace him to repay him. We got a brand new house and were housed with 5 other migrant families who arrived on the same day on another ship.49 years later, we're still in touch with 3 of the families (one of whom returned to Leeds) plus our Aussie neighbours. While staying with our daughter in Japan last year, we were explaining to her friends about the Migrant Scheme and how it only cost us 10 pound etc. also about criminals being sent here as punishment for stealing etc... there was much confusion, amusement and then hilarity when someone wanted to know what we had stolen to get to Australia.!!
Marion McEwan (nee Livesey) 21 January, 2015 13:12
I came to Australia with my Mother, Father and brother on the Cameronia, arriving November, 1950. We stayed in the Bathurst Migrant Hostel for six weeks, then Ballarat Migrant Hostel for 8 months. I have been trying to find information on the hostel which was in Gillies Street, Wendouree, Ballarat. Thanks anyone!
David Savage 27 January, 2015 13:09
My family left England from Southampton on the 3 May 1967 sailing on the Fairsea. We disembarked in Fremantle and our first stop was the Scarborough beach hotel then Graylands Hostel, before moving into our first home in Safety Bay. I can remember wading over to Penguin Island at low tide, with my 2 sisters, not so sure if I would do that now!
Linda Roa 15 March, 2015 03:04
Trying to trace an old school friend, Susan Richardson nee Burford, born in England April 1948. She emigrated to Sydney in 1964 with her mother, Jessie Richardson, on the £10 assisted passage scheme. They subsequently moved to Melbourne but then we lost touch. No idea where to start. If she married and changed her name it makes it impossible to search. Any suggestions please.
Aden Rossinni 31 March, 2015 22:13
Hi, My father came on the galileo galilei in 1963 from Italy (Martino Calabrese) Did anyone know him? Regards, Aden
Tammy White (nee Mason ) 20 April, 2015 00:19
Looking for Terence John Mason, immigrated with wife Maureen, children Anthony, Laura and Tamara in 1963 on the ship Fairsky. Also my aunty( fathers sister ) immigrated a few years later. Name Marion or Patricia.
gerald sweeney 17 May, 2015 02:42
hi i am looking for mr and mrs r.j stevens family. went to melbourne migrant hostel holmesglen in 1962 moved to nobel park springvale then to scotsmore road springvale south where i lost contact in in 1968 anyone know where they are now.fathers name robert john mother elizabeth mary daughters dawn and heather brother stephen7
Tony Burgoyne 2 June, 2015 20:27
Our family set off on the Fairstar from Southampton on 8 Sept 1965 and arrived in Adelaide on 10 Oct. We had 235pounds and 4 tea chests for our "worldly goods". I have great memories (as a 12 year old) of the voyage with choices for food and plenty to do - I had only been in a café once in my life before. But I can still see (and feel) the length of pantyhose that stretched from the wharf to the ship as we left Southampton and hear the sigh when it finally broke.
Karen Giles nee Jones 5 June, 2015 08:20
We emigrated to Australia on the Fairstar and arrived here in 1967, my dad David Granfell Jones and my mother Maureen Anne Jones, along with my sister Donna Jones. My grandparents also came with us, Evan Robert Knight and Iris Doreen Knight. I have been trying to get some help in obtaining copies of paperwork showing our arrival , check naa records and nothing is coming up, any suggestions?
Discovery Centre 5 June, 2015 14:47
Hi Karen, the National Archives of Australia are the folks responsible for your records. I am having a problem with your email address,can you please contact us via email and quote your enquiry number (DC ENQ 41108) and I can send you the information I have found,, thanks!
Charlie MacDonald 22 June, 2015 10:19
My auntie was a $10 pom in Feb 1952, she left Glasgow with her husband and 3 son's James, William and Ronald Moran. Landed Fremantle March 1952, somehow ended up in Luddenham, NSW any one with any information, please help
Discovery Centre 20 August, 2015 11:22
Hi Charlie, thanks for the enquiry.  The National Archives of Australia look after these records.  You can search their online index with details of the family and see if the information is avaiable online, alternatively, you will need to contact them directly.
Paul Dack 24 June, 2015 17:48
My parents came over in 1969,dad has passed but mum now 78,is she eligible for the aged pension. How can I find this out,thankyou in advance
Discovery Centre 25 June, 2015 11:48

Hi Paul,

Unfortunately, this is outside our area of expertise. You will need to contact the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship to clarify your mother’s situation. You may like to visit their citizenship website as well. 

