IMAX Melbourne



Melbourne Museum
11 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria, 3053
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Movies made real

IMAX Melbourne is a custom-built 3D theatre and home to the largest cinema screen in the world. IMAX provides the most immersive cinematic experience in the global market. 

IMAX Melbourne’s screen spans a massive 32 metres wide x 23 metres high. But visiting IMAX Melbourne goes beyond just seeing a movie on a huge screen. The size of the screen combined with Australia's only IMAX 4K Laser Projector, customised theatre geometry and 15,000 watts of digital surround sound delivers the ultimate movie-going experience.

Since opening in 1998, IMAX Melbourne has attracted over 5 million visitors who have experienced everything from visually stunning IMAX documentaries to the biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

We will be reinstalling our original IMAX 1570 film projector ahead of the release of Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK on July 20 to ensure audiences see the film the way Nolan intended.

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