Drag items onto the canvas to build a dinosaur. See below for more instructions.
You need to have Flash installed to create your own dinosaur. Download the latest Flash Player
Further Instructions
  • Double-click the shape to activate resizing, rotating and stacking tools.
  • Drag the handles resizing handle  to resize the shape.
  • Double-click the plus button bring forward button to bring the shape forward.
  • Double-click the minus button minus button to send the shape backward.
  • Click and drag left and right on the rotate button rotate button to spin the shape around.
  • Double-click the shape again to hide the tools.
  • Use the clear button clear button if you would like to start over again without saving.
  • When you have finished click the save button save button and give your dinosaur a name.
  • Send your dinosaur to a friend or create another one.