Carole Bennett 6 July, 2015 00:00
I am trying to track down a copy of the "Document of Identity" my parents had when we emigrated to Perth from the UK in 1969. The original document that included 2 photographs - one of my Dad and the other of my Mum with the 4 children. Do you know where I could obtain a copy ? Thanks - Carole
Discovery Centre 6 July, 2015 11:05
Hi Carole - all post-1923 travel and immigration records are held by the National Archives of Australia. You can see instructions on how to search their site on our Quick Guide to Passenger Lists infosheet (don't worry, the same search method can be used for all documents, not just the lists). 
Ron Dent 23 July, 2015 13:17
My parents Philip and Catherine (Rena) Dent arrived in Adelaide SA from the UK onboard the SS Mooltan in 1952 as 10 pound Poms. I am 62, the eldest of five Aussies they raised. I will be forever grateful for the lifestyle we have lived and enjoyed here in Oz. I would love to hear from anyone who emigrated with them. My father is 86 and my mother 85 in November and live in Blakeview South Aust.
Danielle Johnson 30 July, 2015 04:43
Hello my granddad Geoffrey Connell is looking for some relatives. He is looking for his granddads brothers family, the gentleman's name was Fred black who travelled on the £10 pom. Does anyone know who Fred Black is or related to him? thanks.
cathy 31 July, 2015 01:23
My family lived in the Fishermans Bend hostel in 1965 we arrived in Australia on 22/5/1965 flying BOAC and arrived Essendon airport we were the Druggan family from Glasgow Scotland, my mum mary druggan was a cleaner in the hostel there were 4 children Thomas Catherine Marie and Jeanette. Marie and myself Catherine went to Port Melbourne State School my dad worked at Stewart and Lloyds and my uncle Charlie Hamill worked at Kraft my family eventually settled in Werribee.
Susan Humphries 2 August, 2015 22:34
Searching for a second cousin David F Jones who emigrated from England in 1960s, we believe he can help in furthering our knowledge of his grandfather. He emigrated twice, his mother Esme joined him after the first time when he had married, he then returned to England with his mother who suffered with rheumatoid arthritis as the heat was too much for her. I believe he returned to Australia around 1964 by air. He was a pipe fitter, family stories mention Adelaide but I am unsure where to start in my search for him. Would his skills have benefited a certain area this would Give me a starting point for research.
Discovery Centre 3 September, 2015 14:50
Hi Susan, you will need to search the National Archives of Australia for David Jones.  We have had a quick look but with the limited information you have provided, it is difficult for us to assist.  Take a look at the National Archives of Australia online index, and also consider searching Trove to see if you can find details of him in the newspapers.  You can also always come in and visit us in the Immigration Discovery Centre or use the resources of your State Library.
David Harrison 28 August, 2015 15:15
I was a 10 pound pom in 1966 (I think) on the Fairsky. I was a teenager and came out with 2 slightly older friends. We were lured by the "Milk and Honey' promises made by Australia House in London. On arrival in Melbourne we were told we could become shearers roustabouts or work for a grocery company in Melbourne city. We were "dormed" in a dingy very 3rd rate boarding house with at least 4 to a room on broken beds. It was in Heidelberg which was, in those days, a fair way out and may as well have been the end of the earth to newly arrived migrants. This was all arranged by the Immigration Official in Melbourne. He must have been getting a "kick back" as we later found out the amount we were paid by the grocery company was about half the rate it should have been and the accommodation cost was similar to that of a top hotel. Fortunately it didn't take us long to realise we were being ripped off and we soon got other jobs and accommodation. We were solidly abused by the immigration official. What we didn't find out until later was that National Service was introduced in Australia whilst we were on the boat from England. My friends were too old to be called up but I was in the right age bracket. Needless to say I was called up and served in Vietnam. As they say "always read the fine print". I survived Vietnam albeit with PTSD and have remained in Australia to this day. One of my travelling companions is also still here but the other got into trouble with the police and was deported. I have raised a family here and lived comfortably so I have no major regrets. I find England and much of Europe very depressing when I go back there. Probably, as I have lived on the Gold Coast for many years, I am used to sunny days most days and not just on the odd occasion as in the UK.
