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Girl and her mother looking out the windows of a pretend train

Children's Gallery

A wondrous place for babies to 5-year-olds where children will explore, play and learn.

Exhibition entry with visitors looking at language map

First Peoples

Celebrating the history, culture, achievements and survival of Victoria’s Aboriginal people. 

exhibition Bunjilaka
Montage of Lego constructions on a blue background

Brickman ‘Wonders of the World’

An Interactive exhibition made from LEGO® bricks is heading to Melbourne Museum.


Suffragette Medal

A special display for International Women’s Day.

Animals made of duplo blocks in front of an exhibition display of taxidermic animals

School holiday activities

Explore animal diversity in a range of hands on, creative and immersive activities and tours.


Wild World of Animals

Create an animal using LEGO® DUPLO, choose a habitat and photograph it in its natural setting.

Songbird Tour

Find out all about songbirds and visit some of the museum’s live and mounted bird specimens along the way.

Visitors viewing a showcase


Over 600 birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians from around the world.

Woman talking to a crowd about the eels in the pond

Eel feeding

Watch a writhing mass of hungry eels gobble up their lunch! 

talk Bunjilaka
Visiting children examining Inostrancevia skeleton in the Dinosaur Walk exhibition.

Dinosaur Walk

Walk among skeletons of prehistoric animals.

Crinoid fossils and models

600 Million Years

The origin and evolution of life in Victoria.


IMAX Melbourne

The most immersive cinematic experience in the world.

Black and white photography of two men and two women outside a tent

WWI: Love & Sorrow

One of the world's most destructive conflicts recalled through the experiences of eight people.

Girls looking into case

The Melbourne Story

An exhibition packed with icons of the city's past and present.

Visitor in front of butterfly display at the entrance to Bugs Alive exhibition

Bugs Alive!

The amazing world of insects and spiders!


Milarri Garden trail

Explore Bunjilaka's beautiful Indigenous garden.

activity Bunjilaka
Trees and mist

Forest Secrets

Walk through a stand of Victoria's mountain forests in the middle of the city.

Boy opening a drawer

Discovery Centre

A fun place to learn about interesting stuff.

stuffed birds in showcase

Darwin to DNA

The processes and mechanisms of evolution.

A child looking at Earth globe display

Dynamic Earth

A brilliant, immersive exhibition about our ever-changing Earth.

Front view of mounted display shark

Marine Life

Dramatic underwater footage, vivid photographs and rare specimens bring Victoria’s marine animals to life.

Various sails within Te Pasifika gallery

Te Vainui O Pasifika

Watercraft and other objects from nearly every Pacific Island nation.

Detail of zinc etching


An etched zinc wall that spans the north wall of Birrarung Gallery and surrounds the entry to First Peoples

display Bunjilaka
Paper mache model skin detail of head

The Human Body

View your body inside, outside, up close and over time in this exhibition about our own biology.


The Mind

Think about the workings of your own mind and the minds of others.

Horse Phar Lap on display in the Melbourne Story gallery

Phar Lap

Australia's greatest racehorse.

four people standing amongst rocks and grass

Highlights tour

Introduction to the museum's displays.

External view of Royal Exhibition Building from Nicholson Street

Royal Exhibition Building Tours

Discover the history and beauty of this magnificently restored building.


Top Designs 2017

Top Designs 2017 showcases the work of Victoria’s best young emerging designers.

exhibition Until
1.	Three female scientists smiling and happy with their awards from 2016 competition.

FameLab 2017

Discovering charismatic, up-and-coming scientists who inspire people to see the world from a new perspective - in just three minutes. 

Collection of colourful toy tops

Top teasers

Come and explore our visual illusions and discover how things are not always what they seem.

Shelving in a collection store

History, Culture and Collections

 Monthly seminar series presented by Museums Victoria's Humanities Department.

talk Until
Beach with storm clouds

In the Beginning was the Ocean

An evening lecture part of "History, Culture & Collections" the 2017 Museums Victoria Humanities Department lectures series.  


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