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Lecture Series 2017

The Humanities Department at Museums Victoria are pleased to announce that their schedule lecture series returns to the Melbourne Museum Theatre in 2017.

We have locked in our monthly dates and times but are still fine-tuning the list of speakers, so please continue to watch this space for further updates.  You will see that we are shaking things up a bit this year, offering more than the usual one or two evening lectures we have presented in our past series.  We are also breaking with the usual lecture pattern here and there, to take advantage of securing some great speakers who will be in town on those dates. 

We look forward to seeing you over the coming months for what promises to be another exciting series.

2017 Dates and Times

Wednesday 10 May, 5.30–6.30pm
Fish traps and stone houses

Wednesday 14 June, 1–2pm
What Makes a Telescope "Great"?

Wednesday 19 July, 5.30–6.30pm
To be confirmed

Wednesday 9 Aug, 1–2pm
Reel History: A Look at Life Through Motion Film

Wednesday 13 Sep, 1–2pm
The Astronomical Lantern Slide and the Visual Communication of Popular Science

Wednesday 11 Oct, 5.30–6.30pm
To be confirmed

Wednesday 8 Nov, 1–2pm
To be confirmed