Kevin 11 September, 2015 11:21
My dad came left the UK in Oct 1966 and arrived in Freemantle on Christmas Day and then In Ipswich, Queensland on New years Day. He says it was on an Italian Line Fairstar. Was this apart of the 10pound Pom? Any help to find more information about this ship and crew/passenger would be great thank you.
Discovery Centre 12 September, 2015 14:44

Hi Kevin,

All migration records are held by the National Archives of Australia (NAA). You can do a search on their RecordSearch page for your family’s records. If you can’t find the records you are after, you can contact the NAA directly to request them.

james prescott 1 October, 2015 07:40
hoping to trace an old mate of mine who came to Australia in 1962 his name is Christopher John Kenny he came with father,mother,and sister Margaret--fathers name was Chris John would be 70 yrs of age now.
Roy Butterfield 1 October, 2015 16:56
I came to Melbourne on the Cameronia in September 1951 as a 9 year old. I was wondering if there is any one who came on the same voyage?.
Doris Blackburn. 17 June, 2017 23:52
My Family arrived in Australia in December 1951 aboard the Cameronia, I was 12 years old, I Can remember having a Great time, playing with other Children on Board the Ship.We docked at Free mantle/ Melbourne/the got Off the Ship in Sydney Harbor, A Loan Piper Dressed in His Tartan Kilt,It Took six Weeks from when we left Scotland, What a Huge Culture Shock, we were taken to work on a sheep station, outside of West Wyalong,Dry Toilets WHAT ??? No Coca cola, no Mars Bars Help. !! We were used to life in the Big City, But not to worry we soon took off for Sunny Queensland,& Have remained ever since. Out of Six in my Family who Left Glasgow to Come out here, I Am the last of that Generation. So Roy Butterfield,We more than likely went to see the same Movies & Played Bingo, etc The Came Here To Have a Better Life ??
Michael Dye 1 October, 2015 20:42
My family (Hayden and Beryl Dye, Michael, Wendy and Gillian) from Cambridge, departed Southampton, England, 30/9/68, landed Fremantle 27/10/68, disembarked Melbourne 1/10/68, then Overland train to Adelaide, and stayed at Pennington Migrant Hostel, Nov 68. We then moved to Naracoorte, SA. Seeking any others on that ship...?
Michael Dye 1 October, 2015 20:47
...on Fairsky (Sep-Oct 1968)
Andrew-John Paterson 7 October, 2015 05:37
My Mum came to Australia on the Oriana in 1955 with her brother and my Nana and Grandad. She was 10 and her brother 5. Her name was Avril Romaine Ayres and her brother was Gerry (Gerald) Ayres. Her father was Bernard William Ayres and her mother Aileen Joyce Ayres. What makes their story interesting was that My Grandfather, who was from March in Cambridgeshire, married my Nana who was Sri Lankan (Dutch and Belgian/Sri Lankan mixed descent.) He had met her when he accompanied Lord Mountbatten (as his security guard) to Sri Lanka in WW2. They did have a tough time in Australia due to racial prejudice, my Mum and her brother and my Nana being darker skinned. My Grandfather worked on the Snowy Mountain Scheme when he first arrived.
Patricia Wright 13 October, 2015 05:30
I emigrated with my parents John and Betsy Wright and my older sister Mary, we sailed from southampton on the Fairstar on March 14th 1967 and landed in Port Melbourne April 10th 1967, we were one of the last passenger ships to sail throught the Suez canal before it closed for the war. Our first Migrant hostel was Brooklyn Hostel near to Altona, then we were moved onot Fishermans Bend Hostel Port Melbourne, from there we moved to council flats in Stokes Street Port Melbourne, if this rings a bell to anyone please say hello. xxx
Beryl vwhittle 29 October, 2015 01:11
Iemigrated to Australia as a child in 1948 on the ship hormones. There were 26 Bernadine children on board as well. We lived in Albion park then Towradgi before returning to England in 1956. My father was ex serviceman and we were ten pound poms
Mary Osborne/Upton 21 November, 2015 21:11
Would like to contact Colin Rickets who emigrated from the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire in approx. 1959/60. Also Ann Fisher who let the U.K. in the early 60's.
Colin Barnard 2 December, 2015 16:05
My wife and I emigrated from the UK in November 1973 and only paid ₤10 for myself as my wife was only 17 years old. So not too sure about the statement in the article above about the increase to ₤75 in 1973.
