Stained Glass Window

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The window was manufactured by the Melbourne firm of Ferguson & Urie.
Image: Ben Healley (photographer)
Source: Museum Victoria

James Fergusson proudly moved into his new home in 1872. Glenferrie was a fine 14-room mansion in Malvern, then on the eastern edge of Melbourne. He was co-owner of one of the leading printing firms in the colony, and had recently been elected to the Victorian Parliament.

This large stairwell window celebrates James’ success, and reflects the confidence of a generation of immigrants who had made their fortunes through agriculture, mining, manufacturing and trade in the colony.

This window was almost certainly made by Melbourne firm Ferguson & Urie. Several examples of their work from the 1860s to 1880s survive in Melbourne churches and mansions.

After James Fergusson’s death in 1888, Glenferrie passed through several owners, until it was eventually demolished in 1954. A local resident apparently purchased the window and built it into their modern home in the 1970s. When new owners undertook extensive renovations in 2001, they donated the window to the museum.