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From Volcanoes we Sailed

Celebrate the Aeolian community of Victoria.

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Visitors speaking with a CSO officer

Highlights Tour

Take a journey through Immigration Museum and uncover stories of migration to Australia.

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Leaving Home

What would it take to make you leave your homeland and travel thousands of miles to another country?

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Discovery Centre

A place to relax, talk to helpful staff, and research family and migration history.

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Identity: yours, mine, ours

An exhibition about identity – who we are and who others think we are.

Illustration from Swallows.

Swallows: Artist Talk

In conversation with graphic novelist Joshua Santospirito.

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Immigrant Stories and Timeline

Immigration is about us all - those who were here and those who came.

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Immigration Adventures

Become an adventurer and embark on a museum expedition to discover amazing stories from Australia’s history.

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Tribute Garden

Tribute Garden

The Tribute Garden is a public artwork that pays tribute to 7000 people who have made the journey to Victoria.

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Uncover Saltwater Country's natural treasures.

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A story about building a new life in a new country.

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One of the exhibition spaces in the Immigration Museum

Getting In

More than 9 million people have migrated to Australia since 1788. Countless others have tried and failed.

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Journeys of a Lifetime

No matter when they arrived, all immigrants are linked by the common experience of a journey.

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Customs Gallery

The story of Customs House, where officials controlled what—and who—could enter Victoria.

Artist Peter Drew

Artist talk series

Explore the notions of otherness, belonging and place from the creative output of three unique artists.

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