Christine Funnell (nee Drain) 12 January, 2016 17:48
Five of us came out in 1965 to the Fishermans Bend Hostel on the Castel Felice. Laurie Drain, Phyllis Drain, Terence Drain, John Drain and myself. Mum was killed in an accident at the nearby Chicken Factory not long after. Dad was an aircraft engineer. Our uncle Bob Bush, auntie Elsie, and our cousins were there too. Robert, Marylin, Valerie & Jeffrey.
Bill Rowlands 13 January, 2016 18:15
Arrived in Adelaide on the Orontes in June 1958,is there anyone out there that was on this same ship at that time,have a list of passengers if anyone is interested
Alan L 26 January, 2016 11:40
Arrived in 1967 from the UK, my parents never properly settled despite remarrying and producing many grandchildren. I regard them as stuck here, for better or worse. The pain of the loss of UK family links never really went away, and losing their own parents with no afforable way of getting to the funerals was painful too. Who remembers the beetroot sandwiches at the hostel? Who remembers the Rice "Bubbles" served from plastic buckets? Who remembers the first taste of Melbourne heat? We lived across from the Northland shops at the Preston Hostel, and remember running with my father into the airconditioned luxury of those shops, escaping from our first hot Melbourne day.
bob 4 March, 2016 16:08
i remember these days when i was young i loved them i actually was a ten pound pom
Ian Brydson 11 March, 2016 00:27
My family left Glasgow and migrated to Australia on 17 December 1964. We flew out of Heathrow on flight QF/EG172 to Melbourne (Essendon Airport) via Istanbul, Bombay, Singapore and Darwin. I still vividly remember the fumigation process in Darwin with people garbed in white coveralls spraying the cabin and all passengers from the old style fly spray pumps. Darwin was something to behold and quite scary for an eleven year old (as I was at the time).We were transported to Fishermens Bend Hostel and stayed there for 2 years. My father (Willie) worked at the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation and my mother (Nessie)worked at Krafts. I attended Graham St Primary being bussed there every day and was dux of the school in 1965. My older brother (Bill) attended South Melbourne Tech. I later attended Middle Park Central and Princes Hill High in Carlton. I thank my parents every day for making the move to Australia. I still enjoy visiting Scotland but home is now Perth WA where I live with my wife Faith, together with 4 of my 5 children and 16 of 17 grandchildren. I guess the assisted passage scheme worked for us.
Ian Laughlin -Young 18 March, 2016 23:49
My wife Susan (Sharples) arrived with her family on the maiden voyage to Australia on the SS Ranchi June/July 1948 as 10 pound poms. Aĺl settled well into their new life and never regretted the move to this wonderful country. The family has grown and a few passed on but the benefits of them being accepted under this scheme has helped to make Australia into the great country it is today. Thank you one and all to those who came out to Australia leaving your family/friends behind you on a scheme to help us make our country what is today. We could not have done it without you.
Marie Scarth 26 March, 2016 18:27
My grandfather a cockney sounding Londoner of Germanic descent arrived in New Zealand from England as a ten pound pom changed his Germanic name to a more English sounding one in order to get a job he ended up being a factory manager in Auckland married and had three sons after arriving as a young twenty five or twenty six year old.He emigrated in the 1920's era my dad his son was born in 1928.Dad had a marvelous life as did granddad they would not of achieved much if they had of stayed in England i presume? Granddads home got bombed during the Blitz in the second world war sadly just as well he left for New Zealand.
Annette Leach 28 March, 2016 16:33
no comment
joan 3 April, 2016 13:36
we came over on the ss arcadia arriving on adelaide in may 1956 mum dad & my sister aged 10 myself aged 14 dad opened a barber's shop in henley beach we have never regretted coming here
Gary 22 April, 2016 00:13
This site is a breath of fresh air, I only found it while looking for other information & I think I have read every post on it. One post in particulal where you were explaining the 10 pound system, I'm sure you stated that if you were sponsored by a private company then it was not the 10 pond Pom system or something like that ? I am looking for as much information as I can regarding my immigration & I found that we were 10 pound poems but were sponsored by a private house building company, think they were called landals ? This was to encourage you to purchase one of there new properties, does this sound right to you, thanks for any help you can offer, regards Gary.
