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Video of Melbourne Museum Curator Deb Tout Smith talking about the Melbourne Story exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

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The Melbourne Story exhibition explores the history of Melbourne from the time of earliest contact between white settlers and local Indigenous people. The exhibition consists of historical stories, artefacts, images and interactive components that illustrate the unfolding Melbourne story as seen through the eyes of its citizens – Indigenous peoples, settlers, refugees, those who found ‘the good life’ and those who struggled to survive.

The Melbourne Story features more than 1200 collection objects from Museum Victoria’s collection, making it the most complete and object-rich exhibition about Melbourne ever staged.  The exhibition focuses on significant events, places and people, and is organised around successive periods in the city’s history.

This video shows some of the artefacts on exhibition such as John Pascoe Fawkner’s printing press; a recreation of the Little Lon area of Melbourne; mementos from Dame Nellie Melba and a soldier lost in World War I. Items that show how Melbourne changed after World War II include items relating to the growth of the suburbs, football and television.

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Melbourne (Vic.)
Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Story Exhibition


Starts: 1835
Ends: 2008

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