Discovery Centre 22 April, 2016 14:27
Hi Gary - you are correct that the term "Ten Pound Pom" refers specifically to the government assistance program, but British migrants did indeed have other support mechanisms, including being sponsored by private companies such as BHP or public organisations such as the Melbourne Tramways Board to build their workforce. We haven't found any reference to a company called "Landals", however.
Our curator recommends a book by Al Thomson called "Ten Pound Poms" for more information. We're really glad you've found this page useful. We're currently developing an exhibition about the Ten Pound Poms and assisted British migration; as part of that, we'll be launching a website in a couple of months where you can upload your story if you would like to share it!
Roland Adamson 22 April, 2016 10:34
Arrived June 1967(19) still here(68) been back to Tyneside twice (2013/15) glad I left.. nothing much changed just folk older & buildings shabbier
Jeanette 27 April, 2016 18:37
I arrived in Australia 7:1:67 with my parents and younger siblings, we came to victoria and stayed at the Broadmeadows migrant hostel my family name is Giles , we stayed on the hostelfor 2 years and made friends from all over it was a good experience as I was 14 years old , I love living in Australia and now reside in Perth , love to hear from others who may have been in Broadmedows at that time .jeanette johnson nee matthews nee Giles
Frederick Champion 9 May, 2016 21:06
I first came to Australia,in January 1958,with mum & dad, and younger sister.My father came out to work as a lift Engineer,to put lifts into the ICI building,in Exhibition St,Melbourne.Unfortunately he had a very bad accident 7 weeks in to the job,and he never worked for the rest of the two years we where here,we returned to the u.k.1960.But i never for got the kindness we received from the Aussie people,a bout our plight. Just to finish on the note,that i returned, married with three children 11 years later,1971. Have much to thank this country for.
Lara 26 May, 2016 00:30
Hi All, It is wonderful to see so many amazing stories here. I am currently looking for some incredible stories from the 'Ten Pound Pom' generation. I would love to hear about your experiences. I am also wondering if anyone knows of Australians who did the same but travelled to the UK from Australia around the same time period? I would love to hear impressions, funny stories I am currently conducting research for a project and would love to hear of impressions, funny stories etc. THANKS!
David Edwards 18 October, 2016 15:46
Hi Lara Ive only just read your post so you may well have finished your search. My family and I arrived from the UK in june of 1955 aboard the ship the Georgic which itself has a facinating history that can be found voa youtube. If you are still interested in stories then please let me know via email and I can relate our family story as well as supply a couple of newspaper articles my father kept on the arrival of our ship and the people aboard. Cheers Dave Edwards
George TYyson 26 May, 2016 10:15
My wife and i arrived by BOAC comet plane in April 1965. Arrived darwin then on to South Australia . Can not find any record of such . Can anyone help
Edward Keith Gittens 5 May, 2017 02:11
I arrived in Australia in early April 1965 on the very last flgt of the comet 4 to Melbourne. Flgt number BA 702. First port of call as Darwin it was quite primitive in those days but I still found it an interesting place and did eventually live there for a while. The flgt terminated at essendon airport which was the old international airport. Had a job the very next day stayed in maelbourne about 6 weeks then headed up to the snowy mountains and worked there for a while. I was a welder fabricator so no problems finding a job. I remember earning abou three times as much as I was in England and it was still in pounds then. We also got 25shillings for our English pounds.
123 29 May, 2016 11:52
It was so helpful
linda heath 10 June, 2016 18:23
My family will be celebrating 50 yrs in Australia this year (arrived Adelaide Nov 1966). Came over on £10 scheme patents and five children via airline because incidental cost on boat may have been too much and parents had little money. Lived in hostel accommodation 3 months before father got job.
patrick 14 June, 2016 14:16
I`ve been trying to find an old school friend from Gosport hant`s U k who emigrated with her parents on the MV Southern Cross to Perth in 1954-55 her name was Jane Barnes.hope someone can help.Patrick.
Eddie Richards 24 July, 2016 12:32
Arrived in Sydney on the Fairsky early August 1966 which is 50 years this year. Met my wife-to-be at New Street Station Birmingham, who was emigrating on the same ship. Got married 18 months later. England beat Italy in the World Cup during the voyage.
June de Barros 30 July, 2016 12:51
I arrived here (Fremantle), as a ten pound Pom from the UK in Feb 1965. Worked as a nurse/midwife. Met & married my husband in 1966. Now have 4 sons & 1 daughter, and 10 grandchildren. Australia is a great country but I still get 'home sick' for England.